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Dec 30, 2019
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    There are thirteen classes in CTF. Four of these are free for all players and the other nine are premium only. Below is a list of all CTF classes, including the items they provide and their specific abilities. A fourteenth cosmetic class, fashionista, is also available. This is purchasable from the Brawl Store.

    In every class hotbar there is a nether star. This, when clicked, opens up the Class Select GUI which allows a player to reselect their class during a game. If the player chooses to switch class whilst not at full health, they will die and instantly respawn as that class. Where the nether star is not shown in the hotbar, it is available in the player inventory.

    Every class also has a compass. This compass points to the red and blue flag, and can be switched with a right click. If the flag has been stolen, the compass will point in the direction of the player currently holding the flag.

    Steak is also an item found in most classes. Consuming steak will instantly heal 4 hearts, as hunger is not a feature in CTF.

    Free Classes

    These classes are available to all players for free.

    • None
    • None
    • Heavy can perform in every situation quite well
    • Make use of the stronger armor and weapon to win against less bulky classes
    • Be careful of archers and assassins, they can still instantly kill you with their abilities!
    • Watch out for chemists on your team, as they can buff you so you can deal even more damage!

    • Punch I Bow
    • Snipe: Arrows that are shot 30+ blocks away instantly kill enemy players
    • Arrows deal 1.5x damage to Chemists
    • None
    • Archer is best used to kill from afar. Any hit from 30 blocks will instantly kill the enemy!
    • To have the biggest impact, set up in a place where you can snipe lots of enemies
    • Archer is also a good class to kill a flag bearer, just snipe them as they try to get away!
    • Be careful about fighting short range, as most classes will be able to kill you, especially mage!

    • Sharpness I Golden Sword
    • Healing Touch: Hitting teammates gives them regeneration V for 5 seconds. Healing allies with full health restores their items. People that are healed to full health and inventory cannot be healed for another 15 seconds. Keep in mind if another fellow medic is under combat, they cannot be healed as long as their combat timer of 5 seconds is still activated.
    • Slowballs: Throwable cobwebs, they disappear after a few seconds. They max at 5. Allies can break cobwebs instantly. Enemies can break cobwebs at normal block speed.
    • Fire Proof: Medic cannot be set on fire.
    • Natural Regeneration: Medics constantly regenerate health at a slow rate.
    • Water Breathing: Medics won't drown underwater.
    • Medic is best used to support other players, both offensively and defensively
    • Make sure to keep restoring both the health and the items of the players on your team, it will improve your teams chances!
    • A medic can beat a pyro quite easily as you have fire resistance!
    • Try and find a friend to fight with you, as you won't be able to defend on your own
    • Be careful of bulkier classes, as they can kill you quite easily. Make sure to use your webs to make a quick getaway!

    • Wall Climb: Right clicking with the Iron Sword on a wall to climb up it. Soldier cannot climb on Coal Ore (#16) nor Barrier (#166) blocks.
    • Wall Climb Meter: There is an experience bar to limit the amount of climbs a soldier can do at a time. It regenerates over time, and an empty bar would take 10 seconds to fully regenerate. One right click will allow the soldier climb 4 blocks, and you can jump 7 times with a full bar.
    • Fall Immunity: Does not take fall damage
    • Soldier is best used on offense to both steal and carry the flag
    • Your wall climb ability makes you more mobile than other classes. Avoid extra damage by moving to a place other classes cannot reach!
    • The wall climb also means you can move in front of, and stall, an enemy flag carrier
    • Watch out for pyros in the flagroom, they can deal a lot of damage with frenzy!

    Premium Classes

    These classes are not available immediately and have to instead be purchased using credits. More information about credits can be seen in the Credits section in the Overview page. The price of each class is 15,000 credits. However, the first class a player chooses to purchase is discounted to 10,000 credits.


    • Assassinate: Right clicking the redstone gives Assassin the ability to instakill anyone in range for 2 seconds. The Assassin's sword will also replace the redstone once it is activated. An Assassin's instant kill can be stopped entirely by the enemy when they block their sword. While Assassinate is active, the Assassin can instantly die to anything for 4 seconds. Assassinate negates fall damage on the first fall and gives fire resistance. If the Assassin gets a kill without Assassinate they gain one redstone. Maximum of 1 redstone at a time.
    • Assassinate Meter: Once the redstone is used, the XP bar will drain rapidly showing the time left until the Assassin can no longer insta-kill. Afterwards, the redstone will regenerate in 25 seconds, the XP bar functioning as a timer.
    • Speed Boost: Right clicking the sugar gives the Assassin Speed III for 5 seconds. Maximum of 2 sugar at a time. Like the redstone, this also regenerates, with new sugar generated every 15 seconds.
    • Health Drain: An Assassin gains 3 hearts for every kill.
    • None
    • Assassin is best used for flag recovery or killing single targets
    • Assassinate enemies from behind so they cannot block. If you do fight them head on, try to bluff them so they don't know when you've used your ability!
    • Hiding around corners also boosts the chance of a successful assassinate, as the enemy cannot see you hiding!
    • Ninjas are dangerous, as they can kill you very quickly since you have no armor!


