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Dec 30, 2019
  • Events Timeline


    12/24/2010 - McPVP launches. (1, 2)
    09/01/2011 - CTF is released (1, 2), though it has been under development for months prior.
    ??/??/???? - Enderpixel, xxxxdead, Chaploo and Khalkists start out as CTF admins.
    04/??/2012 to 05/??/2012 - WiKi_KiKi starts as CTF Admin.
    04/28/2012 to 7/18/2012 - Afskn80, Bradski9, celebrir, Cowrulerha, FreakingCreepy, jimshoe128, jolambeth14, Quantix, Tanthony43 and Zeratzul are Secondary Admins on CTF & HG (1, 2).
    09/??/2012* - Afskn80, celebrir, Cowrulerha, jimshoe128, jolambeth14, Knar, Tanthony43, Quantix and Zynq are Secondary Admins on CTF, HG & KitPVP. Involute is Secondary Admin on CTF (1).
    01/15/2013 - Saixos, Coasted, and studmuffin713 are MOD+ on CTF. Celebrir promoted to Primary Moderator
    05/07/2013 - Admiral_Mason, FreakingCreepy, jolambeth14, Slorda and Tanthony43 are Primary Moderators on all servers (including CTF). Coasted, Saixos, studmuffin713 and TISSIN are MOD+ on CTF.
    ??/??/2013 - DeceptiveCrEeD is promoted to CTF MOD/MOD+
    ??/??/2013 - Birdgirl24 and Quarrelt are promoted to MOD/MOD+
    07/22/2013 - Pavo_Reality is promoted to CTF MOD/MOD+
    08/11/2013 - Admiral_Mason is demoted and banned a day later
    09/06/2013* - Saixos resigns
    09/14/2013 - Birdgirl24 is promoted to CTF MOD+
    10/??/2013 - studmuffin713 resigns
    10/28/2013 - Arevoir is promoted to MOD+, skipping lower ranks
    11/08/2013 - TISSIN is promoted to Primary Moderator
    12/01/2013 - Miningryo is promoted to CTF MOD+, skipping lower ranks to help on a project
    01/03/2014 - DerDieb19 is promoted to CTF MOD+, skipping lower ranks to help on a project
    01/08/2014 - cactusflower is promoted to CTF MOD+
    02/08/2014 - aRandomBob157 is promoted to CTF MOD+, skipping lower ranks to help streaming
    06/13/2014 - cactusflower resigns
    07/??/2014 - Billhelm and snowtucs are promoted to CTF MOD, cactusflower is repromoted to CTF MOD (?)
    07/14/2014 - Coasted resigns
    08/10/2014 - Nohox is promoted to CTF MOD
    08/24/2014 - DeceptiveCrEeD resigns
    ??/??/???? - Miningryo resigns
    ??/??/2014 - Colonel_Graff, Hanatamago_san and NomNuggetNom are promoted to CTF MOD
    08/??/2014 - DerDieb19 is promoted to Primary Moderator
    09/08/2014 - Crowhart becomes ADMIN as part of the McPVP committee, designated for CTF & KitPVP. Fmb9000 is MOD+ for CTF, HG, KitPVP and Raid. TISSIN becomes McPVP Developer.
    10/24/2014 - Nohox and snowtucs are promoted to CTF MOD+ (1, 2)
    ??/??/???? - Hanatamago_san is promoted to CTF MOD+
    11/02/2014 - Arevoir resigns

    01/01/2015 - NomNuggetNom becomes CTF Developer
    02/07/2015 - WiKi_KiKi resigns
    02/??/2015 - Fbm9000 is promoted to Primary Moderator

