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Nov 27, 2020
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    Capture the Flag (CTF) is a gamemode pitting two teams, one red and the other blue, in a fight for the enemy flag. To achieve this goal, the game has 15 different classes to fit various offensive, defensive and midfield roles.

    Joining The Game
    Anyone can connect to CTF at any point of the game by either:
    1. Clicking on the portal block in the server select menu in the Brawl hub.
    2. Entering the server ip into Minecraft direct connect.


    Joining a CTF server in which a game hasn't yet started will place the player in a spawn area. This area contains some basic information about classes, donator ranks, map submission, staff roles and game rules. It also contains some simple guidelines and information on how to play the game. The spawn area has holes, which players can use to walk around and survey the map about to be played. During the pregame the player has 2 items in the hotbar: a Class Selector (Nether Star) and Team Selector (Colored Wool).
    Clicking on the Class Selector will open up a special GUI to select a class.
    Clicking on the Team Selector will switch the player to the enemy team. You cannot switch if the number of players on both teams are equal. As a donator you can still switch even if this leads to uneven teams.

    Joining at any point after the game has started will place the player in the team spawn area. All players will spawn as the default heavy class and can use the class selector, or respective command to choose a different class. You can also switch team midgame by using the /switch command. The pregame rule applies in midgame too, you cannot switch if it unbalances player numbers between the teams.


    The Flag

    The Flag (From Left to Right) Blue Flag, Red Flag, and a Stolen Flag.
    The flag is a blue or red banner that rests in the teams' respective flagrooms. The enemy flag can be picked up by standing next to it for a brief time, after which it will automatically fall into an empty inventory slot. It will also replace the anything on the helmet slot to indicate that that player has stolen the Flag (the armor points given by the helmet will also be removed whilst carrying the flag).

    A flag that has been stolen will indicate this by appearing white. The enemy flag can be captured by running to the allied flag and only if that flag has not been stolen.

    When the flag is dropped for any reason (for example the flag carrier dies) a standing banner will appear in that location. It can be picked up by the enemy again, or it can be returned to the base instantly if a member of the respective team picks it up. When this is done, it is considered a flag recovery. Additionally, the flag will also return to the team's base after a short 15 second duration if neither of these events happen.

    The flag has to be captured multiple times to win a game, and the amount of captures required on a specific map may vary between 3 and 5. When this is done, that map is won for the respective team. There are 3 maps in a CTF match, meaning a team has to win on 2 maps to win the match. Each map also has a time limit for these captures. This usually 20 minutes, but for certain maps this is extended to 30. If the time runs out before the map is won, the team with more captures wins. If teams tie on captures, the team with more kills wins the map.


    Gameplay Styles

    CTF has three main gameplay styles: Offense, Defense, and Midfield. These styles revolve around capturing the enemy flag whilst preventing your own from being stolen. Players work together to perform all these roles in a team.

    Offense: players attempt overcome the enemy defense and steal the enemy flag. There are several components of an CTF offense including: "Cappers", those who grab and carry the flag, and "Offense" who assist the "cappers" in various ways. When players have the flag, they will take flag poison damage, or one and a half hearts of damage every 15 seconds. This poison damage is unaffected by armor.

    Defense: players prevent their own flag from being stolen by killing enemy offensive players that enter the flagroom. If the flag has already been stolen, defensive players attempt to kill the enemy flag carrier and recover their flag. Defense includes "Recoverers", those who kill the enemy flag carrier and return the flag to base, and "Defenders" who keep enemies from entering the flagroom and taking the flag.

    Midfielders: players function as a balance between both offense and defense. They can assist offense by killing enemy defense and/or providing a distraction. This makes it easier for them to steal. They can assist defense by killing any enemy offensive players before they can even reach the flagroom. Midfielders are the most varied group, and they can switch between an offensive and defensive role quickly within a game. They can also act in a strictly offensive or defensive capacity.

    The GUI
    When playing, a GUI scoreboard will be visible on the right side of the screen that contains a variety of information.

    The GUI shows:
    1. How many captures each team have gotten, and how many more are needed to win the map
    2. Whether the team's flag is at home (the respective flagroom) or taken (stolen by the enemy and who holds it)
    3. Which out of 3 you are currently playing. 3 maps are able to be played, but if 1 team wins two maps in a row, there is no way for the other team to win, so the match automatically ends
    4. Kills: the total amount of players the player has killed. This does not include indirect kills like knocking enemy players into the void.
    5. Deaths: the total amount of times the player has died. This counts deaths from sources other than the enemy player, such as falling into the void.
    6. Streak: the amount of kills in a row by the player since the last death. After the game ends, the highest killstreak achieved that game will be visible.
    7. Recoveries: the amount of allied flags the player has returned to the base.
    Captures: the amount of enemy flags the player has captured.

