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Jul 27, 2018
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    CTF Maps are created by the community to be played by all CTFers. Maps are rated using the /y and /n system. The more positive ratings the map receives, the more it shows up.

    Maps are created by the players and are accepted by the CTF committee in bursts of map additions called Waves. Waves are not released under a set schedule but the quota is set at a wave every few months. The most recently released wave was Wave XIV!

    Unsatisfied with the current map wave? Give constructive feedback here.

    How to Submit a Map

    1. To submit a map, connect to Brawls MCBuild server and start creating a map. Make sure the void option is chosen when creating a map. Though it is allowed to create a CTF map in a singleplayer world, you must upload the map to the MCBuild Server for the map to be considered (Click here to learn how to upload your singleplayer map into MCBuild).

      Requirements for building a CTF map are found here. Making a CTF map isn't easy with all those requirements, so you may find the tips here helpful! It is also advised to play CTF regularly before building a map.
    2. When the map is finished, submit it here by creating a thread, where feedback can be gathered as well. Note that the map submission must be under the prefix of "Complete", or the map won't be considered.
    3. Once the map is submitted, it will be reviewed by the CTF committee. If the map fits all basic requirements, it will be added to the rotation for a few days along with other viable maps for public testing.

      An example of this can be found here where potential Wave XII maps were publicly tested. If the map is popular and works well, it'll be added in the next wave!

    Useful tips for building maps:
    • Using any of the monster egg stones will set a 7x7x7 Necro/Engineer placement restriction.
    • Placing the sign {{restrict}} on a block will set a 3x3x3 Necro/Engineer placement restriction.
    • Soldiers cannot climb on coal ore, so make sure the sides of the map and certain tall structures have coal ore on it!
    • Soldiers cannot climb on barrier blocks (ID: 166) either, place this on tall structures to avoid ruining the aesthetics.
    • Sponges are useful in getting people across maps quickly. Sponges can be tested in MCBuild to ensure the sponge allows players to go a certain distance.
    • A more in depth guide of restrictions and sponges can be found at map 464 in the MCBuild server, made by Xplosion99. To access the map, type /map 464.

    CTF Map List

    These are the maps that are currently in rotation. Other maps also exist which have been stored in a map vault, and also some that have been removed from rotation entirely. These maps can be found here. Click on any of the photos below for a more detailed view!

    Academy II
    ID: 329797
    Made by: Daniellll & GoToBed
    Airlock I
    ID: 369399
    Made by: Miskey and aefrogdog
    Aquafus V
    ID: 381337
    Made by: Xelasi, Birdgirl, and b0squet

    Beaver Creek I
    ID: 370
    Made by: Saixos
    ID: 424
    Made by: xxxxdead
    Blackout X
    ID: 320452
    Made by: Rhoske
    Canadian Fort
    ID: 852
    Made by: ikemulti
    Castle Cavern IV
    ID: 1575
    Made by: Saixos
    Castle Village II
    ID: 205923
    Made by: Shadoe_, Chactation, & Elliott_Moose
    Celestial Gardens
    ID: 370442
    Made by: Snowleak
    ID: 382785
    Made by: Shawn_ and Xelasi
    Clocktower IV
    ID: 17833
    Made by: Birdgirl
    ID: 378708
    Made by: GalaThundR
    Desert Strike III
    ID: 1570
    Made by: Pavocado
    ID: 40067
    Made by: Birdgirl
    Dragon Valley I
    ID: 254
    Made by: Saixos
    Dragon Valley V
    ID: 321972
    Made by: SuperNova CTF Team
    Forest of Rivals II
    ID: 206110
    Made by: PolarizedHam9000
    ID: 336987
    Made by: GalaThundR
    Giant Chests I
    ID: 61286
    Made by: Billhelm
    Halo V
    ID: 138168
    Made by: November & Dieb
    ID: 280286
    Made by: Flavourous
    Hortis Arboribus
    ID: 89036
    Made by: quinox_
    Kill Creek IV
    ID: 2848
    Made by: Pavocado
    Kingdom Islands I
    ID: 147693
    Made by: November & Pitzer
    Large Hall I
    ID: 381351
    Made by: Xelasi
    ID: 1196
    Made by: Saixos
    Martian Outpost I
    ID: 380335
    Made by: Xelasi
    Medieval Siege
    ID: 4118
    Made by: ApexCanadian & Kupo_
    ID: 376577
    Made by: GalaThundR
    Moria V
    ID: 380956
    Made by: Snowbreak and TBF
    Night Raid II
    ID: 371262
    Made by: Insomniac__
    Opposites Collide V
    ID: 123520
    Made by: Arevoir
    Opposites Collide VII
    ID: 369228
    Made by: puhdgy and lauten
    Orchid Cascades
    ID: 302957
    Made by: Eddkrumbs
    Platforms I
    ID: 558
    Made by: studmuffin713
    River Crossing Rework
    ID: 245468
    Made by: November
    Rocky Ruins
    ID: 325556
    Made by: GalaThundR
    ID: 376623
    Made by: November and Pizze
    Skyworlds I
    ID: 1323
    Made by: Saixos
    Skyworlds V
    ID: 331935
    Made by: puhdgy, lauten, Creux and MegaRainbowz
    ID: 214857
    Made by: Birdgirl
    Standoff V
    ID: 287203
    Made by: Xelasi & b0squet
    ID: 178357
    Made by: Xelasi
    Unholy Faith V
    ID: 345222
    Made by: Xelasi, Shawn_, xxMinesheepxx
    Valley of Ruin IV
    ID: 18991
    Made by: studmuffin713
    Valley of Siege
    ID: 327940
    Made by: GalaThundR
    Villagio Chiesa
    ID: 220473
    Made by: Shadoe_, ooooooooo, b0b4444
    Waitomo Caves
    ID: 362115
    Made by: EddKrumbs
    Woodcastle Arena I
    ID: 377015
    Made by: Xelasi, Nightowl and Daniellll