    03/05/2015 - b0squet, Decelvice, Sky_Lady_2000 and Xelia_ are promoted to CTF MOD, Billhelm and ThatGreekChick are promoted to CTF MOD+
    03/08/2015 - b0squet, Colonel_Graff, Xelia_, and Decelvice are Trial MOD on CTF. Nohox, snowtucs, Hanatamago_san, and Billhelm are MOD+ on CTF. Quarrelt and Birdgirl are also MOD+ on CTF & HG.
    ??/??/???? - Colonel_Graff is demoted
    03/??/2015* - DerDieb19 resigns
    04/10/2015 - Crowhart resigns
    ??/??/2015 - cactusflower and ThatGreekChick resign
    05/17/2015 - McPVP dissolves, HG, CTF and Build are moved to Brawl. B0squet, Xelia_ and Nohox transfer from McPVP along with other mods (1, 2, 3)
    ??/??/2015 - Fbm9000 resigns
    05/20/2015 - snowtucs resigns
    05/31/2015 - Sky_Lady_2000 resigns
    06/14/2015 - McPVP mods are promoted to JMOD
    06/21/2015 - McPVP mods are promoted to MOD
    07/25/2015 - Hanatamago_san resigns
    09/13/2015 - Stake_dude4 and wintergreen3 are accepted as CTF JMOD (1,2)
    09/15/2015 - Birdgirl resigns as Build MOD
    09/28/2015 - Pavo_Reality resigns as Build MOD
    11/14/2015 - TheZombieKat is accepted as CTF JMOD
    12/05/2015 - wintergreen3 is promoted to CTF MOD
    02/01/2016 - TheZombieKat is promoted to CTF MOD
    ??/??/2016 - Stake_dude4 switches from CTF to KitBrawl staff
    03/26/2016 - Decelvice resigns
    07/20/2016 - Xelia_ is demoted
    08/09/2016 - kevshadowslayer is accepted as CTF JMOD
    08/14/2016 - aRandomBob157 resigns
    08/16/2016 - Jul13n is accepted as CTF JMOD
    08/22/2016 - Quarrelt resigns, Xelia_ is repromoted to CTF JMOD
    09/22/2016 - NomNuggetNom resigns from CTF Developer
    11/01/2016 - Miskey is accepted as CTF JMOD
    12/25/2016 - Miskey and Xelia_ are promoted to CTF MOD
    12/26/2016 - Jul13n is promoted to CTF MOD, Gamren is accepted as CTF JMOD
    03/08/2017 - Gamren and kevshadowslayer are promoted to CTF MOD
    05/10/2017 - Removers is accepted as CTF JMOD
    06/??/2017 - Removers is demoted
    07/03/2017 - Xelia_ resigns
    10/14/2017 - b0squet and Miskey are promoted to SMOD
    10/29/2017 - Removers is repromoted to CTF JMOD
    11/13/2017 - ningeek212 is promoted to CTF JMOD
    12/23/2017 - Jul13n resigns
    01/28/2018 - Gamren resigns
    03/08/2018 - Miskey is promoted to ADMIN
    03/12/2018 - redslime becomes CTF Developer
    03/14/2018 - ningeek212 and Removers are promoted to CTF MOD
    04/02/2018 - Removers switches from CTF to KitBrawl staff
    04/19/2018 - puhdgy is promoted to CTF JMOD
    07/01/2018 - puhdgy is promoted to CTF MOD
    07/29/2018 - Versions is promoted to CTF JMOD
    08/28/2018 - Nohox is promoted to SMOD, b0squet resigns
    09/01/2018 - kevshadowslayer resigns
    09/23/2018 - Versions is promoted to CTF MOD
    01/02/2019 - TheZombieKat resigns, ArcticGalaxy is promoted to CTF JMOD
    02/09/2019 - Jul13n is repromoted to CTF JMOD
    05/11/2019 - Lceman502 is promoted to CTF JMOD
    06/07/2019 - Lceman502 is demoted
    06/14/2019 - ningeek212 resigns
    06/29/2019 - Foodcourt is promoted to CTF JMOD
    06/30/2019 - Versions is promoted to SMOD
    07/01/2019 - Jul13n is promoted to CTF MOD
    07/06/2019 - Swit2427 is promoted to CTF JMOD

