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Apr 27, 2018
  • Permissions

    MinecraftBuild has five permission options for players: Owner, Manager, Member, Visitor, and Banned. The first four permissions show up in the /map GUI. Each permission allows a player to interact with a map differently.

    To view all permissions on a map, go to a map, type /perm, and the Permission GUI will pop up for you to see who has which permission on the map.

    In addition to the five permissions, map have the option to be public or private. Public maps can be visited by anyone. Private maps only allow players with visitor+ perms to visit. To set a map as public or private, /public or /private, respectively.

    Players can give other player's permissions by doing /perm <username> [permission]

    Player's permissions can be removed by doing /revoke <username>

    The Five Permissions

    Owner - When a map is created, it has a default of one owner - the player who created the map. A map owner has complete control over the map. They can change its name, archive the map, and perm players up to Manager. Map ownership cannot be transferred, and another owner cannot be permed by the existing owner, without a mod+ to help you.

    Manager - Managers can build and perm players up to member. Managers can only be permed by the owner

    Member - Members can only build on the map. Members can build on the map when the owner is offline. Owners and managers can perm members.

    Helper - Helpers can only build on the map when the owner is online. Owners and managers can perm helpers.

    Visitor - Visitors can only visit and observe the map. They have access to redstone (can press buttons, step on pressure plates, etc), though they cannot edit it in any way. Owners and managers can perm visitors.

    Banned - Banned players cannot visit the map, even if the map is set on public. Owners and managers can ban players from their map.