Voting for the server allows us to advertise for new players to grow the community. You also get some sick in-game rewards for helping us out. Remember to bookmark this page! Thanks.

  1. Visit the site links below
  2. Enter your Minecraft name
  3. Prove you're not a robot
  4. Click vote!

Repeat this daily for each site to earn the maximum tokens.

You earn 5 tokens each time you vote. These tokens can be spent in-game with the /rewards command. Every game has different rewards that you can spend your tokens on. Ranks earn extra tokens for each vote: VIP gets 10, MVP gets 15, and ELITE gets 20.

# Player Votes
1 Zarpin155
2 Saohail145
3 Gyseline133
4 wulfi98132
5 Warrey79

1,474 votes total

# Player Tokens
1 Lekosa168,695
2 GabPlzLetMeHit49,525
3 PoixMine38,737
4 Gyseline38,096
5 Zarpin36,587

27,742,694 tokens total

At the end of the month the top three players who have the most votes receive money to spend in the Brawl shop. You may view the current winners above.

  • First Place
    • $15 coupon in the Brawl shop
  • Second Place
    • $10 coupon in the Brawl shop
  • Third Place
    • $5 coupon in the Brawl shop

Make sure to vote daily to win!