    07/08/2019 - Cardonation is promoted to CTF JMOD

    * date uncertain

    McPVP ranks (2013+):

    Primary Moderator (MOD+ on all servers)
    Secondary Moderator (MOD+ on one or multiple servers)
    Trial Moderator (MOD on one server, chat mod)

    Brawl ranks:


    Senior Moderator (SMOD)
    Moderator (MOD)
    Junior Moderator (JMOD, chat mod. Trial on one server, Global on all servers)

    Gameplay Updates

    05/08/2011* - Earliest version of CTF. Players spawn in randomly generated mineable world. Flag is a netherrack or soulsand block on a glowstone pillar. Teams are termed Aardvark and Badger. No classes, three lives per player, resources have to be mined. Already features deactivated team damage, flag poison and instant recovery.
    09/01/2011 - CTF released (1, 2). It has one map and two opposing teams (Texas, red and Canada, blue). The map is bordered by a lava moat. Blocks cannot be broken, flags can be picked up. Teams are assigned randomly, probably no common spawn areas. Four classes: Heavy, Archer, Soldier, Medic. Soldier takes no fall damage, no flag poison and also features a flint & steel. Right clicking the ground with the soldier sword shoots the soldier up for five seconds. Archer wears leather armor. Medics carry a water bucket and regenerate health. Hitting a player with a medic sword transfers as much life as possible from the medic to the player. Food is given as porkshops. A compass points to the enemy flag. One server (mcctf.com). Tournaments are held weekly on Friday (Flag Friday) using t1.mcpvp.com.
    10/24/2011* - CTF revamped. Custom CTF maps, flag appears as netherrack/soulsand block in a chest. Five classes: Heavy, Archer, Soldier, Medic, Pyro (VIP/MVP). Archer given sword and chainmail armor, pyro receives leather armor and flint & steel. Team chat, infinite respawns, instant heal steaks, sponge launchers and glass spawn boxes introduced. Varying amounts of caps per map required to win. No chat GUI or recorded stats yet.
    12/02/2011 - Engineer appears in the game. Carries a dispenser turret, 64 arrows to refill, crafting table teleporters, a cake, diamond pickaxe and a manual turret override wooden sword.
    01/15/2012 - Pyro appears with additional diamond axe that instakills players on fire. Chemist and Engineer exists in the game. Medics are immune to fire. Archers feature knockback bow and instakill headshots on distance. Soulsand prevents fall damage from sponge launches.
    01/16/2012 - a/b/c/d.mcctf.com servers launched
    02/12/2012 - Ninja appears in the game. Ten expendable ender pearls that switch view direction when teleported. Sharpness VI sword only allows for 20 hits. Flash bombs give nausea only.
    02/26/2012 - Dwarf appears in the game. Chat GUI shows kills, killstreaks and deaths as well as team captures, flag carrier and playercount.
    03/30/2012 - Necro appears in the game. Wields a wooden sword with Sharpness IV and Fire Aspect IV as well as five splash potions of Poison, four potions of Instant Health II and three zombie spawn eggs. Zombies follow the Necro but attack enemies when encountered.
    04/13/2012 - Flag is a netherrack/lapis lazuli block in a chest
    ??/??/???? - Spawn blocks introduced
    ??/??/???? - Coal ore prevents soldiers from climbing
    ??/??/???? - Flag changed to wool block floating on fence post
    ??/??/???? - Sponge launches produce no fall damage
    ??/??/???? - e.mcctf.com added
    04/28/2012 - Ninja infinite invisibility glitch fixed
    05/27/2012 - Server count increases from 5 to 10. a/b/c/d/e.mcctf.com changed to a1 - a5.mcctf.com and b1 - b5.mcctf.com.
    06/15/2012 - Assassin released. Server count increases from 10 to 15. a1 - a5.mcctf.com are assigned to European hosted servers, b1 - b10.mcctf.com are hosted in America.
    06/24/2012 - Unknown tweaks and bugfixes and an Assassin buff
