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Jul 5, 2015
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    Equipment plays a vital role in defeating your opponents.
    Equipment is able to be thrown in any direction.

    Item: Slimeball
    Blows up shortly after being thrown.
    Deals damage to players roughly within a 3-4 block radius.
    Found in sets of 2 in chests.
    Grenades are also a starting item of the Grenadier kit.

    Item: Gunpowder
    Activates shortly after being thrown.
    Blinds all players within a 5-7 block radius for 5-6 seconds.
    Found in sets of 1 in chests.

    Item: Magma Cream
    Activates shortly after being thrown
    Creates a radius of flame which ignites any player that walks into it
    Found in sets of 1 in chests

    Smoke Grenade
    Item: Ghast Tear
    Activates momentarily after being thrown
    Creates a cloud of smoke that can confuse players and create distractions
    Found in sets of 2 in chests

    Item: Golden Axe
    Throw able which can be thrown with right click
    Has very quick air speed
    Included with the tomahawker kit
    Deals a large amount of damage
    Found in sets of 1 in chests

    Item: Compass (default)
    Points to the nearest corresponding entity depending on its mode. These include:
    Enemy Players

    W.I.P. (Work In Progress)