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CTF Cosmetics

Dec 30, 2019
CTF Cosmetics
  • Custom Item Names:
    You can rename your item of choice to something unique! The item name is displayed in the death message where everybody can see it.

    Requires 1 rename key. (Buy)
    See available & previously used keys with /keys
    Every item can be renamed (except compass & class selector)

    Command: /rename [color] [name...]

    * Color: You may choose a color for the name
    ▦ White
    * Name: The item name. Can contain multiple words. Chat filters apply.

    Example: Let's rename Mage's Freeze Spell to Frostwand. Do this command: /rename aqua Frostwand while holding the Freeze Spell in your hand.
    You will be asked to confirm the name. To do so, type 'yes' in chat, or 'cancel' to cancel.


    Your weapon name will show up in death messages:
    (Chemist sword renamed to Knife)


    Item Stat Tracking:
    You can activate statistic tracking for every class item.

    Requires 1 stat tracking key. (Buy)
    See available keys in /keys
    Can be enabled for every item (except compass & class selector)

    Command: /track
    You can see which statistic types the item can track by hovering, even without having a key.

    You will be asked to confirm enabling stat tracking for the selected item. To confirm, type 'yes' in chat, or 'cancel' to cancel.

    The following statistics are tracked:

    Note: Some statistic types only work on specific items
    - Damage Dealt
    - Flag Carrier Kills
    - Kills
    - Freezes (Mage Freze Spell)
    - Wall Climbs (Soldier Sword)
    - Frenzies (Pyro Axe)
    - Inventories restored (Medic Sword)
    - Headshots (Archer Bow)
    - Assassination Attempts (Assassin Sword & Assassinate)
    - Assassinations (Assassin Sword & Assassinate)
    - Invisible Ninjas killed (Archer Bow, Chemist Damage Pot, Elf Pure Element, Pyro Bow, Mage Damage/Flame/Lightning Spell)
    - Longest Distance Kill (Archer Bow, Pyro Bow)
    - Teammates healed (Engineer Cake, Mage Heal)
    - Players bolted (Mage Lighting)
    - Players ignited (Mage Flame)
    - Players pummelled (Ninja Egg, Medic Snowball)
    - HP restored (Medic Sword)
    - Arrows shot (All bows)
    - Elf Shields broken (Mage Lightning)
    - Projectiles reflected (Elf Sword/Shield)

    Hover over an item to see all tracked statistics:

    You can also hover over the item's name in every death message to see its weapon stats.