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Mar 10, 2017
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    Basic Commands
    /spawn Teleports to spawn.
    /hub Brings you to the central hub (brawl.com).
    /buy Displays donation info.
    /texture 2d Applies the 2-dimensional MC-War texturepack
    /texture 3d Applies the 3-dimensional MC-War texturepack
    /play war {#} Brings you to a random war server, or one of the 2 war servers, if specified.
    /profile [player] Displays a players stats. Stats include clan, level, kills, deaths, and KDR. The specified player must be online.
    /vote Gives a player access to voting as well as a page for receiving numerous awards after doing so.

    War Commands
    /war or /help Shows all War commands.
    /war buy [grenade|armor|superarmor|molotov] Buy items for one round.
    /war leave Exits the arena. Chat is not shown and default spawn armor is not applied.
    /war join Re-joins the arena. (Players are in the arena by default).
    /war chat Toggles chat. (Kill notifications are still displayed).
    /war gun Lists purchasable guns.
    /war list Lists owned guns
    /war gun buy [gun console name] Buy the selected gun. Console names are found in the gun selection menu.
    /war gun apply [gun console name] Apply the selected gun (You will use the gun for the next rounds).

    Clan Commands
    /clan Shows all clan commands.
    /clan create [name] Creates a clan with a specified 1-4 letter name. Players must be above level 30 and pay 2000 credits to create a clan.
    /clan invite [player] Invites the specified player to your clan.
    /clan kick [player] Kicks the specified player.
    /clan join [name] Join a specified clan.
    /clan rename [name] Renames an owned clan to the specified name. Requires 750 credits.
    /clan mod [player] Promotes a specified player to mod, which allows them to invite and kick players.
    /clan setowner [player] Only usable by owners; gives ownership of the clan to the specified player.
    /clan leave Leave your current clan.