    07/07/2012 - Unknown tweaks and bugfixes
    07/14/2012 - Necro reworked with a new loadout. Now carries a spawner that can be placed down and spawn mobs.
    07/18/2012 - Donators not able to choose premium classes bug fixed
    09/28/2012 - Nine new CTF servers added (d1 - d9.mcctf.com) (1, 2)
    10/26/2012 - CTF now records stats.
    10/31/2012 - Flag and spawn bugfixes
    11/07/2012 - Necro mobs targeting teammates bug fixed
    12/10/2012 - Minor bugfix to Heavy and Ninja
    12/12/2012 - Engineer turret restriction radius around flag increased
    01/16/2013 - CTF Update. 0.5 seconds flag steal timer added, 1.5 seconds for Ninja. Changes to Chemist, Medic, Necro, Ninja and Pyro. Medics now cannot be killed by Pyros when on fire. Multiple glitches and bugs fixed.
    01/25/2013 - Soldier no attack bug after wall climbing fixed
    02/18/2013 - Changes to the Ninja class
    03/01/2013 - Large Assassin update
    03/31/2013 - Engineer turrets can be blocked by Medic webs and Mage freeze spells (1). Fashionista released as April Fools class. It was intended to be removed shortly after, but due to popular request was kept ingame. No rank gave access to it and the class could only be played on free friday.
    04/01/2013 - Medics now see other player's health
    04/05/2013 - Mage released
    04/09/2013 - Instant respawn added, removing the need of clicking the respawn button manually
    04/13/2013 - More European CTF servers
    06/??/2013* - Pyro tweak, bow now has to be pulled back fully to light players on fire. Several players started team burning in protest.
    06/28/2013 - First rendition of a CTF Help Book released.
    07/03/2013 - Broken chat bug fixed
    07/25/2013 - Chat GUI redesign, chat also shows steals and pickups. Time and overall match score are added to a scoreboard
    08/24/2013* - Mage healing spell health restoration speed lowered. Server MOTDs now display currently played map.
    09/02/2013 - Stat recording bug fixed
    09/12/2013 - CTF games are now Best of Three
    10/13/2013* - Engineer and Necro temporarily disabled to fix a gameplay affecting bug
    11/08/2013 - First four quickcommands /gg, /np, /ty, /yw added
    12/05/2013 - Medic cobwebs are replaced by throwable snowballs. Further changes to Engineer, Soldier and Chemist.
    ??/??/???? - Assassin redstone dust and sugar reduced from 2/3 to 1/2
    ??/??/2014 - Soldier now takes flag poison
    ??/??/2014 - Engineer turret capacity reduced from nine to three slots
    02/23/2014* - Chemist Speed II pot changed to Speed I. Game time reduced from 30 to 15 minutes. 60 seconds delay between map switches. (1)
    03/??/2014 - Glass spawn box updated to a stone brick building
    03/01/2014* - Clan Tags introduced
    03/29/2014* - Flag post receives a mob head with an arrow to prevent the wool item from dropping off
    04/08/2014* - Mage dealing teammate damage bug fixed, /msg and /tell bug fixed
    05/??/2014* - Necro spawner is placed on a fence post, Engineer turrets and Necro spawners are color coded with wool block underneath, cake glass block stained in team colors
    05/30/2014* - Compass now defaults to slot nine, instead of rightmost slot of loadout
    06/??/2014* - Pyro leather armor is dyed red
    07/02/2014 - CTF Stats can now be reset
    08/11/2014 - Medic rework proposed. Changes were tested but not implemented in the end.
    01/03/2015 - CTF Mini Update. Several smaller fixes to spawning and class items. This update probably brought the change from textfile configs to sign configs. Addition of /gl and /d quickcommands and map location based information.
    01/10/2015 - Engineer rework. Introduces infinite arrow no knockback turret with health bar, one way teleporters, gradual health refill cake, knockback pickaxe.
