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Raid 1.8 Part II The Electric Boogaloo

Discussion in 'Raid' started by AnonymousGalaxy, Apr 10, 2022.

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  1. AnonymousGalaxy

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    Jun 18, 2015


    We are very excited to finally be able to announce the new upcoming Raid map! We are on the second iteration of our returned 1.8 maps. We have challenged ourselves to expand upon some of the current features in order to improve the gameplay for new and returning players alike. After a lot of deliberation and discussion, we are excited to announce the following

    ☰ What

    For the reset, the world you have PvPed in, made your bases in, tracked & raided in will be replaced by a fresh, new world, full of new possibilities. This means all bases, items, warps, teams, and gold will be gone with the reset.

    You will not keep anything but your player rank! In addition to this, some big changes are coming out in the new map - See below.

    For those players who are new to Raid, or Hardcore Survival servers, here is a shortlist of Raid's features:
    • The ability to track other players by building trackers
    • A shop to sell any kind of item to other players
    • Mob stacking to simplify experience farms and reduce lag
    • A custom spawn with protection to provide an environment for players to meet and prepare for PvP
    • The ability to capture mobs with eggs and levels
    • A weekly KOTH Event
    • The ability to change spawners to different mob types with dragon eggs
    • NEW: An alternating End Event
    • NEW: A new CTF Event
    • Fish
    ☰ When

    Date: Saturday, April 16th Easter Weekend
    Time: 6PM UTC / 2PM EDT / 1PM CDT / 11AM PST / 8PM CEST

    ☰ Map info
    • Overworld border: 8k
    • Nether border: 4k
    • Team cap: 7 (max 8)
    • Spawn Theme: After decades of war, our Asian inspired spawn has seen humanity fall and rise. We see the return of an overrun and dystopian-style spawn from the past.

    ☰ What's New?

    Here's the part that most of you've all been waiting for. After having extensive amounts of conversations with our community and staff team we have compiled a list of changes that we hope will bring excitement and balance to the new world.

    The ruins of war are all that remain...
    KOTH Platforms
    We see the return of some long forgotten platforms...

    KOTH Pointing
    • During Iron KOTH, you will now only lose 5 points to dying while inside and outside the arena
    • During No restriction KOTH, you will now only lose 15 points whilst inside the arena and 10 while outside.
    KOTH Rewards
    We see the scars of war bring back some of the most powerful armor and tools in the realm...​
    • 20% Double P4 Set + Swords
    • 15% GOD Set - x1 Full Protection V, Unbreaking IV Diamond Set + Sharp V Sword
    • 15% GOD Tool set - x1 Efficiency V, Unbreaking IV, Fortune IV Diamond Pickaxe, x1 Efficiency VI, Unbreaking IV, Sharpness VI Diamond Axe, x1 Decapitator Sword, x1 Pickaxe of Containment
    • 15% Tracker Set
    • 15% Moneybags Set
    • 15% Key Set - Reduced amount of Team Challenge Keys to 6
    • 5% Double KOTH Keys
    We have made some changes to teams and team challenges/points in order to improve gameplay.
    • Changed Team Challenges Milestone Rewards that will require team points and gold to unlock:
      • Tier I: AQUA (OG) Team Chat Color. (100 Gold, 100 Team points)
      • Tier II: Unlocks all team chat colors. (200 Gold, 150 Team points)
      • Tier III: Unlocks Additional Team warp (3 -> 4). (300 Gold, 200 Team points)
      • Tier IV: Rainbow Team Color. (300 Gold, 500 Team points)
      • Tier V: Unlocks Team Hover (When you hover over a team name in chat it will show Team Information/Desc/Points) (450 Gold, 400 Team points)
      • Tier VI: Unlocks Additional Team warp (5 -> 6) (700 Gold, 600 Team points).
      • Tier VII: Increases the Team cap by one (5 -> 6). (1250 Gold, 1000 Team points)
      • NEW Tier VIII: Ability to teleport to a team member with /team tp (user) (1250 points, 1500 gold). Disabled during combat for both players, works like /tpa.
    • Added more Team Challenges
      • Added Anvil Combination Challenges
        • Combine Two Diamond Swords
        • Repair a Diamond Chestplate
        • Repair a Diamond Pickaxe
        • Combine two Diamond Pickaxes
      • Trading Challenges
        • Trade 18 wheat with a villager
        • Trade 16 uncook potatoes with a villager
        • Trade 16 carrots with a villager
        • Trade 32 emeralds with a villager
        • Trade a book with a villager
        • Trade 6 cod with a villager
        • Trade 8 pumpkins with a villager
        • Trade 8 melons with a villager
        • Trade 14 uncooked pork chops with a villager
        • Trade 14 raw chickens with a villager
      • Fishing Challenges
        • Fish 4 Raw cod
        • Fish 4 salmon
      • Breeding Challenges kek
        • Breed chickens three times
        • Breed cows three times
        • Breed sheep three times
        • Breed pigs three times
      • Brewing Challenges
        • Brew Speed II potions
        • Brew Strength II potions
        • Brew Fire Resistance (extended) potions
        • Brew Water Breathing potions
        • Brew Invisibility potions
        • Brew Jump Boost
    • BONUS Challenges
      • Killing the ender dragon adds 25 points
      • Being the first too loot a feast chest adds 15 points
    We will rotate the Team challenges crate on these three sets in order to add variety to what you can be rewarded.​
    Set 1:
    • 5% - 2x team challenge crate keys
    • 5% - Unbreakable axe
    • 5% - Mob Slayer (Diamonds sword with Looting 4, smite 6 and bane of arthropods 6)
    • 6% - Bedrock breaker
    • 9% - Autosmelter
    • 15% - 32x Diamonds
    • 15% - 32x Iron blocks
    • 10% - 16x Enderpearls, 32x Cobweb, 3x Sponges
    • 15% - 3x PvP potion (Potion that gives Resistance I, Strength II, Fire Resistance and Speed II for 8 minutes)
    • 15% - 128x Bottle o’ Enchanting
    Set 2:
    • 5% - 2x team challenge crate keys
    • 5% - Unbreakable pickaxe
    • 6% - Bedrock breaker
    • 6% - Obstroyer
    • 8% - 2x Gapple
    • 10% - Crop Gatherer (Fortune IV diamond hoe that harvests more crops)
    • 10% - Treefeller
    • 10% - 16x Enderpearls, 32x Cobweb, 3x Sponges
    • 10% - 128x Bottle o’ Enchanting
    • 15% - 32x Iron blocks
    • 15% - 32x Diamonds
    Set 3:
    • 5% - 2x team challenge crate keys
    • 5% - Unbreakable shovel
    • 5% - Pickaxe of Containment
    • 6% - Bedrock breaker
    • 9% - Auto-replant (diamond hoe that automatically replants the crop which it breaks, as long as the seeds for it are in the inventory of the user)
    • 10% - 16x Enderpearls, 32x Cobweb, 3x Sponges
    • 15% - 32x Diamonds
    • 15% - 32x Iron blocks
    • 15% - Beacon
    Devastation brings chaos...

