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New Class Release: Angel!

Discussion in 'Capture the Flag' started by RyGuy, Apr 12, 2022.

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  1. RyGuy

    RyGuy developer man

    Aug 8, 2013
    Hi there CTFers!

    We pushed Angel for testing a while back ago, and got some great feedback, and we're ready for release! We also pushed some minor updates for you!

    Angel Class

    Starting Equipment:
    • Stone Sword
    • Biotic Bow
    • Gravity Lift
    • 5 steak
    ☰ Starting Armor:
    • Protection V Leather Boots
    • Protection V Leather Chestplate

    Biotic Bow
    : Heals teammates when shot. Restores steak on direct hits while also damaging enemies. Be careful to not run out of mana!
    Gravity Lift: Deployable structure that lifts up all players who step within its influence. Can be used as a jump pad to elevate onto higher areas of the map, for example. 8 second cool-down on this ability after the structure has disappeared.

    ☰ Strategies:
    • Use your Biotic Bow to restore teammates’ health and steak in places where a Medic can’t easily reach.
    • Use your Gravity Lift to help you and your teammates scale tall structures, cross the map faster, and escape from enemies.
    • Launch yourself into the air using Gravity Lift to give yourself the high ground. From there, you can support teammates with your Biotic Bow from longer distances and away from any obstacles. This can also help your team’s Archer get a bird’s eye view of the map!
    • Gravity Lift can be used to disrupt fleeing or pursuing enemies, as well as leave them susceptible to teammates’ attacks.
    • Deploying Gravity Lift at the right moment can protect you and your teammates from fall damage.

    ☰ Achievements
    For all you farmers, here are the new Angel achievements!
    • Heaven's Finest - Heal x amount of hearts (1, 75, 750, 7500, 75000)
    • Heaven's Army - Give regeneration to 5 teammates in a single shot
    • Enlightened Aim - Restore 10 items in a row without missing a shot
    • Divine Ascension - Lift 6 players at once with your Gravity Lift
    • Michael's Wrath - Kill 30 players while inside of your Gravity Lift
    • Miraculous Occurrence - Capture the flag as Angel without using Gravity Lift
    • Fighting the Fallen - Kill another Angel with your sword
    • Angel of Death - Kill an enemy flag carrier with your Biotic Bow
    • Gabriel's Message - Heal a player from 75 blocks away
    • Saved by Grace - Heal a player with 1 heart or less remaining
    The Angel class is usable through purchasing on our shop. It is not obtainable through credits, and not available on the match server at the moment

    Other Changes
    • Elf Water is now almost instant when applying regeneration!
    • Fixed an issue with Elf Wind occasionally not working!
    • Necro Skulls, Chemist Damage potions, and Elf Pure Elements all now break medic webs
    • Engineer TnT radius for breaking webs increased
    • Medic can now have 3 active webs on the playing field
    • Greatly optimized server bootup times
    Of course, always report any bugs on the forums or in #bug-reports on the CTF Discord.

    Happy capping!
    - The CTF Staff Team :flag:
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