    • Potions of Damage II, Poison II (00:05), Jump Boost II (0:04), Fire Resistance (0:30), Health III, Regeneration III (00:16), Strength I Speed I (3:00)
    • Friendly Fire: Poison potions effect all players, even teammates, though only if an enemy player is in range of the potion effect!
    • Magic Meter: XP meter that limits how many potions the Chemist can throw. Damage potions take 1/3 of the meter, and other potions take less. It takes 7 seconds for the meter to regenerate.
    • None
    • Chemist can be used in many different situations quite effectively
    • You can use potions on everyone- you, your team and the enemy! Don't be afraid to buff your team
    • Poison and damage potions can affect invisible ninjas. If you think a ninja is there, throwing a potion will help you kill it faster!
    • Be wary of ninjas and heavies, as their high damage output means you may die before using a healing potion!


    • Dwarven Sword: Crouching as a dwarf charges up an XP meter that levels up the sword. Each level increases its sharpness, every 3 levels increase its knockback, and every 5 levels increases its fire aspect. The XP meter maxes out at level 11. The higher level the dwarf is, the longer it takes to reach the next level.
    • Dwarven Defense: When blocking, the dwarf will only take a half a heart of damage, the rest of the damage is converted into XP drain. When the dwarf is at at least level 5, it can block a headshot. If the block is successful, the dwarf loses half of its XP.
    • Dwarven Skin: At level 10, the Dwarf is immune to fire and negative potion effects.
    • Passive Slowness II, Cannot Sprint (hunger bar is set to prevent sprinting)
    • Dwarf is best suited to defending inside your flagroom
    • Make sure to charge up your sword as high as possible, as this will mean you do the maximum damage
    • Make sure to stop crouching when in combat as this will improve your mobility, even with slowness 2
    • Watch out for assassins, even if you block they'll drain half your experience with 1 assassinate


    • Sharpness I Wooden Sword
    • Pure Element: Arrow damage ignores armor. Chaining two fully charged shots in quick sequence will cause the 2nd hit to deal 6 hearts of damage. Upon shooting at max charge, the player shot will be rooted for 0.75 seconds (15 ticks).
    • Wind Element: Hitting the opposing team with the wind element creates a vortex that pulls players in for 2 seconds. Left clicking propels the Elf backwards. Uses up 2 arrows to create a vortex and to propel the elf.
    • Water Element: Removes all fire from teammates, and extinguishes any nearby fire in its radius. The range of the water depends on the charge of the bow. When at full charge, it gives allies regeneration II and resistance I for 5 seconds.
    • Elven Shield: When sneaking and holding right click with your sword in hand, a green bubble will form around you. Any projectiles that hit this shield will be deflected back at the exact same angle and power. Reflected projectiles keep their attributes, so you can deflect archer's arrows to headshot them, or reflect chemist's potions to poison them. All projectiles are reflected regardless of what team you're on.
    • Protection III on Chestplate
    • Protection II on Pants and Boots
    • Elf can useful to use in many situations with a wide range of abilities
    • Left click your air element to quickly get away with the flag, the flight allows you to reach places other classes can't!
    • Be careful of hard hitting classes, as your armor is weak, allowing them to deal a lot of damage very quickly



    • Sharpness I Knockback I Diamond Pickaxe
    • Grenade Launcher: Right click the wooden shovel to launch tnt. A second click will cause it to instantly explode.
    • Speed pad: Gives you and your teammates 6 seconds of Speed ll. It has 5 uses and can be placed anywhere except in a 15 block radius around the flag.
    • Healing Aura: Right click to activate aura around yourself. Gives you and your teammates 5 seconds of regeneration lll within a 4 block radius.
    • Recall Structures: Right click to instantly reset and recall the speed pad from anywhere.
    • None


    • Mages Spells: Mage hoes can summon various spells. They are all activated by right clicking and have their own cooldown.
    • Damage Spell: Shoots a projectile (arrow) at a high speed for 15 blocks. Deals several hearts damage and minimal knockback to enemies.
    • Fire Spell: Shoots a projectile (flame charge) that deals damage and sets enemies on fire for 2.5 seconds.
    • Lightning Spell: Shoots a projectile (egg) that spawns lightning where it lands. Damages and does high knockback. The AOE of the lightning can kill vulnerable assassins.
    • Freeze Spell: Shoots a projectile (snowball) that encases players in an ice chamber for a brief duration. Zombies and Engineer turrets can also be affected by the freeze spell.
    • Heal Spell: Shoots a potion that gives players in its splash radius Regeneration V for a short duration. Heals affect all players, including enemies.
    • Protection II on Chestplate
    • Fire Protection I on Pants
    • Feather Falling I on Boots
    • Mage is a class best used in the midfield and in open spaces, with no sword or melee weapon to defend itself
    • Use the freeze spell to stop an enemy flag carrier from escaping, giving your team the chance to surround them
    • Lightning spells can knock enemies away by a large amount. Use this if you need a quick getaway!
    • This class has a potentially unlimited health pool with the heal spell, but weak armor. Make sure to avoid classes with high damage output!