    CTF Event Maps

    These maps are used for special events. These maps will not appear in the normal rotation.

    This map has no flags and is used for team death matches! ID: 177776
    Made by: Nohox
    Only has one flag, but two teams! ID: 30398
    Made by: Pavocado
    This map's size and cap requirement leads to a most chaotic round! ID: 365110
    Made by: GalaThundR
    Flag Runner
    This map combines Maze Runner and Capture the Flag! ID: 170780
    Made by: Quarrelt

    Seasonal Maps

    Seasonal maps are maps that are only in rotation for certain parts of the year.

    Halloween Maps

    Eel Marsh House
    Custom Halloween ID: 88918
    Made by: Fawely & ikemulti
    Forest of Pumpkins
    Halloween remake of Forest of Rivals ID: 88918
    Made by: GoToBed
    Giant Pumpkins I
    Halloween remake of Giant Chests I ID: 1345
    Made by: GalaThundR & xxMineSheepxx
    Custom Halloween map. ID: 1345
    Made by: Coasted
    Spooky Blackout
    Halloween remake of Blackout. ID: 150008
    Made by: DeZilla
    Pavo's Haunted Academy
    Halloween remake of Pavo's Academy ID: 278586
    Made by: b0squet & Xelasi
    Pumpkin Valley
    Halloween remake of Dragon Valley I ID: 358030
    Made by: Shawn_
    Halloween remake of Standoff V ID: 357975
    Made by: GalaThundR
    Spooky Aquafus
    Halloween remake of Aquafus ID: 279454
    Made by: Acyclovir & Xelia_
    Spooky Skyworlds
    Halloween remake of Skyworlds V1 ID: 144698
    Made by: Saixos & Rhoske
    Spooky Strike
    Halloween remake of Deserty Desert Strike ID: 337036
    Made by: GalaThundR & xxMineSheepxx
    Spooky Platforms
    Halloween remake of Platforms I ID: 278201
    Made by: hotintexas, Rentokage, Wolveskippy & wintergreen3

    Christmas Maps

    Custom Christmas Map ID: 34558
    Made by: Colonel_Graff
    Custom Christmas Map ID: 1312
    Made by: studmuffin713
    Festive Clocktower IV
    Christmas Remake of Clocktower IV ID: 285395
    Made by: November et. al.
    Festive Dragon Valley I
    Christmas Remake of Dragon Valley I ID: 301569
    Made by: Acyclovir
    Festive Night Raid II
    Christmas Remake of Night Raid II ID: 279839
    Made by: Danielll
    Scottish Christmas
    Custom Christmas Map ID: 88908
    Made by: ikemulti & Fawely
    Festive Aquafus
    Christmas Remake of Aquafus IV ID:163623
    Made by: Dieb & Nohox
    Festive Blackout
    Christmas Remake of Blackout ID: 164596
    Made by: Dieb
    Festive Canadian Fort
    Christmas Remake of Canadian Fort ID: 171097
    Made by: November & Pitzer
    Festive Kill Creek
    Christmas Remake of Kill Creek IV ID: 28373
    Made by: Pavocado
    Festive Lowrise
    Christmas Remake of Lowrise ID: 171361
    Made by: November & Pitzer
    Festive Platforms
    Christmas Remake of Platforms I ID: 170357
    Made by: November & Pitzer
    Festive Skyworlds
    Christmas Remake of Skyworlds I ID: 171028
    Made by: November & Pitzer
    Festive Getty Gardens
    Christmas Remake of Getty Gardens ID: 363802
    Made by: GalaThundR

    Holiday Academy
    Christmas Remake of Academy ID: 361509
    Made by: GalaThundR