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Raid End Of Map Event! - Goodbye Map 1

Discussion in 'Raid' started by CoCaptainBlue, May 22, 2021.

  1. CoCaptainBlue

    CoCaptainBlue Raid Mod | Team Manta | Assistant Fridge Manager

    Feb 19, 2018
    Hello Brawlers,

    If you haven't already read; We have reached the end of our first 1.16 map, and therefore will be holding a reset. You can read all about the reset and the new features here. Every map we have an event at the End of the map to give the map a good send-off.

    ☰ What

    Brawl will be hosting an End of the Map Event for Map 1. Due to popularity and previous success we will be hosting a staff vs. players event! The event that we will be hosting is essentially a competition where all of the players team up in order to try and get on a ship that will be heavily defended by the Brawl Staff Team. This event will feature the ship, (Potato Chip). You will have to figure out a way to get on the ship and try to find the hidden item.



    The specific item will be found in one of the many chests on the boat and if it gets dropped (i.e. you die with it or want to give it to a friend) it will appear in a new random chest on the boat. This item will have to be returned to a chest located at spawn. Whoever the player is that returns the item to the chest will win the end of the map event. It will be announced in chat when a player finds the item, when the item gets dropped (and respawns) and when the item is returned to the chest.

    Overall, the objective of the event is to work together as a community and defeat the staff defending the ship, find the hidden item and deliver it safely to a chest which is located at spawn.

    There will be three players that will win prizes

    In order to come in first, as previously mentioned, you will have to return the item that was on the ship to the staff member who is in spawn. To come in second, you will have to have killed the highest amount of staff. To come in third, you will have to have killed the second-highest amount of staff in order to get this prize.
    (Note: This event will end when the item has been returned to the chest at spawn and will be announced immediately when it is over.) Once the event is over, the point system will stop and the stats will be immediately looked at.

    - Every Kill: +1 point
    - 3 Kills: +1 point
    - 5 Kills: +1 point
    - 7 Kills: +1 point

    Rules / Restrictions
    - Bring your own gear however, a kit will be available to players when the event begins. You may bring whatever else you wish.
    - You are free to fight anyone, but fighting staff is encouraged
    - Building on the ship will not be allowed

    To enter, you simply need to turn up!

    ☰ When

    Date: Wednesday 26th May
    Time: 7:00PM UTC / 3:00PM EST / 9:00PM CEST / 10:00PM EEST / 8:00PM BST

    ☰ Prizes

    1st: 1 Month server ELITE
    2nd: 1 Month server MVP
    3rd: 1 Month server VIP

    (If you already have a rank, the time will be added on, or will be given when your current rank expires. Prizes may also be gifted to friends (if you have any.))

    ☰ Conclusion

    We hope to see as many of you there as possible for this event. Make sure to prepare in advance, and if you don't have enough gear yet, there is still time to get on Raid and make some!

    A short period after the event raid will reset.

    Brawl Staff Team
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  2. Colonel_Graff

    Colonel_Graff http://www.brawl.com/games/ctf/lookup/188857/

    Jun 16, 2015
    So to win, drink invis pots and loot chests?

    Also, is it permissible to light the boat on fire?
  3. CoCaptainBlue

    CoCaptainBlue Raid Mod | Team Manta | Assistant Fridge Manager

    Feb 19, 2018
    Event Winners

    1st Place -
    ToyotaMR2 - Month server ELITE

    2nd Place -
    Simp4Muck & loserspas - Month server MVP

    3rd Place -
    MrMuffinPuffin - Month server VIP
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