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Party Summer Update

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by redslime, Jun 29, 2021.

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  1. redslime

    redslime Lead Developer

    May 17, 2015
    Party Summer Update
    What's up party people! It is time for another Party update with a bunch of new maps and tweaks. Let's get right to it!

    New maps
    We have been working on many maps to spice up the rotation a bit. Most of them are edits of CTF maps that didn't make it into rotation:
    • 3 One in the Chamber maps
      • Amenta by Bath_Maintenance, edited by SoCool21
      • Mustafar by 915, edited by Prouddyyy
      • Woodcastle Arena II, by LeUniCow, Larh, redslime, edited by Prouddyyy
    • 1 Lasertag map
      • Vivliothiki by redboo123, Daveeeeeeeee, edited by Kobaltsar
    • 1 Smash map
      • Command by cat_soop1997, edited by Prouddyyy
    • 1 Infection map
      • Deadwood by redboo123, Daveeeeeeeee, edited by Prouddyyy
    • 1 Shoot the Sheep map
      • Lackout by Chucky_Nono, edited by Prouddyyy
    • 2 Where's Wally maps
      • Amy's Station by DeepBluee, ikemulti, edited by Kobaltsar
      • Office Crisis by Shawn_, edited by Prouddyyy
    • 1 Chicken Game map
      • Classic Castles by Forleb, edited by Prouddyyy
    • 2 Snowball Fight maps
      • Glaciation Resort by allahman, edited by Prouddyyy
      • Esamir by Dokkeboi, edited by redslime
    • 1 King of the Hill map
      • Monument by Bassoon, edited by Prouddyyy
    • 1 Hide & Seek map
      • Oasis University by Shawn_, edited by Prouddyyy
    • 1 Diamond Mine map
      • Woodlands by Ringwrather, edited by Prouddyyyy
    • 2 Buddy Bounce maps
      • Toy Story by Brawl (war2), edited by redslime
      • Original map by Kobaltsar and YinYangBear
    • 1 Sheep Shearer map
      • Original map by Featherpaw
    • 1 Musical Minecarts map
      • Original map by Kobaltsar and Fireshadow007
    • 1 Paint Match map
      • Original map by Prouddyyy
    • 1 Dead End map
      • Original map by Prouddyyy
    • 1 Guardian map
      • Original map by Prouddyyy

    Game tweaks
    • Added an afk timer to autospec afk players
    • Added a second of invisilibty to respawning in Snowball Fight
    • Updated Where's Wally names to be less confusing
    • Added Speed 3 to Where's Wally
    • Added a command to disable powerups for events available to SMOD+
    • Enabled PvP in Bouncing Balls
    • Added powerup nerf to lose one star if you place top 3 and used a powerup
    • Updated old game descriptions
    • Shortened game timers
      • DeadEnd to 2 minutes
      • One in the Chamber to 1.5 minutes
      • Smash to 1.5 minutes
      • Snowball Fight to 1.5 minutes
    • Removed ability to move forward to the starting line in Animal Race by shifting
    • Fixed a bug in Hide and Seek allowing seekers in spec to find people
    • Fixed false autobans in Infection caused by the wind gun
    • Fixed bug causing people to be unable to join games because their game version is too old despite being on a new version.

    We hope you will enjoy the new content! Remember that you can give us feedback on the maps by using the voting system in-game. #hotbrawlsummer

    - redslime
    Brawl Development Team
    Love and waffles!
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  2. Prouddyyy

    Prouddyyy Marketing

    Aug 22, 2014
    big poggers party moment
  3. featherpaw

    featherpaw Your friendly neighborhood kitten! :3

    Aug 16, 2015
    whoop whoop super excited to see all the new maps!

    GG we gonna get that sweet map creator badge on the forums!
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