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Jul 19, 2019
  • 1.13 Build Server

    Minecraft Build recently received a server supporting Mincraft 1.9-1.13 blocks in addition to the two supporting 1.8 blocks and below. Connect to this server by using 3.minecraftbuild.com or /play Build 3 from the Brawl lobby.

    Players have independent map slots between the 1.8 and 1.13 servers so even if you have a map on the 1.8 servers you can make another on the 1.13 one too!

    Converting Maps
    Creates a copy of the map on the 1.13 Build server (/play Build 3).
    NOTE: Only the owner of the map can do this if they have an empty map slot on the 1.13 server, there is a confirmation. This cannot be undone.

    Build Assets


    Build assets have been introduced to better help those wanting to efficiently create a city, and easily apply a build into their worlds. It's useful for roleplays, or to even help with builds that you may not necessarily know how to create!

    To access these assets, join a map (that you are permed in), and select the book found at the 7th slot of the hotbar. Or, you can use /assets. Click on the heads to select an asset, and then //paste it where necessary.

    Tips & Tricks for WorldEdit

    In case some of you didn't know this, MinecraftBuild provides WorldEdit, which can be useful for making maps and such.

    How to start using WorldEdit

    1) Get a wooden axe from your inventory. [Or use //wand]
    2) Find an area you wish to WorldEdit. This area should be a rectangular prism.
    3) Left click with the axe for your first position.
    4) Right click for your second position.
    5) Use a command. Common commands listed below, a link is also provided for all World Edit commands!

    Frequently used WorldEdit Commands

    //set BLOCK (Sets BLOCK within your defined boundaries)
    //replace BLOCK1 BLOCK2 (Replaces BLOCK1 with BLOCK2 for the set boundary)
    //copy (Copies your selection)
    //paste [-a] (Paste a creation you copied add -a to ignore air)
    //download (Downloads the selected region into a schematic)
    /load (loads a schematic! Remember there's only 1 slash! In depth guide here)
    //frb <user> <radius> <time> (Undoes a specific player's world edit actions within a set time/location)
    /wehelp (An extensive guide on the most common WorldEdit commands.)
    http://wiki.sk89q.com/wiki/WorldEdit/Reference - All World Edit commands along with their uses.

    WorldEdit Restrictions

    Disabled Blocks
    In an effort to reduce WorldEdit abuse and lag, several block IDs have been disabled from being used with the WorldEdit extension.
    12, 12:1, 13, 324, 330, 379, 380, 397, 427, 428, 429, 430, 431
    Limited WorldEdit Command Sizes
    For similar reasons, the radius of some WorldEdit commands have been limited. These include:
    //cyl (limit 100)
    //hcyl (limit 300)
    //sphere (limit 100)
    //hsphere (limit 200)

    If you //copy or //cut an area of a map, any part of the copied region that is not loaded will create a empty space when you //paste that spot.

    Buying Maps/Expansions

    Buying Maps
    Visit the Brawl store to purchase additional map slots. Buying map slot means you can create and archive a map using that slot unlimited times without having to buy another (unless you want another map along side it).

    VERY IMPORTANT: If you somehow have more maps than you should, for example from MCPVP, buying a new map slot will not give you an extra map - you will need to archive all your other maps before you can make use of the extra slot.

    Ask a JMOD+ to do /listmap to see how many maps you have.

    Prices are as follows (but may change in the future) -

    • +1 Extra World Slot - $2.49
    • +2 Extra World Slots (Save 20%!) - $3.99
    • +3 Extra World Slots (Save 30%!) - $5.24
    Buying Map Expansions
    Are you running out of space or do you just want to say your map is bigger? Either way, map expansions are here. You can purchase expansions at the Brawl store and then use /expand in-game, once on your map, to expand it.

    NOTE: Expansions can only be used once per map, for example, if you use the small increase on map 1, and you want to expand again, you can only use the medium, large, or mega increases on map 1, but you can use the small increase on map 2.

    Prices are as follows (but may change in the future) -
    • Small Increase - 384 radius (x2.25) - $2.99
    • Medium Increase - 512 radius (x4) - $6.99
    • Large Increase - 640 radius (x6.25) - $11.99
    • MEGA Increase - 1,024 radius (x16) - $29.99
    Some of these prices may look ridiculous, but are actually cheaper than buying separate maps.

    Building With Friends

    In the lobby, you can use the player head in your hand to find your friends name in the GUI, and teleport to the map they are on:



    You can also use /tp [Your Friends IGN] to go to their map as well.