    01/??/2015 - Ninja enderpearl tweak, now has only one enderpearl that returns to inventory when landed. Minor changes to Pyro, more XP sources, readdition of the CTF Help Book. Double tap Q (drop key) while facing a player to ask for a wait up. Attacking loses spawn protection, new quickcommand /omw. Fixes to mage fireworks and the whitelist command.
    02/01/2015 - Ninja egg tweak. Direct hits give blindness, nausea, and slowness. Indirect hits give nausea and slowness for a shorter duration.
    02/22/2015 - Damage changes, custom critical hit damage values reduced, applied to all servers
    03/??/2015 - Elf released
    04/27/2015 - All server locations including US and EU are moved to New York
    05/17/2015 - McPVP dissolves, HG, CTF and Build are moved to Brawl. The gamemodes are temporarily closed to adapt to Brawls database
    06/07/2015 - CTF enters closed beta testing. Wool flag code is lost, wool block flag is replaced by banner worn as helmet. Flag fence posts with mob heads removed. Class selector introduced, along with pre-game team selector and post-game map voting GUI
    06/09/2015 - Chat GUI redesign. Capture score, kills, deaths, streak, recoveries and captures moved to scoreboard. Steal, capture and recovery messages in titles
    06/11/2015 - Open beta testing. Flag holder now shows in scoreboard
    06/23/2015* - Flag banner placed on fence post
    08/26/2015 - Bugfixes including several bugs with flags, stats not saving, and alerts not displaying
    08/27/2015 - Changed max server size from 70 players to 50
    09/02/2015 - Bugfix. Assassin getting multiple redstone
    09/04/2015 - Bugfixes. Elf and /ignore command not working
    09/05/2015 - Bugfixes. Global messages and shooting projectiles from spawn
    09/17/2015 - Bugfix, dropped flag coloring
    09/19/2015 - Increased flag pickup radius
    09/25/2015 - CTF out of open beta! Stats added, flag updates, and bugfixes. CTF update log created.
    10/03/2015 - Bugfixes. Medic and chemist
    10/04/2015 - Bugfix. Inventory not saving. Similar fix done on 10/10
    10/15/2015 - Bugfix. Global message /gg
    10/30/2015 - Bugfix. Flag worlds
    11/11/2015 - Fixed headshot stats
    12/09/2015 - Ninja tweak. Ninjas can do damage instantly after uninvis
    12/12/2015 - Increased Ninja sword sharpness from sharpness IV -> sharpness VI
    12/31/2015 - CTF holiday update released. Pyro instakill removed, replaced with true damage frenzy and flame-thrower abilities, soldier wall-climb nerfed, nerfed chemist health-pool and pot-spamming. Range of Mage damage spell decreased from 22.5 blocks to 15.
    06/26/2016 - CTF tweak update released. Changes to archer, chemist, dwarf, elf, engineer, medic, necro, and pyro. Also added several updates to the match server.
    08/??/2016 - Players can now be set into spectator mode by a moderator to spectate team matches
    12/27/2016 - Second Necro rework released. Spawner replaced by manual mob spawning using eggs. Mob beacon introduced, healing sword functional again.
    05/03/2017 - Small update. Credit cost for classes lowered from 30,000 to 10,000 credits on first purchase and 15,000 on all further purchases. Ending player kill-streak displays in chat instead of actionbar
    07/23/2017 - Sharpness I added to medic's sword. Community instantly complains.
    09/29/2017 - Environmental Kills update. Kills by fall damage, void, fire and last player damage are now properly attributed to the player stats.
    03/25/2018 - E.M.P. update. Class tweaks to Elf, Mage, Pyro, Chemist, Medic, Ninja. Elf earth element removed, changes to sword and armor protection level. Pyro receives chainmail chestplate and steak is reduced by one. Chemist slowness pots replaced by jump boost. Medic healing combat timer and particles indicating need of item restock added. Changes to game spectators. Command /saveinv to save hotbar layout.
