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Advanced Chemist Guide

Discussion in 'Guides' started by FlagCTF, Nov 2, 2021.

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  1. FlagCTF

    FlagCTF Member

    Mar 16, 2018
    Hello everyone, obviously most of you know that I main chemist. It's my favorite class in CTF, I manage to make crazy plays with chemist. So in this post I'll be sharing on how i play chemist.

    I'll start off by using chemist as a class to cap the flag.

    Chemist is a decent class to capture the flag with, if you want to improve in chemist capping, you would have to set up your potions in your hotbar in a specific order and then stick to it, that way you can develop muscle memory on choosing the right pot to use at the right time, even without having to look at the hotbar to confirm which pot you are holding. Always use hotkeys, never the scroll wheel. ( While the scroll wheel is alright to be used in classes that don't have much equipment in them like heavy, its not good to use it in classes like chemist).
    Chemist has a variety of potions and if you are barely using one type of potion, then you are not fully utilizing chemist to its maximum potential.
    It's always good to have a medic offense coming with you if you plan to cap with chemist. That way you can have your potions restored constantly.
    As a chemist, you need to plan on how you are going to enter the flagroom. What potions to use, where to go, should i fight the defenders or not? All these questions are answered from experience.
    If you are going to enter the flagroom, make sure you have regen on you and be ready to heal yourself constantly.
    You want to enter the flagroom while having jump boost on, and try to calculate your jump such that you land close to the flag post to pick up the flag, then quickly run away from the flagroom. You would probably need to use harm pots to help you escape by reducing the enemy's momentum so they have a harder time catching you. Along that always watch your health. Try to never go below 8 hearts, because chemist has a weak armor and so you need to have a good amount of health all the time.
    You can also use jump boost while you are on your way to return the enemy's flag to your flag. This makes it such that anyone who hits you would give you a good knockback, this is similar to the wind boost in elf. Once you are knocked away, try to turn quick to the enemy, throw poison pots at them then keep running.
    Harm pots makes ninjas and assassins easy to kill if you use them correctly, if a ninja teleports and they are invisible, you can throw as much harmpots as you can to where the enderpearl of the ninja lands, that way the ninja would have a lower health and increases your chances of survival. As for assassins, any assassin approaching you, throw a harm pot at them then attack them aggressively, you would most likely win the fight.
    When you are playing mind games with the assassin, you can use harm pots to pressure them to use their assassinate by lowering their health.
    Poison pots are excellent against heavys/pyros chasing you, if they are poisoned, they are pretty much useless, you can run away from them easily.
    If you happen to get in a 1v1 with a heavy for example, use your harm pots/poison pots for as long as you can before commiting to a sword fight.
    You can also use poison pots to make mages/archers an easier target to take down, with their speed slowed and their health depleting, this increases the chances of you taking them down.

    Chemist is also a good class to recover, one of your objectives is to isolate the enemies from the enemy flag carrier, you can knock the enemies away from the flag carrier then poison them, this increases the duration that the flag carrier is vulnerable, which could make it easier for your ninjas, for example, to recover.

    Make sure you are buffing yourself and your team constantly. Buffs are really important, for example if you are planning to recover, buffing heavys would be deadly to the enemy team, a bonus to that is to plan a recover with a buffed heavy and a scout, with a buffed heavy and death tag from the scout, the amount of damage per hit from the heavy is insane.

    As for pvping with chemist, make sure to crit whenever you can, you deal alot of damage when you are criting the enemies

    Chemist is a very good support class, for example, you can support a soldier or an elf by sheilding them against ninjas, if u know ninjas are nearby the flag carrier, you can use your harm pots to slow the ninjas down and make it harder for them to kill your flag carrier. You can also provide regen for your flag carrier, which is very important as some times the medic isn't available to do the healing.

    Thanks for reading
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