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Oct 26, 2015
  • Commands

    General Commands

    Plot Commands
    Brawl uses PlotMe commands to control all things related to plots. Here is a list of the accessible commands to help you manage your plot:

    • /plotme claim (Claims the plot you are currently on)
    • /plotme auto [WORLD] (Claims the next available plot)
    • /plotme list (Lists every plot you can build on)
    • /plotme info (Gives you information about the plot you are currently on)
    • /plotme home [#] [WORLD] (Teleports you to your plot. Use # if you own multiple)
    • /plotme comment [COMMENT] (Allows you to leave a comment on the plot you are on)
    • /plotme comments (Lists comments users have left about your plot)
    • /plotme add [PLAYER] (Gives that player full access to your plot. It is YOUR responsibility)
    • /plotme remove [PLAYER] (Revokes that player's access to the plot)
    • /plotme deny [PLAYER] (Prevents a player from moving into your plot)
    • /plotme undeny [PLAYER] (Allows a previously denied player to move onto your pot)
    • /plotme biome (Shows you the biome of the current plot you are on)
    • /plotme biomelist (Lists all possible biomes)
    • /plotme biome [BIOME] (Changes the biome of the plot you are currently on, if able to)
    • /plotme dispose (You will no longer own that current plot, but it will not be cleared)
    • /plotme done (Toggles the plot you are currently on "Done" or "Not Done")

    All these commands can be accessed in game by typing /plotme .

    World Edit Commands:
    If you happen to obtain the rank WE1 or above there are a variety of World Edit commands available to your usage. While extensive, each elaborate command will be extremely useful towards accelerating your building process. From replacing blocks to creating cylinders and spheres at a click of a mouse, these commands prove worthy when used appropriately. The multiple commands, including their purposes can be noted

    While these commands may be used to place a large volume of blocks, it is extremely important to remember that the instantaneous change may disrupt the server if used in large enough proportions. For the sake of others, it is highly recommended that players refrain from hazardous activity.