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Jul 22, 2019
  • Lethals
    This equipment is meant to get direct kills. This equipment is generally good at clearing rooms and are versatile.

    Frag Grenade: A simple hand-thrown grenade. Has a fuse time of 2.25 seconds and will cause damage to those inside the blast radius. These will not damage the thrower if standing in the blast radius.

    Tomahawk: A throwable ax that can one-shot any player. This weapon has a draw time of 0.5 seconds before being able to use. This weapon is highly accurate but has a slight arc when throwing.

    Frag Grenade x2: 2 Hand grenades, these function exactly the same as the single frag grenade.

    C4: 2 C4s and a detonator. These can stick to walls and can be thrown only a short distance but can be detonated anytime with the remote detonator. C4 is able to damage the thrower however if they are not careful.

    This equipment is meant to give players a tactical advantage by inflicting status effects on enemy players and generally are non-lethal.

    Flashbangs: 2 flashbangs that can blind enemy players for 4 seconds when caught by the explosion. This item has a fuse time of 2 seconds.

    Smoke Grenade: A single smoke canister that makes a huge cloud of smoke obscuring vision. This item is useful for giving cover to plant bombs or to cross through hazardous chokepoints. This item has a fuse time of 3 seconds and its smoke lasts for 5 seconds.

    Molotov: A throwable incendiary that can set players on fire. This item is good for blocking entrances or objectives. The Molotov has a fuse time of 2.75 seconds and its flames last for 6 seconds.