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The Brawl News - March 2021

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Charlie_0014, Apr 10, 2021.

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  1. Charlie_0014

    Charlie_0014 Build & BT Overlord, Party Sub-Overlord

    Mar 19, 2016
    Volume II, Edition I ... No. 68 [​IMG] 11 April 2021 [​IMG] FREE

    Do you live under a rock or in a hole? If so, you probably missed our April Fools News! Read all about Roke and Randy's love story here: https://www.brawl.com/threads/77570/.

    If you haven't seen the April Fools News, then you probably don't know Ritzy and MineSheep are buying everyone Lifetime Elite here!They just don't know it yet :V

    CTF - Winter Update
    Class Rotation

    F for Free Fridays, because the free classes will be rotated weekly in these five groups:
    • Group A: Assassin, Necro
    • Group B: Scout, Mage
    • Group C: Engineer, Pyro
    • Group D: Ninja, Chemist
    • Group E: Dwarf, Elf
    Per Map Stats
    We're now collecting more statistics and information about maps. You can access our findings at https://www.brawl.com/games/ctf/maps and by running /map in-game!

    Engineer Changes
    • Heal Aura
      • Click-activated, no passive holding ability (5s cooldown)
      • Gives 1 steak/heal pot to teammates in radius
      • Applies Regen III to teammates for 5s
      • Global per-player cooldown on receiving steak to prevent Engineer teaming
    • Speed Beacon
      • Throwable, deploying structure
      • Gives Speed II for 5 seconds to teammates
      • Self-destructs after 10s
      • Obeys standard structure restrictions
    • Miscellaneous
      • TNT destroys enemy webs
      • Change pickaxe for equivalent sword
      • Reduce TNT cooldown 6.5s >> 5.5s
      • Buff leather armor Prot I >> Prot II
      • Can see steak/instant heal pot count of everyone
    Scout Changes
    • Swap Mana
      • Swap mana with 1.5s refill time
      • Hit targets (including those on cooldown) restore mana
      • Scout can see swap cooldown above heads of players
    • Death Tag
      • Death tag effect can no longer be removed
      • Decrease effect duration 15s >> 8s
      • Everyone receives an announcement when a flag carrier is tagged
      • Amplifier on flag carrier increases from 1.2x -> 1.75x over 5 minutes of the scout's flag being gone
        • 1.2x for non-carriers
        • Enemy team receives an announcement after 5 minutes
    And that's not all! Read more about Overtime mode here: https://www.brawl.com/threads/77426/.
    CTF - Cross Teaming/Griefing Policy
    On, April 3rd, trucing and not playing the objective, to the point where those who want to play cannot, was disallowed, incuding but not limited to:
    • Trucing with the enemy team in/around your flag (Objective)
      • Ex. Intentionally letting the enemy team steal or remain in your flagroom, letting a Medic sit in your flagroom to heal opposing team member, etc.
    • Intentionally assisting the enemy team in any way (Griefing)
      • Ex. Punching the enemy flag carrier forward, intentionally swapping the enemy flag carrier to mid, and buffing players on the enemy team, etc.
    • Intentionally negatively impacting teammate gameplay (Trolling)
      • Ex. Webbing teammates, allowing enemy players to spawn camp your teammates, intentionally blocking sightlines of Archers on your team, etc.
    Read more about WarZ Cross Teaming here: https://www.brawl.com/threads/77559/.
    CTF - Spring Update
    Following a very successful Winter Update, and careful consideration and balancing by the ideas people, we released the awe inspiring Spring Update, featuring 6 new classes, 41 new maps, and new flags!
    There were too many complains about the banner flags, so we replaced them with wool flags, and the sheep came too!
    New Classes
    • Mechanic
    • Wraith
    • Paladin
    • Monke
    • Shade
    • Weirdo
    Read more about the new PPM HOST rank here: https://www.brawl.com/threads/77545/.



    • Lifetime Ranks: 30% off! •
    • Boosters: 25% off! •
    • Everything else: 20% off!

    (excluding unbans/mutes)
    Ends April 18 at 11:59 PM EST

    Sale Includes 4 limited time tags: Egg, #Blessed, Bunny, and Vibrant
    And the Rabbit Pet!

    WarZ - Recode Gameplan
    For Season 3, WarZ's undergoing a complete recode with a ton of new features! We want to be as transparent as possible with our four gameplan threads. There's alot here, so read more at https://www.brawl.com/threads/77438/.
    Minecraft Party Deluxe Updates
    *puts giant banner here*
    • You can now buy Powerups during pregame
      • They're also more expensive
    • Players now transparent in Boat Race, Frogger, Maze Game, Minefield, Rainbow Jump, Red Light, Green Light, and Wipeout
    • New Hide and Seek blocks
    • 4 New Maps (Boat Race, King of the Hill, Infection, and Hide and Seek
    Build Updates
    • Build 3 has been upgraded to 1.16 and no longer has any of the issues 1.13 Build had!
    • New Entity Gui and limits:
      • 200 paintings or item frames per world
      • 40 of all other entities
    • Voxel Sniper has been added!
    • Join a Player menu now displays occupied public maps and which players are on them!
    Join the Build Community Discord for the latest: https://discord.gg/YfggJm9
    Brawl Rap Battle
    The winners of the Rap Battle event are:
    1st Place: Jaden
    2nd Place: Schnoop
    3rd Place: Ryan


    Featured Builds
    With the new wave of CTF maps upcoming, we had to show off a coupe that take good pictures.