    CTF has added a variety of new features that stray from vanilla gameplay, in order to make the game more fun. These are the different features that players will come across while playing CTF.
    The team spawn consists of a platform of a dedicated block. Usually, for the red team, the spawn blocks are netherrack, and for the blue team they are lapis lazuli. This can however vary depending on the map. In spawn, allied players take no damage and regenerate health at half a heart per second. If a player steps into the opposite team's spawn, they will instantly die. Stepping into spawn with the enemy flag will kill the player and instantly return the flag back to home. Stepping into spawn after placing a structure will also destroy that structure.
    Instant Heal Steak
    Since players' hunger bar always remains full, steak acts as an instant health source just like instant health potions. Therefore, since players have steak, they do not have passive regeneration in CTF. Players can eat steak instantly to heal four hearts of health. Steak does not get restored over time, although can be restored by a medic.
    Launch Sponges

    Sponges on CTF have a launching property. Standing on one will launch the player in a direction for a specified distance. Players do not take fall damage upon landing.

    Restrictive Blocks
    The coal ore and barrier blocks are map features that restrict Soldiers from wall-climbing. Restrictive blocks are added on most maps to prevent wall-climb abuse.
    Instant Kills
    Two classes (Archer / Assassin) can kill players in one hit through various methods. More information about these instant kills is available on the class wiki page.
    Players can be set into spectator mode by staff whenever they find suitable. Regular players cannot access spectator unless a staff member has set them into it. Players in spec cannot intervene in any way with the on-going match. Players in spectator will remain in spec unless a staff member removes them from spec or the match ends and the server restarts.

    CTF has fifteen classes, each with unique abilities. There are four free classes and eleven premium/other classes. Fashionista also exists but has no gameplay advantage and exists purely for cosmetic reasons. To learn more about classes click here.

    Free Classes


    Premium Classes

    Premium classes are obtained by spending credits, earned through regular CTF gameplay (discussed below). Additionally, legacy donator ranks have access to all of these classes. Current donator ranks, VIP, MVP, and ELITE, can be purchased from the Brawl store here do not offer this benefit anymore. On Fridays, premium classes become available for all to use. This is meant as an opportunity to test out a class before spending credits on it. More information on this topic can be found on the CTF class wiki page.

    All classes are subject to change over time (known as a "rework"), but this does not mean that anyone who bought a reworked class will get a refund!

    Donor Perks
    Donors are people who have purchased Global Ranks at the Brawl shop, and they gain special benefits whilst playing CTF. Below is a list of benefits which apply specifically to CTF, and the other benefits can be seen at the Brawl Store.
    - Can switch when teams have the same player count.
    - Can join games when the server is full.
    - Has access to all classes except for mage, elf and fashionista.

    - Can switch no matter the team balance.
    - Can join games when the server is full.
    - Has access to all classes except for elf and fashionista.

    - Can switch no matter the team balance.
    - Can join games when the server is full.
    - Has access to all classes except for fashionista.

    Note: Fashionista can be separately purchased for US $5.00 at the Brawl store.


    CTF has a variety of commands that are useful for in-game communication. Below is a list of all commands available to non-staff:
    /a, /all, /yell, ! - Relays a message to both teams if a message is placed after the command.

    /[classname] - Changes class. If a player changes their class without full health it will count as a death.
    Classnames: archer, assassin, chemist, dwarf, elf, engineer, fashionista, heavy, mage, medic, necro, ninja, pyro, soldier, scout.

    /class | /kit - Opens up the class selection GUI. Using the nether star class selector has the same result.

    /credits - Shows GUI with information on what credits are, how they are obtained and the current credit count of the player.

    /display | /flagdisplay [chat/actionbar/title] [on/off] - Changes the location of the announcements that are shown when the flag is stolen, recovered, or captured. Possible locations to place announcements are the chat, the actionbar (text above hotbar), and the title (in the middle of the screen).

    /help - Places help book into inventory.

    /saveinv - Saves the inventory layout.

    /invreset | /inventoryreset - Resets inventory layout if it has become bugged.

    /key | /keys - Displays cosmetic keys GUI.

    /map - Displays map name, ID and creator.

    /maps - Displays all maps in order, along with any caps that have been gained so far. Can hover over the map names to view the statistics from that exact map.

    /qc | /quickcommand - Displays quickcommands GUI.

    /random - Selects a random class. Clicking the cookie in the class selection GUI has the same result.

    /switch - Switches to the opposite team if current team numbers are uneven. Can be used regardless if MVP or ELITE

    /team - Displays current team

    /y | /yes - Rates the currently played map with 1 upvote.

    /n | /no - Rates the currently played map with 1 downvote.

    /limits - Shows the limits, elaborated more on here.

    /count - Shows the number of players on each team.

    Pre-Written Commands

    In-game, there are some commands which allow players to communicate to their teammates without typing out an entire sentence. They can be used to communicate more quickly and easily.
    /b - Buffs, please!
    /c - Careful!
    /d - Defend, please!
    /fm - Follow me!
    /gg - Good Game!
    /gj - Good job!
    /gl - Good luck!
    /h - Help me!
    /in - Incoming!
    /md - Medic!
    /np - No problem!
    /o - Offend, please!
    /omw - On my way!
    /rip - rip
    /rp - Recover, please!
    /s - Sorry!
    /ty - Thank you!
    /wo - Watch out!
    /yw - You're welcome!

