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Party Cosmetics Update

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Charlie_0014, Sep 7, 2021.

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  1. Charlie_0014

    Charlie_0014 Build & BT Overlord, Party Sub-Overlord

    Mar 19, 2016

    Party Cosmetics Update
    So you see, about a month ago, Kobalt was complaining about having too many coins... then this happened. We've brought you new maps! We've brought you powerups! And we've brought you the motherload of fun things that make you look cooler! and a few things to make your playing experience a nightmare even more enjoyable! Que the changelog!

    New Shop Gui
    New Maps
    New Powerups
    • Ghast Ball
      • Jump boost for 10 seconds (60 Coins, Peach)
    • Bouncing Balls
      • Item that gives 3 seconds of immunity (60 Coins, Peach)
    • Hide N Seek
      • A 1-time ability to reshuffle the block that you have received to try and get a better one (Could also get a worse block) (100 Coins, Rosalina)
    • Infection
      • Convert to zombie why not :V (200 Coins, Yoshi)
    Spectator Betting
    • Spectator can now bet on who will win the game! This is possible during the pre-game and first 30 seconds of every game using /bet or clicking the item in the spectator hotbar.
    • If you bet on the player that won the game, you receive a Betting Crate. This crate contains coins and powerups. You can open it in the Party Lobby inbetween rounds!
    Your Name in Where's Wally [Shop]
    • Be part of Where's Wally! You can now buy your own name to be added to Where's Wally in the store.
    Smash/King of the Hill Toonify [Shop]
    • Spawns random holograms while you are fighting in Smash and King of the Hill.
    • Holograms display cartoonish phrases like Pow! SMASH Ka-Pow! oof Zaap! boop in random colors.
    New Cosmetics
    • Animal Race animals [Shop]
      • Rabbit (5,000 Coins, Luigi)
      • Slime (5,000 Coins, Waluigi)
      • Creeper (10,000 Coins, Wario)
      • Ocelot (20,000 Coins, Bowser)
      • Villager (50,000 Coins, Donkey Kong)
      • Pillager (50,000 Coins, Mario)
      • Salmon (Purchasable from brawl store)
      • Strider (Purchasable from brawl store)
      • Magma Cube(Purchasable from brawl store)
    • Smash/King of the Hill weapon skins [Shop]
      • Weapons from KOTH (added to Smash)
      • Blaze Rod “Baseball Bat” (600 Coins, Luigi)
      • Raw Salmon “Salmonella” (1,200 Coins, Waluigi)
      • Raw beef “Slappin’ Meat” (2,400 Coins, Wario)
      • Brown Dye “Slappin' Poop” (4,800 Coins, Bowser)
      • Diamond Axe “Throwin’ Axe” (10,000 Coins, Donkey Kong)
      • Diamond Hoe “Loyalty” (20,000 Coins, Mario)
    • Boat Race boat skins [Shop]
      • Acacia (200 Coins, Rosalina)
      • Jungle (600 Coins, Yoshi)
      • Birch (2,000 Coins, Waluigi)
      • Spruce (10,000 Coins, Bowser)
      • Dark Oak (Purchasable from brawl store)
    • Block War
      • VIP+ ability to choose block
    • Infection zombie skins [Shop]
      • Husk (500 Coins, Peach)
      • Skeleton (800 Coins, Yoshi)
      • Creeper (1,000 Coins, Luigi)
      • Drowned (20,000 Coins, Wario)
      • Piglin (40,000 Coins, Donkey Kong)
      • Wither Skeleton (50,000 Coins, Mario)
    • Lasertag laser-guns [Shop]
      • Leather Horse Armor “Plastic Toy Gun” (Default)
      • Iron Horse Armor “Laser Pistol” (300 Coins, Rosalina)
      • Gold Horse Armor “Sniper Rifle” (600 Coins, Yoshi)
      • Diamond Horse Armor “Plasma Gun” (1,200 Coins, Waluigi)
    • Diamond Mine/Spleef shovel skins [Shop]
      • Stone (100 Coins, Boo)
      • Iron (200 Coins, Rosalina)
      • Gold (300 Coins, Peach)
      • Diamond (4,000 Coins, Bowser)
      • Netherite (5,000 Coins, Donkey Kong)
    • Victory Effects [Shop]
      • Rain mobs (5,000 Coins, Yoshi)
      • Firework smoke (6,000 Coins, Luigi)
      • TNT fountain (8,000 Coins, Waluigi)
      • Rain cake (8,000 Coins, Waluigi)
      • Spawn a ton of jumping clones. (100,000 Coins, Mario)
    • Lobby Effects (VIP+) [Shop]
      • Color changing glow outline
      • Perm Speed II
      • Time changer - Ability to change their own time in the game by using /ptime
    Pets now spawn in the following games:
    • Cake Gunner
    • Crafting Chaos
    • Ghast Ball
    • Maze Game
    • Musical Minecarts
    • Smoke Monster
    • Where’s Wally
    • Frogger
    • Minefield
    • Red Alert
    • Red Light, Green Light
    • Wipeout
    • Wool-Mix-Up
    • Falling Sand

    We hope you will enjoy the new content! Remember that you can give us feedback on the maps by using the voting system in-game. #hotbrawlsummer

    ~Brawl Staff Team
    Love and Waffles
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  2. revay616

    revay616 Staff Member

    May 11, 2021
    Great news.
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  3. whisper58

    whisper58 Member

    Mar 22, 2021
    Really excited for the new powerups and spectator betting!! :smile:

    also nice work to the people who worked hard on this and put a lot of time and effort to make party more exciting ur the best!

    and also it’s really nice to see people who are very passionate about party the way Kobalt and Charlie are. Makes the game more enjoyable :smile:
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    #3 whisper58, Sep 8, 2021
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  4. Metairie

    Metairie New Member

    Aug 14, 2021
    ^ what mom said!!!
  5. Kobaltsar

    Kobaltsar Active Member
    Retired Staff

    Jul 30, 2014
    Still have too many coins smh :frowning:
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