    07/08/2018 - CTF Summer Update. Smaller changes to classes, new game summary, death messages now show health and steak/health pots left. Help book reintrocuded, credit cost tweak, crafting disabled, bugfixes. Custom weapon names and stat tracking as cosmetic feature.
    07/13/2018 - No inventory saving with renamed weapons and no class upon joining servers bugs fixed
    07/21/2018 - New quick commands added, purchasable with credits
    09/05/2018 - Assassin now restores assassinate/sugar upon respawn again, unless the class is manually selected. Result of an according forum poll.
    09/30/2018 - All three CTF servers ported to a new backend. 1v1 and match server ported a week later. Several bugs with the backend fixed in the following weeks.
    10/20/2018 - Ninja invis bug fixed.
    11/03/2018 - LFF Testing on Chemist permanent Resistance I, pots and mana tweak 1 over two days.
    11/22/2018 - Bugfixes: Necro AI, Medic heal closing chat, Medics taking true damage from Pyro while standing in fire, credits for last cap of the map bugs fixed.
    11/23/2019 - Small update: Free play day message back, identical maps cannot be played after each other in the same match, Medic webs no longer placable in spawn. Bugfixes: damaging/healing turret, Medic restore unblocking/undrawing, Dwarf slowness removal by Medic restore bugs fixed.
    11/26/2018 - LFF Testing on removing Slowness I from Ninja eggs over one week.
    12/17/2018 - LFF Testing on removing Blindness from Ninja eggs over one week.
    12/29/2018 - LFF Testing on Chemist permanent Resistance I and mana tweak and flag carrier max health tweak 1 over nine days.
    01/15/2019 - LFF Testing on Chemist mana tweak 3 and flag carrier max health tweak 2 over two weeks.
    02/01/2019 - Fixed stat tracking on items.
    03/02/2019 - Banner designs cosmetic added.
    03/06/2019 - Friend join messages added back.
    03/11/2019 - LFF Testing on iron chestplate for Pyro over one week. Staff testing of Engineer2 and Scout.
    03/18/2019 - LFF Testing on Engineer2 and Scout for MVP and ELITE over one week.
    04/12/2019 - Spring Update 2019. New class Scout added. Can swap with players and apply a death tag to enemies making them take increased damage. Engineer rework: turret removed, telepads removed, cake removed. Grenade launcher added, speed pad added, cake is now healing aura around engineer. Structures recalled using recall book, Protection I armor. Scout now ELITE, Elf now MVP+, Mage VIP+. Blindness off Ninja eggs removed and effects reset when Ninja dies. Iron chestplate for Pyro. Chemist now has permanent Resistance I and reduced mana cost for health and damage pots. Mage can no longer left click freeze and healing spell. Flagdisplay GUI and /options GUI added. Distance indicator to death messages, /defaultclass, /class off, new quickcommands added. Bugfixes.
    07/01/2019 - LFF Testing on making hearts regained from kills with Assassin stack as Absorption hearts on top of the ten base hearts over one week.
    07/08/2019 - LFF Testing for buffs to Elfs armor protection, sword sharpness and water element regeneration duration, as well as a revert to old wind element over one week.
    07/21/2019 - LFF Testing on decreasing fire damage tick rate for Pyro and giving the flint & steel four charges instead of a cooldown between each fire over six days.
    07/27/2019 - Summer Tweaks Update 2019. Contains the Assassin Absorption change, Elf wind element revert and armor and weapon buff as well as the Pyro Flint&Steel and fire damage tick changes tested in the LFFs. Chemist mana buff reverted, tweaks to Engineer pickaxe and cooldowns and Scout death tag tweaks. Added swapping sound for Scout. Credits for Medic healing and more precise status dot. Added noob tips for new players, changes to class GUI, scoreboard, help book and Nether Quartz Ore behavior. Bugfixes.