    500 credits
    /bg - Bad Game!
    /en - Engineer base spotted!
    /fb - Fall back!
    /fhg - From the high ground!
    /fl - Flanking from left!
    /flg - From the low ground!
    /fr - Flanking from right!
    /gf - Good fight!
    /gi - Got it!
    /glhf - Good luck, have fun!
    /hf - Have fun!
    /mbtw - May the best team win!
    /nw - No Worries!
    /ro - Respawn, offense!
    /smp - Support me please!
    /sup - Support the flag carrier please!
    /wp - Well played!
    /u - Understood!
    /ctf - Capture the Flag, please!
    /ns - Nice shot!
    /lgt - Lets go team!

    1000 credits
    /cake - Eat my cake!
    /imgt - I'm good thanks!
    /lol - lol
    /no. - No
    /soon - Soon™
    /ye - Yeet!
    /yes. - Yes
    /bye - Bye.
    /ok - ok.
    /udwm - u don wan mess

    5000 credits
    /ez - ez
    /hi - hi
    /lole - lole
    /oof - oof
    /rofl - rofl
    /smh - smh
    /xd - Haha xD
    /pog - poggers
    /owo - owo
    /uwu - uwu
    /ily - i love you

    14000 credits
    /belltower - we need a fleet of soldiers to conquer the belltower
    /clogs - clogs
    /habd - Have a Brawltastic Day!
    /l - L
    /mnj - my name jeff

    /ree - STOP! PLEASE!
    /rolf - rolf!
    /hp - Hugs and Pugs
    /dam - don't @ me
    /toxic - TOXIC

    25000 credits

    /lw - Love and Waffles!
    /rmbr - redslime may be responsible
    /bn - Blame Nom!
    /c9 - Call 915!
    /ria - Ryguy is awesome!

    Signaling Your Teammates

    Asking Teammates to "Wait Up"
    When looking at a teammate, you can press the "drop" key twice so as to ask them to 'wait up'. This is what it would look like if someone asked you to wait up. It will appear in your chat.



    The Ping System

    For Players
    Players can now ping their teammates through pressing the "drop" key two times in succession! This will create a ping wherever on the map you are looking at, the max distance being 40 blocks. A ping will create a either blue or red sphere of either red or blue particles on the floor (also differs based on the team color you currently have eg. Orange or Purple pings for Halloween). Pings can also be used to communicate to your teammates the position of an enemy.

    A ping will look like this if you are the one pinging your team.

    Blue Team


    Red Team


    A ping will contain three main pieces of information:

    - The person who pinged (be it you or one of your teammates)
    - Location that the person is pinging
    - Name of enemy
    This information can be found above your hotbar. When you ping the location of an enemy, this is what it would look like.


    The particles from the ping will hover around the player's position, like this.


    The ping will alert your team as well, having a little 'ding' sound effect when someone pings nearby. A little colored arrow will appear on your screen and direct you to the direction your teammate is pinging. It will also state who pinged you in the chat as well.

    This would be what it would look like when you are getting pinged.




    For Spectators

    When you are spectating a CTF game/match, you will also be able to ping fellow spectators. It works in the same way as pinging in-game does, except that instead of pressing the 'drop' key twice you press 'left click' twice.

    This will work similar to pinging in-game, but with a white sphere of particles instead.

    Spectator Ping

    It will still state the location/player as usual. There will also be a white arrow instead indicating the direction of the ping.



    What are Credits?
    Most classes in CTF are Premium Classes, and these can only be obtained through buying with Credits. Credits are earned by playing CTF games. There are also other ways to earn credits which are listed below:
    Kill - 2 Credits
    Flag Steal - 5 Credits
    Flag Capture - 50 Credits
    Carrier Kill - 20 Credits

    Flag Recover - 10 Credits
    Flag Carrier Restore - 2 Credits
    2 Teammate Restores - 2 Credits
    Flag Carrier Healing - 2 Credits
    Teammate Healing - 2 Credits
    Map Voting (by typing /y or /n) - 10 Credits
    Sportsmanship (/gg) - 2 Credits

    Earning Credits via Events (Delivery, Zone and Soccer):
    Package Delivered - 25 Credits
    Package Carrier Kill - 10 Credits
    Package Pickup - 5 Credits
    Zone Capture - 20 Credits
    Holding Zone - 2 Credits
    Zone Uncapture - 10 Credits
    Soccer Score - 10 Credits
    How do I purchase Classes?

    You can purchase classes by opening the Class Select GUI (Nether star) before a game starts in a lobby. From there you can choose which class to buy then purchase it in the respective menu. The prices and information of all the classes can be viewed in the Class page.