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Story The New Age of the Realm of Brawl, as it relates to Rokism

Discussion in 'Literature' started by Charlie_0014, Apr 10, 2021.

  1. Charlie_0014

    Charlie_0014 Build & News Overlord

    Mar 19, 2016

    The New Age of the Realm of Brawl, as it relates to Rokism


    It had been about a #soon since the Legend of Rokism, and the Realm had moved into a new age. The Realm was now ruled by those who never knew the horrors of Myortvye and Chaploo but was still plagued by their legacy. In this new age, Roke ascended from his red aura, not to the darker, crimson radiance but to a new radiance, a color never seen by the Gifted Ones. This was the black aura, only bestowed to the greatest minds, who have not passed from the Realm. This radiance has only honored four individuals, Lord Roke of the Forums, Lord Rhos of Build, Lord Eil of IP Checks, and D3 of memes. Roke may have resigned his red aura, but the black aura shines through him.
    Roke had decided to move on past the Order, and possibly the realm, after his decrease in commitment and the loss of his best friend Cuddled, who passed on from the Realm many #now's ago. Though some say Lord Roke still reads every forum post.
    In the time since the war against Myortvye, one gifted Random has come and gone from the Order of Gifted Ones. Random has become the definition of Post Staff Hypster Syndrome, a disease common among Gifted Ones who leave the Order. PSHS, in most cases, tends to be minor but manifests in the desires of the Gifted Ones. Rarely has it become severe, only in the cases of Snacks and Hitchens. Random's PSHS has manifested in his love for Roke. Over the #soon, Random has made numerous advances compliments of Lord Roke, displaying his true love for him. And this has not gone unnoticed.
    A similar form has developed in many Gifted Ones, including SoCool, a respected member of the Order, who also obsesses over the Great Roke. Once PSHS has manifested, these Gifted Ones have developed a love for Roke, though Roke's love for everything, except the Realm, is purely platonic. Or is it?
    Roke has not been himself since the passing on of Cuddled. For the great GreenPeas_, himself had prophesied her to him, they had been through the horrors of old together, separated by region, and achieved their red aura together. Roke even told the evil ones to give her the gold radiance.
    It was during the coming of age of the new ruler when Cuddled first vanished. Cuddled had disappeared without a trace. For 8 #nows, Putty and Roke had to guide the Order of Gifted Ones, without Cuddled. This time was hard for Roke. He had to manage too many things at once. The Gifted Ones with gold auras helped him, but Roke had to endure it all, knowing Cuddled had left.
    Though Cuddled found her way back to the realm of Brawl, her time was short. She had experienced many things on her journey and wanted to continue. This was extremely hard for Roke. They had stuck together with the world thrown at them and survived it together.
    After Cuddled had passed on, Roke continued his duties, fighting off the hoards of ****posters United, a forum group for the behaviorally challenged; mediating between the Great Ones and the Gifted Ones; and interpreting the Holy Texts of the Order. Roke though was not satisfied. His love for Cuddled had left an empty void, that his love for the Realm could not fill. Some affected by PSHS say Roke had secret crushes for them and talk about their love children. Random is leading this effort and attempts to impress Lord Roke with every post.
    Ascending to a black aura unbinds one from their duties to the Order. Those who achieve it are the greatest and are not bound by the strict code of conduct, allowing Post Staff Hypster Syndrome to manifest. Roke's may have manifested in his longing for Cuddled, making him want true love. He has since discussed Random's hopeless love for him.
    Upon seeing the comments, Roke and Random denied them and hypothetically discussed how someone could make such comments if they did not love the other.


    Dates of Importance


    Discovery of Post Staff Hypster Syndrome: July 15, 2015
    The Legend of Roke: June 11, 2016
    Cuddled's Disappearance: June, 2017
    Cuddled's Resignation: March 9, 2018
    xxMineSheepxx's (the new ruler) Promotion to JMOD: March 25, 2018
    xxMineSheepxx becomes Owner: November 8, 2020
    Roke's Resignation: November 8, 2020


    Some Notes


    This is the story created for the 2021 April Fools News. I posted it here so it can be documented with the other stories. I also made some minor grammatical corrections.
    2021 April Fools News: https://www.brawl.com/threads/77554/
    Also @randomcitizen1 @Lord_Roke
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  2. SoullessAngel_

    SoullessAngel_ MOD | Writer | Raid

    Aug 23, 2015
    Late to the party but time for a writing war to compete with Charlie for featured lit on brawl news?
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  3. EmperorTrump45

    EmperorTrump45 Dank Memer

    Jul 3, 2015
    God King Roke never forgetti
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