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Warrey’s Top 10 Best Players of April 2021

Discussion in 'MC-WarZ' started by Warrey, May 1, 2021.

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  1. Warrey

    Warrey WarZ Staff

    Oct 10, 2019
    Warrey’s Top 10 Best Players of April
    It is a new month and you know what that means! Oh dear, March. What a month on WarZ. It seems as EU WarZ has fully died out, however NA seems to be growing. People have been playing less, but numbers have increased at specific times.

    People has became significantly better overall which is nice to see, especially EU. There has been big improvements amongst many which makes this month’s list difficult to make. Not to forget that certain people play less which means it becomes harder to compare.

    I doubt that WarZ will still be going far in summer. As Covid-19 is still a problem and will be. However as vaccinations has began all over the world and has been a major factor to why people still play It is uncertain if we will see each other August, when comeback season usually starts.

    Towers has became a more common place to fight in as people have developed better techniques there, like the “cooper jump” and “jump shifting” etc.

    What is truly interesting about this month is that it has became so incredibly clear who is better than who at certain places. As people play more everyone seems to know people’s moves which has created an interesting playground. Because this means that people also know where certain players will not fight. Which has made high-ground less important.

    Although some people has improved immensely with extravagantly cool play-styles a lot of people who deserves a lot of credit will not make it to the top 10 which is sad to announce.

    Feel free to make your own list and debate with others who you think should of been in the top 10. This is my purely my opinion and has been created out of my experience and playing this month.

    Warrey's Top 10 Best Players of April
    1.↑+1 Cooper
    2.↓-1 Shadow
    3.↑+2 Nunya
    4.⇁ Nekron
    5.↑+3 Screeper
    6.+100 Evan
    7.↓-4 Striker
    8.↓-1 Kasra
    9.↓-3 Colin
    10.⇁ Dev

    -,+ (number) - Ranking from last month compared to this month. Last month; https://www.brawl.com/threads/77562/
    ↑ - Means you have increased your skill level since last month.
    ↓ - Means you have decreased your skill level since last month.
    ⇁ - Means your skill level has stayed the same since last month.
    +100 means you were not in the top of 10 last month and have been categorized amongst every other player before.

    Motivation Summary:
    1. Cooper
    So this month Cooper has actually not played as much. However when he has been on he has proven that he is better than Shadow and the rest in the top 10 of course. Due to his really fast play-style which has been re-proven he has managed to regain the crown.

    Latest montage:

    2. Shadow
    Due to the fact that this player’s main team has decreased their playtime he has proven his solo skills to be ferocious. While having an advantage in so many areas and being one of the smartest in the top 10 he easily makes it second place. However he does not beat Cooper but is far from third place.

    Latest montage:

    3. Nunya
    It is impressive how much this player has improved. Even though Nunya always had been on top he really showed that he ran WarZ this month. Rumors say that he is quitting which will most likely change a lot of fights as he is one of the more active players who guarantees fun and active fights. While dealing with a lot of lag this player still manages to win left-hand peak a lot of times which is truly impressive.

    Latest montage:

    4. Nekron
    This one has truly been difficult as Nekron completely rules WarZ when he plays. However due to his inactivity I do not believe he is better than any of the players above. With his passive and smooth play-style he beats Screeper not only due to his ping, but also patience.

    Latest montage:

    5. Screeper
    Due to his non-patient play-style it becomes difficult to determine his true position on this list. However he has made great improvement and has his moments in fights. With his great ping disadvantage he still has immense power. Especially in tower as he has also shown great improvement with left-hand peak. That is not everything but is one thing that is different from the players below on the list.

    Latest montage:

    6. Evan
    This player recently came back after nearly a month break. Previously in the top 10 he competed with being in the top 3. It is unclear if he is better than the people above in the list but has always been constant and rarely disappoints his team. From what has been seen there are times where he could of performed better, due to his ping improvement. However this is still in question.

    Latest montage:

    7. Striker
    While having an insane KDR Striker is definitely the smartest out of the entire list and could easily be in the top 5. However due to a new mixture of players and some leaving and coming back he only made it 7th place. As a matter of fact Striker is here to stay in the top 10 due to his possibility to valiantly melt teams as he has improved as a solo player immensely.

    Latest montage:

    8. Kasra
    As this player does not play as much he has shown little to no improvement but barely looses 1v1s. This player has also became smarter and for the most part runs WarZ when online. Consistency is also a major factor to why he is still in the top 10. However he is clearly better than Colin and Dev.

    Latest montage:

    9. Colin
    While doing insane clutches and smart moves with a smooth play-style consistency is questioned. As certain places does not fit him. As in Striker’s case this is an extremely good player who definitely makes it in the top 10 while new people entering the stage.

    Latest montage:

    10. Dev
    Play-style is truly insane. This player is extremely consistent, but plays with precaution which creates a situation where it is unclear if he has the ability to clutch. Dev barley plays which makes it even harder to determine whether he shall be higher or not.

    Latest montage:

    Thank you for reading this month’s top 10 best players! Provide your own opinion as I am open to changes.

    - Warrey
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  2. ziemann

    ziemann Well-Known Member

    Aug 15, 2014
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