    Map Updates

    10/10/2011 - First CTF Map Building competition (1, 2)
    11/18/2011 - Second CTF Map Building Competition (1). First two place submissions possibly Biosphere (now Airlock) and Clocktower, both added in Wave I.
    04/21/2012 - Winners of first Map Building Competition announced, with three maps winning. Digital Canyon Place later renamed to Standoff.
    09/28/2012 - Map Wave II released by WiKi_KiKi, Jolambest and Monovox, updating several and adding three new maps (1, 2, 3, 4)
    10/30/2012 - Halloween 2012 Map Update (1, 2)
    12/25/2012 - Holiday 2012 Map Update
    01/23/2013 - Small tweaks to CTF maps
    02/05/2013 - Map Wave IV released (1, 2, Trailer), dubbing map released "waves" for the first time
    05/04/2013 - Map Wave V released (1, Trailer)
    08/14/2013 - Unknown small update to CTF maps, including standardization of glass spawnboxes
    08/23/2013 - The Great CTF Map Update released, introducing four variations to each map (Trailer)
    09/06/2013* - Vault II Event
    12/2013 - CTF Winter Map Contest
    01/05/2014 - Map Wave VI released (Trailer)
    05/10/2014* - Map Wave VII released (Trailer)
    06/2014 - CTF Treasure Hunt
    09/01/2014 - Mini Map Wave VIII released (Trailer)
    12/07/2014 - Map Wave IX released (Trailer)
    12/??/2014 - Holiday 2014 Map Update
    08/16/2015 - Map Wave X released (Trailer)
    12/24/2015 - CTF Holiday Map
    04/04/2016 - Map Wave XI released (Trailer)
    07/18/2016 - Small tweaks to Wave XI maps
    10/28/2016 - Halloween map wave (Trailer)
    02/06/2017 - Map Wave XII released (Trailer)
    08/07/2017 - Map Wave XIII released (Trailer)
    04/01/2018 - April Fools map rotation
    07/07/2018 - Map Wave XIV released (Trailer)
    11/30/2018 - Holiday 2018 map rotation (1)
    04/01/2019 - April Fools map rotation
    04/20/2019 - Spotlight Saturday #1
    04/27/2019 - Spotlight Saturday #2
    05/04/2019 - Spotlight Saturday #3
    06/23/2019 - Map Wave XV released (Trailer)


    ??/???? - Annihilation are founded
    ??/???? - Beta are founded
    ??/???? - Code Blue are founded and disbanded
    ??/???? - DareDevils are founded
    ??/???? - Death from Above are founded and disbanded
    ??/???? - Defiance are founded
    ??/???? - Disperdam Vincendum are founded
    ??/???? - Dream Team are founded and disbanded
    ??/???? - Dream Team 2.0 are founded and disbanded
    ??/???? - Durin's Folk are founded and disbanded
    ??/???? - Emoji are founded
    ??/???? - Extinction are founded and disbanded
    ??/???? - Fire and Ice are founded and disbanded
    ??/???? - Genetic are founded
    ??/???? - Kaid Squad are founded and disbanded
    ??/???? - Lunar Eclipse are founded
    ??/???? - Majestic are founded
    ??/???? - MelonBros are founded and disbanded
    ??/???? - OPtimized are founded and disbanded
    ??/???? - PRO are founded and disbanded
    ??/???? - Prohibited are founded and disbanded
    ??/???? - Search & Destroy are founded and disbanded
    ??/???? - Six Flags are founded and disbanded
    ??/???? - Solar Eclipse are founded and disbanded
    ??/???? - SuperNova are founded
    ??/???? - Team Vortex are founded and disbanded
    ??/???? - TeamTeamTeam are founded
    ??/???? - Teamwork are founded and disbanded
    ??/???? - The Bears are founded and disbanded
    ??/???? - The Black Knights are founded
    ??/???? - The Blobz are founded and disbanded
    ??/???? - The Blue Flaggers are founded
    ??/???? - The CTF Savages are founded and disbanded
    ??/???? - The Elites are founded and disbanded
    ??/???? - The Grassfolk are founded and disbanded
    ??/???? - The Guardians are founded and disbanded
    ??/???? - The Legion are founded
    ??/???? - The Mineplexers are founded and disbanded
    ??/???? - The Mushies are founded and disbanded
    ??/???? - The Paladins are founded
    ??/???? - The Plebian Scum are founded and disbanded
    ??/???? - The Red Flaggers are founded and disbanded
    ??/???? - The Samurais are founded and disbanded
    ??/???? - The Spartans are founded
    ??/???? - Unseen are founded
    ??/???? - Vanguards are founded and disbanded
    ??/???? - Vengeance are founded and disbanded
    ??/???? - VenomXI are founded and disbanded
    ??/???? - Wool Warriors are founded and disbanded

