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Apr 10, 2017
  • Cosmetics

    Cosmetics are currently being reworked as of right now. This current wiki page will soon be updated to the new version when released.

    Cosmetics are a Donor feature that grant them the ability to add a bit of flare to their character in-game.


    Donor Limits
    VIP Donors have limited access to these features. They do not receive:
    • Death Particles
    • Halo Particles
    • Fireworks Creator
    MVP and Elite Donors have access to all cosmetics.

    Cosmetic Features
    Cosmetics can be accessed by clicking on the crafting table in the players inventory on the Hub, or by using /cosm.


    Join Cosmetic (Wooden Door): When enabled, a firework will go off whenever the player logs onto a Brawl server.

    Quit Cosmetic (Iron Door): When enabled, whenever the player leaves any one of our Brawl servers, they will let off a cloud of smoke which will fly up into the air, showing that you left the server.

    Teleport Cosmetic (Enderpearl): When enabled, teleporting will cause a flurry of ender particles to appear around your player.

    Death Cosmetic (Rotten Flesh): When enabled, a red particle effect will appear at the spot the player dies. A skeleton will also appear for the player who died.

    Halo Cosmetic (Blaze Power): This will bring up a menu of different particles that float above the players head in the form of a halo.

    Aura Cosmetic (Nether Star): This will bring up a selection of particles that ring around the player.

    Trail Cosmetic (Leather Boots): This will bring up a selection of particles that will trail the player.

    Brawl Wardrobe (Crafting Table): This will give you the option to select different colored armor as well as different blocks for a hat. There is also a Disco option that changes the armors color rapidly.

    Brawl Fireworks (Firework): This is a fireworks creator that allows the player to customize their own special fireworks. This can only create 10 fireworks every 20 minutes.

    Pets (Spawn Egg): This brings up a selection of pets that can be spawned as a companion. VIPs have a limited amount of Pets while MVPs and Elites have all pets unlocked. You may also use /pets to access the pets selection directly.