    • Sharpness I Diamond Pickaxe
    • Mob Healing Sword: Hit a mob to heal it for damage taken in combat.
    • Mob Beacon: When placed, a beacon will spawn. Mobs within a 30 block radius will be drawn to the beacon. The mob head alters depending on the mob on the field. When the item is held, mobs will follow the Necro. However, if there is an opposing team within its proximity, the opposing team would be the mobs' priority.
    • Zombie Spawn Egg: Place to spawn a zombie. Necros spawn with one zombie egg to start with, and another egg will be generated every 15 seconds. Necros may only have 5 zombie eggs at most. Walking into spawn will kill all zombies.

      Level 1: Speed II
      Level 2: Strength III
      Level 3: Iron Sword

      Zombies apply weakness I on a melee hit for 10 seconds.
    • Skeleton Spawn Egg: Place to spawn a skeleton without a bow. The skeleton spawn egg is unlocked when the Necro reaches a 5 kill streak. An egg will be generated every 30 seconds. Necros may only have 4 skeleton eggs at most. Walking into spawn will kill all skeletons.

      Level 1: Speed III
      Level 2: Resistance I
      Level 3: Speed IV
      Level 4: Receives bow

      Skeletons apply slowness I on a melee hit for 5 seconds.
      Skeletons apply slowness II on an arrow shot hit for 5 seconds.
    • Blaze Spawn Egg: Place to spawn a blaze. The blaze spawn egg is unlocked when the Necro reaches a 15 kill streak. An egg will be generated every 30 seconds. Necros may only have 3 blaze eggs at most. Walking into spawn will kill all blazes.

      Level 1: Resistance I
      Level 2: Increased fire rate
    • Despawn Mobs: Click the book to despawn all mobs.
    • Mob Buffing: Dealing damage to players will allow Necros to gain XP. It does not matter whether the Necro or the mobs are dealing damage. Use any item to buff the mobs at the cost of 1 level of XP.
    • Despawn: Use /despawn to kill the mobs.
    • None
    • Necro is best used to gang an enemy player, with multiple mobs going after 1 enemy at once
    • Make sure to buff your mobs if you can, as this will make them more annoying for the enemy to deal with
    • Mobs also give debuffs to the enemy, including slowness and weakness. Make sure to exploit them whilst they're weaker!
    • A key weakness of necro are bulkier classes such as heavy, so make sure to avoid them if you can!


    • Sharpness V Golden Sword
    • Teleport: Enderpearl acts as its vanilla counterpart. Ninjas will receive an enderpearl back after landing. 2 hearts will be lost upon landing.
    • Smoke Bombs: Eggs that give players a slowness and nausea effect. Players directly hit by eggs receive a brief blindness effect.
    • Invisibility: The Ninja becomes invisible to the enemy team and invincible to melee damage (does not prevent projectile damage such as archer arrows). Redstone runs out over time, the speed of the redstone depletion is proportional to how fast the Ninja is moving. Crouching consumes 2 dust a second, walking consumes 4, and sprinting 6. A ninja is given a stack of 64 dust, which cannot regenerate, though can be restored by a medic.
    • Silly Powder: If the Ninja is healed or attacks an enemy their Invisibility becomes silly powder for 1.5 seconds and they cannot turn invisible.
    • Rest Heal: crouching while holding the Ninja sword will regenerate a half heart per second.
    • Shadow Dash: Ninja has permanent Speed II.
    • Ninja is a highly mobile support class that can also carry the flag
    • Make sure to use the flash bombs as they can disorient your enemy and make it easier for you to kill them. Don't use too many though, or you'll have none left!
    • Try to sneak up on the flag with your invisibility, once stolen use your enderpearl to get away. Don't forget you don't have much health or armor!
    • Ninjas don't have any armor, and so fighting a bulky class isn't a good idea. They can take many more hits than you!