    End Event

    We see the return of our daunting end event. You will fight the dragon and other teams every alternating Sunday when the End resets. You can loot, kill, steal, or whatever you see fit in this challenge.

    CTF Event
    This event will alternate with the End Event every Sunday. A crown will spawn with 2k blocks of spawn and you must return it to spawn with your team whilst your name is displayed in the boss bar. The rewards for your sacrifices will be great...

    Feast Event
    We have improved the feast event to improve competition. Instead of just one chest spawning, the number of chests will spawn in a radius (similar to HG) entirely dependent on player count. More chests mean less OP loot but more opportunities to fight and scavenge.

    Event Schedule
    Monday: New Feast
    Tuesday: -
    Wednesday: New Feast
    Thursday: -
    Friday: New Feast
    Saturday: Koth
    Sunday: End & CTF Event (alternating)

    Alongside our major changes, we have made a few quality of life changes that will further balance out the game.​
    • Nerfed Bedrock Breaker cooldown to 0.5 seconds
    • Removed all custom recraft options. Only mushrooms can be used to make soup now. We will trial this for a couple of weeks to see how this works out. Mooshrooms cows will now be more valuable.
    • Removed the shop glitch.
    • Added Mob Spawner Booster - Spawns 1.5x mobs from mob spawners
    • Added Growth Booster - Mobs and plants grow quicker, furnaces and brewing work faster.
    • Added Vote Rewards
      • Speed boots - 500 vote tokens
      • Bedrock Breaker - 300 vote tokens
      • Playtime keys - 10 tokens per key
      • Auto-replant Hoe: Break a crop and it is automatically replanted for as long as you have the proper seeds for it in your inventory - 200 tokens
    • New Rank Features
      • Ability to mute ads
      • Ability to mute tips
      • Ability to mute player messages
      • Ability to mute/change placement of death messages
      • /copple and /stone turns andesite/granite/diorite into cobble/stone.
      • /target <player> changes targeted player name red in /track results.
      • Tracking output will show dimensions
    • Added gambling coinflips

    ☰ End of the Map

    We look forward to seeing you on 1.8 Map 2!
    This map will end on Thursday, April 14th for maintenance on the new map.

    Thank you,
    ~ Raid Staff Team :brawl:
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