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Why CTF won't grow but rather slowly die.

Discussion in 'Capture the Flag' started by Prouddyyy, May 25, 2021.

  1. Prouddyyy

    Prouddyyy Coca Cola or Pepsi?

    Aug 22, 2014
    I made this little document a while back but never posted it un til now, not really sure why I haven't ever posted this anyways, this is my opinion on why CTF isn't growing and perhaps will even slowly die out.

    I have slightly edited this a bit, there is a bit about WarZ which isn't of course CTF, but can be taking in consideration cause it does apply a bit to the explanation.

    Please read the whole thing before replying to anything as it may come to me having to repeat myself.

    So why are players not staying on the server? To understand that I feel like we should look at other games that generally do well.

    For example, Call of Duty Warzone, (ignoring the broken meta’s and glitches that take quite some time mostly) The game is insanely popular and is able to retain the player count quite well too (been around for over a year and still all over Youtube and Twitch). This goes for the whole COD series. and that’s a very important word, “series” See, these games run well because a whole new game is released every so often. Call of Duty itself is very simple to understand, you get a gun and shoot others to win or by playing the incredibly simple objectives.
    But after a while you get bored right? So what happens, they make a new cod in a different time of war, add small new features that the community requested that also stay simple for those new to the games, A new game mode, the stim shot, or other ideas that are huge but still simple, like the Battle royale idea, etc.

    Getting into cod is incredibly simple as a noob, why? It's easy to understand the controls, and also the huge player count allows you to be put with other noobs to learn the game and get better that way.

    So there are 2 key things that I just mentioned. It's noob friendly because it’s very simple, yet fun. and it has a huge player count. Now compare that to CTF, WarZ, etc. it’s quite simply the polar opposite. Picture this, you’re new to CTF you start up the game and the first thing you see is about 15 different classes. You pick heavy with no abilities (majority don't even pick the class because they just start out), you run around the map and when looking around you see, people climbing walls, people wind boosting around the map, you get one shot by archers, and assassin’s, people (ninja) vanish in front of your eyes, you get destroyed by spells from a mage with firework all around you, you get withered, etc. Just picture you know none of these things. It is incredibly confusing. Ignoring that figuring out how the game works is quite hard, the wiki is the only place that really explains the game so that you could actually somewhat understand. Just looking at the wiki it’s an incredible amount of stuff for a minecraft gamemode to all learn. I’ll get in to why that is a huge problem later on see → *1 at the bottom. Anyways the wiki isn’t exactly the easiest thing to find on the forums, also taking in consideration that probably about 99% of the new players don’t even open the forums let alone find themselves on the wiki page to learn the game mode properly. People will leave in confusion of all the overwhelming features the game has.

    The second point, the huge player count, Brawl doesn’t have the player count to back up games that require a somewhat decent skill level, CTF somewhat requires that but WarZ does so way more. That’s also why WarZ doesn’t work, you take quite some time looting just to get pretty much one tapped by a team of 3 full diamonds, Now imagine how long it would take for a new person to learn to combo and get in a team knowing that. Having to actively get in the community to get in a team and having to practice a ton to know how to combo. Let alone have a pretty good aim and sense of bullet lead.

    *1 Ok so addressing why learning a lot of things on a simple game like Minecraft is a huge problem is probably something everyone can figure out if you think about it. Why do you play a game? You want to have fun, possibly take some stress off after work or school and have fun in your free time. Especially in those cases which probably makes up 90-95% of the people, they want a quick game that’s fun and easy to get into and not something that’s confusing where you constantly get one shotted or killed by things and you don’t even know why, barely anybody will bother to learn the game. Warzone, you start up, join a squad launch in a game and pick up guns and shoot other pretty much, CTF comparing to that is incredibly difficult, barely anyone would feel like learning the whole game like CTF, it's simply not worth the time.

    So, ok great, perhaps you already knew that but you probably wonder well how do we fix that then? So you have to simplify the game which is going to be an incredibly difficult task. So the first step, you think, you would take, is asking the community if they would want to go back to the simple game or want to keep the current game how it is and update on it. Some out there will think it through and vote to go to simple to make new players come in but the majority will most likely vote to keep how it is.

    The reason why it seems like people just want more updates is because the majority of the game is regulars who keep coming back. They know how the whole game works out of their heads and logically get bored of the new changes after a while and want new ones which will only make the game mode more difficult and harder to understand for the new players. Especially one of the last testing updates. The slight changes and little detailed changes are remarkably specific and hard to understand for those that are new.

    Just put yourself in the boots of a new player and read this: https://www.brawl.com/threads/77247/ (No offense to anyone for making or suggesting the updates btw) It makes almost zero sense or it at least is very difficult. Not because it is weirdly and/or poorly described or explained but the game mode has gone through so much updates because the game got boring to the regulars that the game is just extremely difficult to understand.

    Long story short:

    If you want CTF(Brawl) to grow and maintain their player count you will have to go back to a very simple game mode, will this guarantee success? No, it won’t that’s a slight gamble and you will most likely lose some if not quite a lot of regulars but flying elves one shotting archers and assassins, disappearing ninja’s, wall climbing soldiers are never going to be able to maintain at least 5% of the new players that check out the game mode. Which leaves you in this slowly declining situation of regulars wanting new updates → game mode gets harder → new players leave even quicker → slowly regulars lose interest / move on because they get older, etc. and the player count will slowly die.
    Why is it important for CTF to do this? Simple CTF is one of, if not the most played game mode, anyone newly joining the server would go to the most played game mode because that’s what everyone plays so it must be good right? Only to be disappointed by how confusing and difficult the game is. So fixing it will require to simplify the game, but important, when simplifying don't just remove the hard classes, but also change the simple classes a bit with slight things, that way the regulars also get to experience something new.

    One fix I hear often i don't see working is a tutorial system, even with the best tutorial explanation it would take way too much time to get someone to understand the game, ignoring the fact that you won't remember everything in one go, and new players can't be bothered to learn so many new things, Like I said especially with Minecraft's general younger age, people want something easy and fun to get into.

    CTF will most likely be the first impression for about 50-75% of the new players that join daily and leave almost instantly due to the difficult aspects of the game. That's why it's also in Brawl's general interest to improve player retention here.

    The forums is majority just regulars so I'm incredibly curious how they feel about this or whether they have a fix

    Thanks for reading - Prouddyyy :smile:
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  2. ZBoy3210

    ZBoy3210 Member

    Dec 28, 2017
    I'll just leave these two threads here since they are similar in nature.

    "CTF isn't evolving": https://www.brawl.com/threads/77434/
    "The Survivial of CTF": https://www.brawl.com/threads/77549/

    I have clearly been a proponent of change to "make CTF great again!" (half joking there:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:). Although, Zerna brought up good points of dual CTF game modes and pointed out the fact servers/games similar to CTF are declining as well. I personally believe there is a lack of attention/care for some game modes on Brawl lately. The only concrete responses given were on the first linked thread. Other than that, not much has come of these discussions (or so it seems). That has to change first if we want the server to be better and stay lively.
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  3. Div1deByZero

    Div1deByZero Well-Known Member

    Jul 15, 2017
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