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May 19, 2021
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    There are a number of different commands on Raid that can help you survive and give you an advantage, provided you can use them correctly! In-game, you can see a list of the most important commands by using the /help command.

    Chat Commands

    /msg [name] [message]
    • This command allows you to send a private message to another player that can only be seen by them and you.

    /r [message]
    • This command allows you to send a private message to the last person that has sent you a private message. Pro Tip: Using /r is faster and easier than using /msg all the time. With that said, make sure that when you use /r you know the last person that sent you a message, or received one from you!

    • Displays all players on the server at that time, color coded by rank.

    • Enables/disables the YouTube mode. While in YouTube mode, no coordinates are displayed in chat due to teleporting to a warp nor by setting, removing, or listing your warps. As the name suggests, this command is very helpful while recording youtube videos.

    General Commands

    /ores [name optional]

    • Shows the ores you mined (if no name supplied) or the ores another player mined.


    • Teleports you to the Spawn. More information about the spawn can be found here.

    /track [all/name]

    • Can only be used while standing on a tracker (any type). This command allows you to track the nearest player depending on the type of tracker. You can find out more about the tracking system here.

    Shop/Economy Commands

    • Opens the shop GUI. More information about the shop system and it's features can be found here.

    /deposit [amount]
    • Deposits the specified amount of gold ingots into your shop account.

    /withdraw [amount]
    • Withdraws the specified amount of gold ingots from your shop account.
    /buy [amount] [item] [max price]
    • Buys a specified item quickly if it is available within your specified parameters.

    Warp Commands

    /warp or /warp list

    • Shows a list of all warps, including their names, worlds (nether), and their coordinates. Your home is called "null" on that list.

    /warp [name]

    • Teleports you to the location of the warp that has been set with [name].

    /warp set [name]
    • Sets a private warp point at the place where you are right now. You can set a maximum of 5 private warps, your home counts as a private warp.

    /warp remove [name] or /warp del [name]
    • Removes the warp point that has been set with [name].

    Team Commands


    • This command shows you all team related commands with short explanations for each. More information about the Raid team system can be found here.