    01/22/2013 - Delta Force are founded
    03/06/2013 - The Templars are founded
    06/2013 - The Flying Walruses are founded
    07/2013 - The Hidden are founded
    09/2013 - Beta disbanded
    11/2013 - The Hidden disbanded
    03/10/2014 - The Adventurers are founded
    04/01/2014 - The Crusaders are founded
    10/2015 - Lunar Eclipse, The Spartans and Unseen disbanded
    11/2015 - The Outcasts are founded
    12/2015 - H2YL are founded, Disperdam Vincendum disbanded
    01/2016 - Timeless are founded
    02/2016 - The Blue Flaggers are re-founded, XenoGenesis are founded, The Paladins disbanded
    03/2016 - Radiance Reborn are founded
    04/2016 - Bravo are founded, DareDevils disbanded
    05/2016 - Silent Waters, The Bomb Team and The Soaring Falcons are founded, The Blue Flaggers, The Outcasts, Timeless and XenoGenesis disbanded
    06/2016 - Deception and Phoenix are founded, H2YL disbanded
    07/2016 - Unity are founded, Majestic and The Black Knights disbanded
    08/2016 - Mock It and Morimur Invictus are founded, Bravo, Deception, Phoenix, The Bomb Team and The Soaring Falcons disbanded
    09/2016 - Black Knights 2.0 are founded, The Flying Walruses disbanded
    10/2016 - Mock It and Silent Waters disbanded
    11/2016 - Genetic disbanded
    12/2016 - Totally Not Solar Eclipse are founded
    01/2017 - Valory are founded
    02/2017 - Supernova disbanded
    03/2017 - Journey and Water Taste are founded, Emoji, Morimur Invictus and TeamTeamTeam disbanded
    04/2017 - Unity disbanded
    05/2017 - Journey disbanded
    06/2017 - Totally Not Solar Eclipse disbanded
    07/2017 - Insurgence, The Academy, The Rebels and The Red Foxes are founded, Black Knights 2.0 and The Rebels disbanded
    09/2017 - Radiance Reborn and The Red Foxes disbanded
    10/2017 - Galvanize and Scorch are founded, The Academy disbanded
    11/2017 - Water Taste disbanded
    12/2017 - The Legion disbanded
    01/2018 - The Flexers and Valory are founded
    02/2018 - Defiance, Galvanize, The Flexers and Valory disbanded
    03/2018 - The Jailors are founded
    04/2018 - Black Knights 3.0 are founded
    06/2018 - Black Knights 3.0 disbanded
    07/2018 - Revenant, Water Taste 2.0 and No Name Yet are founded, Scorch disbanded
    08/2018 - Revenant disbanded