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Mar 25, 2017
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    ELO System

    Mc-WarZ currently uses a player ranking system called ELO. The ELO system is used to accurately determine a player's skill level based on his/her kills. If you kill a player who had more of an advantage than you, you will receive a large percent of their ELO. If you kill a player who had a disadvantage against you, you will only receive a small portion of their ELO.

    ELO Titles

    Players will obtain a title based on their ELO count. This title will be displayed next to their name in chat.


    There are currently twelve ELO ranks that can be acquired based on the player's ELO:

    • Bambi (0 - 100 ELO count)
    • Scavenger (101 - 105 ELO count)
    • Citizen (106 - 110 ELO count)
    • Hunter (111 - 115 ELO count)
    • Survivor (116 - 120 ELO count)
    • Officer (121 - 125 ELO count)
    • Sheriff (126 - 150 ELO count)
    • Deputy (151 - 175 ELO count)
    • Soldier (176 - 200 ELO count)
    • Warrior (201 - 225 ELO count)
    • Hero (226 - 250 ELO count)
    • Legend (251+ ELO count)

    Currently, there is no use to elo other than cosmetic.


    • /elo - Allows you to check your own ELO and the titles you can obtain from it
    • /elo <player> - Allows you to view another player's ELO
    • /topelo - Allows you to view the top ten players with the highest ELO

    You can view the ELO and stats leader board here.