    Ice Box

    Based on the Valorant map of the same name, which creator @ItalianPenguin calls a good map.I @'d you. Visit it on Build with /map 445094 and at https://www.brawl.com/threads/77229/.

    Shadow Isles
    Designed by visionary @redboo123
    (with a tad bit of @Daveeeeeeeee and @Pompion), this "uhh haha" themed End ruin is very striking with shaders. Visit it on Build with /map 182772 and at https://www.brawl.com/threads/76861/.

    Featured Media

    By @Nunyabizniz

    By @Cooper​

    Unusual Screenshot Contest
    Have any screenshot of things that don't normally happen on Brawl, like a mod building huts on CTF or players completely emptying the Diamond Mine pit? Post them in #screenshots on the Brawl Community Discord for a chance to win 2 months of Global Elite in the next edition!

    The previous edition's winner was @Axe_the_Miner with

    Trivia Question
    Last edition's question was: As of February 1st, 2021, how many bans have been executed for the reason "Requested"?

    The answer is ‬357, @crowmeme was the closest and earned a forums trophy!

    This edition's question is: As of April 8th, 2021, how many players have achieved Yoshi Rank on Minecraft Party Deluxe?
    The answer will be revealed along with the winner in the next edition of The Brawl News.
    Comment Giveaway
    Every edition of Brawl News now comes with the chance to win a month of global ELITE. To enter, just leave any kind of comment below. The winner will be announced in the next edition.

    Last edition's winner: @NinetyThree, Congratulations!
    Top Contributor
    Starting this past January, the top contributor in the Brawl Store, each month, receives a custom Cosmetic Tag!
    This past February's Top contributor is @Shunziki!
    This past March's Top contributor is @ssiah!
    Top Reporters
    Here are the players who submitted the most valid rule breaker reports.
    February 2021
    • First: @Warrey (62 valid reports) - $15 coupon for the Brawl shop and a forum trophy!

    • Second: @headsie (21 valid reports) - $10 coupon for the Brawl shop!

    • Third: @Mnkynoodles (16 valid reports) - $5 coupon for the Brawl shop!
    March 2021
    • First: @Warrey (30 valid reports) - $15 coupon for the Brawl shop and a forum trophy!

    • Second: @Dignitaries (21 valid reports) - $10 coupon for the Brawl shop!

    • Third: @FourbittenFS (20 valid reports) - $5 coupon for the Brawl shop!
    Be sure to keep an eye out for pesky rule breakers to possibly rake in some prizes next edition!
    Top Voters
    We congratulate the voters below for their support:
    February 2021
    • First: @Zarpin (158 votes) - $15 coupon for the Brawl shop and a forum trophy!

    • Second: @Gyseline (140 votes) - $10 coupon for the Brawl shop!

    • Third: @wulfi98 (135 votes) - $5 coupon for the Brawl shop!
    March 2021
    • First: @Zarpin (174 votes) - $15 coupon for the Brawl shop and a forum trophy!

    • Second: @Gyseline (150 votes) - $10 coupon for the Brawl shop!

    • Third: @wulfi98 (146 votes) - $5 coupon for the Brawl shop!

    Staff News.png


    Charlie_0014 - Senior Moderator - Build Manager
    Gyseline - Senior Moderator - CTF Manager
    Industrious - Project Manager & Applications Sub-Manager (No Rank Change)

    Shundo75 - Moderator
    wulfi98 - Moderator
    Valkyrean - Moderator (Raid)
    Cross_Flame - Moderator (WarZ)
    AnonymousGalaxy - Moderator (Raid)
    pandanielxd - Moderator - Build Team Manager
    Blessed - Moderator

    mze - Global Junior Moderator (Raid)
    TomD3 - Global Junior Moderator (CTF)
    Trenny - Global Junior Moderator (CTF)
    Rriordan - Global Junior Moderator (WarZ)
    Warrey - Global Junior Moderator (WarZ)
    Fireshadow007 - Global Junior Moderator (Build)
    YinYangBear - Global Junior Moderator (Party)


    February monthly votes: 3,227 (395 decrease)
    March monthly votes: 3,208 (19 decrease)

    Total mutes: 16,474 (712 increase)
    Total bans: 140,054 (3,398 increase)
    Total players: 4,347,017 (36,495 increase)

    Forum discussions: 69,962 (186 increase)
    Forum messages: 934,854 (1,724 increase)
    Forum members: 46,666 (481 increase)

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  4. oofmonein

    Sep 15, 2017
    Any kind of comment below
  5. featherpaw

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    Aug 16, 2015
    I'm gonna go with 172 players have achieved Yoshi rank. I have no idea what Yoshi rank is, but it sounds correct xD
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