    • Pyro Axe: Hitting players on fire will deal 3.5 hearts of damage, irrespective of any armor the enemy player is wearing.
    • Explosive Bow: Shooting the bow at full charge creates an explosion in a 3x3x3 area that sets players on fire. Fire resulting from the bow lasts for 3.5 seconds.
    • Frenzy Mode: Frenzy mode is unlocked when the Pyro Axe lands on an enemy. With each hit, a quarter of the experience bar is filled. When activated (by right clicking the Pyro Axe), it sets enemies in a 3x3 radius on fire, and deals 7.5 pure hearts to enemies on fire.
    • None
    • Pyro is best used to defend your flag in the flagroom, as it has a very high damage output
    • Try to set the enemy on fire as soon as possible. This will allow you to kill any class in three hits due with the axe!
    • Save your frenzy for when you need it. It can kill any enemy player on fire in 2 hits, allowing for quick recoveries
    • Be warned, ninjas can sneak up and kill you quickly! Not only that, but medics cannot be set on fire!
    • Don't go too crazy with your flint and steel, you can set yourself on fire too!


    • Sharpness II Stone Sword
    • Swapper: Right click to throw a swapper ball which will cause the hit enemy and yourself to swap positions.
    • Death Tag: Left or right click and enemy to tag them. Tagged players receive 1.5x damage.
    • Speed ll


    Fashionista was originally added to the game as part of an April fool's joke back on MCPVP. Although not PVP oriented, due to the lag caused by launching so many fireworks it became unobtainable aside from a few certain players. The class has now received limitations to stop the class from lagging and has been re-released in the Brawl store as a cosmetic class. For the small fee of $5, you can now own the fashionista class!:



    • The ability to craft using a crafting table
    • You can launch 1 firework every 3 seconds (to prevent lag from spamming fireworks)
    • None
    • Use the crafting table to craft as many beautiful fireworks as you can! Why not launch some for your friends?!
    • If you want a real challenge, why not try to capture the flag using the fashionista class!

    Learning to play the Classes

    Knowing the items and abilities of the class(es) you want to use is very important. However, simply knowing them doesn't mean you'll instantly be incredible at using them! Learning how to play a class can be very difficult, especially if you don't own the class already (Freeday Friday, discussed below, is aimed to help with this!). Ultimately, it's going to take quite some time to become the best of the best with your class! With that in mind, here are a few tips:

    1. Don't give up after only a couple days. Some CTF players have been mastering classes for years so competing with them isn't going to happen overnight! The more you play, the better you'll get!
    2. Some classes are more complicated than others, and so some classes have a harder skill curve. Starting out with the free classes is usually easier because they have a shallower skill curve and are freely available!
    3. Classes tend to be designed with a certain role in mind, and so usually perform better at it. Make sure you know what role your class is designed for!
    4. The guide section (which can be found here) might have a guide on the class you want to learn, and so might be worth checking out
    5. Keeping up to date on the latest news about your class is important! News is usually posted on the forums. Check it regularly so you aren't caught off guard!

    If you are unsatisfied by the order of inventory, you may rearrange it, then use the command /saveinv to save the order it is in!

    Free Friday

    Usually premium classes are only accessible by purchasing them with credits. The exception to this rule is on Friday. Every Friday (a.k.a. "Freeday") all classes are available for players for the duration of the day. This means even if a player doesn't have access to a specific premium class usually, they can still play that class on Friday.

    This has been a feature of CTF for many years. Originally, the classes were only accessible via donation, and so Fridays were an opportunity for players to "try before you buy". The classes now cost credits rather than having to donate to the server, and so the role of Friday has slightly changed.

    The purpose of Friday is now to try out the classes before you purchase them with your hard earned credits. Fashionista is still unavailable even on Fridays, though the class itself is not useful for gameplay anyway.


    Balancing the power of so many classes is never exact, and as the game changes various classes become relatively over or underpowered. To restore balance there are occasional changes to classes made to make it more fair for players. Reworking a class is a difficult process, involving a lot of debate. This debate is often seen on the forums, and there is an entire section of the forums dedicated to suggestions to improve gameplay, including class reworks. You can find this section here.

    There have been various reworks to class already implemented to make the them what they are today. However, keep in mind that despite how a class is reworked and changed, refunds are not guaranteed!

    Classes that have been reworked in the past include:

    • Medic - re-adding of sharpness 1 to gold sword, fire resistance
    • Mage - reduction in range and damage of damage spell
    • Elf - protection added on the armor
    • Assassin - reduction of 2 redstone to 1
    • Chemist - reduction of potion numbers, and changed potion effects. Magic bar introduced
    • Engineer - rework, introduction of grenade launcher, speed pad and healing aura
    • Necro - rework, introduction of mob beacon, buffed mobs, mobs debuff players
    • Ninja - reduction of 10 pearls to 1 pearl that regenerates. Introduction of silly powder.
    • Pyro - complete rework. Loss of instakill in favour of 3.5 hearts true damage and frenzy
    • Soldier - introduction of xp bar to recharge wall climb