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Dead End

Apr 1, 2017
Dead End
  • Dead End
    Don't stop moving as you attempt to stay alive in this game of high risk, high reward! The floor is disappearing behind you, so if you run out of room to run, you're out! Be the last player(s) alive to win.
    Game Tips

    • In this game you can't jump, but you can buy a Jump Power Up from the Coin Shop. These can prove to be quite helpful. You can learn more about this here!
    • If you can, you should try to carve out your own island, then run around the edges of it until either your island runs out or you win (make it a big island).
    • Once you have an island, slow down just enough so you don't get eliminated, but aren't moving as fast as others. You'll last longer than people who run all the time.
    • Being in third-person by pressing F5 might help you see around more clearly. (to get out of F5, just press that key another 2 times)