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CIC Application Form

Discussion in 'Capture the Flag' started by Gyseline, Sep 6, 2021.

  1. Gyseline

    Gyseline CTF & Documentation Manager

    Jul 29, 2015
    Heya CTFers!

    We've had some radio silence for a while, which I apologize for, but we're back with something new; we are now taking community applications for the CTF Ideas Council Discord! As there's always been a lot of people with great ideas out there, we wanted to give the community a better way to work together with the staff. Additionally, with the relatively low amount of CTF staff we have currently as well as some activity issues, we think allowing the community to help us out where necessary will benefit both sides. This is how we're going to tackle both of those things.

    The role you can apply for is a newly made role called "Community Consultant". With this role, you will be a part of some shared chats and CIC team chats, depending on which team(s) you apply for. Anything shared with community consultants is knowledge that the rest of the community is allowed to know as well. This will allow you to work on CTF together with the staff team.

    CIC teams are groups of people who focus working on a specific aspect of CTF. You can apply for the following teams:
    • Reworks
      • This team works on coming up with and implementing larger-scale class changes and new classes into the game.
    • Teams and Events
      • This team works on organizing and leading the team scene and events. Think of things like CTF seasons and community hosted tournaments like the Draft Team Tournament and the 5v5 tournament.
    You may apply for as many teams as you wish.

    Application form link: https://forms.gle/ziJoHyH9UGtVimFJ7

    Anyone can apply. Your application will be discussed and decided on by council members. It may take up to 14 days for your application to be decided on; please be patient during this time. If you haven't heard back after 14 days, contact a staff member about your application. This time frame may be adjusted in the future as we figure out how long we typically need to consider an application.

    If accepted, you will be contacted through Discord with an invite to the CIC.

    If denied, you will be contacted through Discord with the reason for your denial so you can work on it and re-apply at a later point if you wish to. Please wait at least 2 weeks before re-applying after your denial.

    You may be removed from the CIC any time if the council feels it necessary to do so. Example reasons for this would be inactivity, or disrespect during discussions.

    What else has been going on?
    As most of you will know, we've recently tested out Shade looking for feedback on the class. We received a large range of responses regarding Shade. Many people liked the class, others disliked it, and we have noted down the essential feedback. Due to the complexity of the class, with its many abilities that all do different things, and the many issues/bugs with each ability, it is hard to decide how to approach making changes to the existing class without a full rework. We think that the idea of a class that can easily pop in and out of combat is a great one, but the current implementation of Shade is not the correct way about it.
    We think that in order to successfully implement Shade or similar, we must first identify what role it should have and then tailor its abilities around that role. Many of the responses said that we should focus on reworking other classes first, and we think that taking such action is preferable over introducing Shade to the game in its current state.

    Of course, this is not all we have been working on lately. We've currently got a dwarf rework in progress, a basics tutorial is in the development phase, there has been work on a prestige system for classes, we implemented some community suggestions and a mini map booster was added. We've also got another exciting project in the works right now! While that project is not ready to be revealed yet, I can assure you CTF staff have been working on this with a lot of enthusiasm will do their absolute best to get it to you guys as soon as we can. We'll be sure to keep you updated on our progress more frequently from now on. CIC summaries will likely be back in the near future; the details on this one still have to be worked out, but we'll be sure to give you updates with good frequency.

    Happy capping and recovering!

    -The CTF Staff Team:flag:
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  2. EmperorTrump45

    EmperorTrump45 Dank Memer

    Jul 3, 2015
    get a real job!
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