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Feb 27, 2017
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    What is a clan?

    A clan is a group of players that are specially handled by the MC-Warfare plugin. Clans can be created by any player that is Level 30 or above, although there is no required level to join a clan. However, the clan's creator can set a (de-facto) limit as to who can join.

    As well as being a way to distinguish groups of players, members of a clan will be less likely to be separated in the team selection process, encouraging team play as a vital element of MC-Warfare.

    If you are interested in joining a well-established clan, or finding one that is perfect for you, be sure to check out the MC-War clans forum here.

    Please do note that a current bug allows moderators to kick the owner from the clan.

    Creating a clan

    To create a clan, you can use the command /clan create <name>, where the argument <name> represents the name of the clan. This command can only be used by players level 30 or above, and will charge 2000 credits upon successful creation of a clan. Take note that clan names can only be between 2 and 4 characters, and may only consist of alphanumeric letters and numbers.
    Joining a clan

    To join a clan, the clan owner or a clan moderator has to invite you to a clan, by using the command /clan invite <player>, where the argument <player> defines which player to invite to the clan. Then, the invited player will receive an invitation to the clan in their chat, and they have the option to use the command /clan join <name> in order to join the clan, at no charge whatsoever.
    Clan ranks and privileges

    Clan owners are denoted by an underlined clan tag (the letters before the player's name that shows what clan he is a member of). Clan moderators are denoted by an italicized clan tag. If an owner wishes to promote a clan member to moderator status, he may use the command /clan mod <player>, where the argument <player> defines which player to promote to moderator.

    Owners also have the power to step down from the owner position, and give ownership of their clan to another player in their clan. This is achieved through the command /clan setowner <player>, where the argument <player> denotes the player to give ownership to. Keep in mind, this command only works on members of your clan that are online at the moment.

    Moderators and owners also have the power to expel players from their clan if they wish, through the use of the command /clan kick <player>, where the argument <player> defines which player to kick from the clan. Keep in mind, a moderator can still re-invite a player that has been kicked out of a clan.
    Other commands

    In the event that a clan owner is dissatisfied with their clan name, they can change the name through the use of the command /clan rename <name>, where the argument <name> defines what to rename the clan to. This is at the expense of 750 credits, so the usage of this command is to be avoided if possible.

    If you wish to leave your current clan, you can use the command /clan leave, and you will be removed from the clan.