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Mar 10, 2017
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I join?
    • You can join MC-War by connecting to mcbrawl.com, then right clicking the compass. Select the diamond hoe, then choose a server to join, or you can choose the portal which will take you to a random War server. You could also join without going through the hub by adding a server and typing "mc-war.com' if you want a random server and "(1-8).mc-war.com"

    How do I play?
    • When connected to a server, there will be a timer indicating how long until the match will end, or until the match starts. The timer is the level count on your XP bar. Games will automatically start, and you cannot join a game in progress at the moment. For more information, read the book you are given on server login.

    How do I reload?
    • This depends upon your options. Conventionally, in order to reload, press "Q" (only usable if you have a QUERTY keyboard). However, if you have an AZERTY keyboard, press "E".

    How do I level up?
    • When you join your first game you will have your primary gun and you secondary gun. Kill people with these. By default, you will get +25 experience - The more kills you get, the more experience you will earn. You can also gain XP from infecting people in infect and capturing the flag in CTF. The higher level you are, the more experience you will require in order to become the next level. If you have purchased VIP, you will +35 experience per kill, and for MVP +45 experience. VIP and MVP can be purchased at shop.brawl.com along with other cool things!

    Where can I get the resource pack?
    • When joining a servers, our server specific texture-pack will automatically download, ensure you have Server Textures turned on in Video Settings. If you want to download the resource pack to play with on singleplayer and other servers, type /texture and click the link. The file will automatically download so you won't have to click any download buttons.
    • If you want to try one of our many community made texture-packs, you can view them here.

    What mods am I allowed to use?
    • The mods that we allow and restrict are always changing. To stay up with the mods that are allowed or restricted, visit here. Generally, if the mod gives you an unfair advantage, it will be restricted.

    How do I use my guns and equipment?
    • The items in your second and third slots are your guns. To use them, right click to shoot and left click to aim down your sights. Aiming down your sights improves accuracy, but slows you down. Your sword is a normal melee weapon, and you can purchase equipment by donating, voting, or through the buy menu.

    How do I donate?
    • You can donate here.

    How do I get grenades, molotovs, tomahawks, etc.?
    • You can purchase equipment in the donor shop. Grenades (2 per life) & tomahawks (1 per life) are $3 (USD), and molotovs (2 per life) & flashbangs (2 per life) are $2 (USD). C4 (2 per life) is $5 (USD). When you buy these, you can equip them in your gun menu under the Tactical and Lethal slots.
    • In addition, you can buy some equipment for usage in one round only, via /war buy. However, they only last one round and you must have enough credits in order to buy them. You can only buy grenades (3 per life) (100 credits) and molotovs (2 per life) (100 credits) in this shop, although you can purchase other items like armor (125 credits, iron chestplate and boots) and super armor (525 credits, diamond chestplate and boots).

    How do I vote for MC-War?
    • You can vote for McBrawl on any of our 5 voting websites. Voting will give you tokens per vote players will receive: 10 for regular players, 15 for VIP's and 20 for MVP's. Using these tokens you can purchase Tomahawks, Grenades, EXP and Credits.

    What are clans, and how do I join or create one?
    • Clans are groups of players, who will always be on the same team during TDM / CTF. To join one, you must receive an invite to one first. Then, you can do /clan join.
    • To create a clan, you must be prestige (level 30+) and have 2000 credits. Then, you can do /clan create (name).

    Why do I have flint, clay, seeds, coal, and/or enderpearls in my inventory?
    • As a Call of Duty based server, guns do not have unlimited ammo. These items represent ammo for the weapons. Flint is for automatic weapons, clay is for sniper rifles, seeds are for shotguns, coal is for the LAW, and ender pearls are for pistols.
    • When shooting, ammo will be used up. Depending on the weapon, it may use 1, 2, or even 4 items per shot. You can only regain ammo through a 5 killstreak or through getting a kill while having the scavenger perk equipped.
    • When using the MC-War resource pack, these items are given new textures relating to these ammo types

    My items disappeared from my inventory when I respawned, how do I get them back?
    • Open your inventory, and left click in the slot where your gun(s) would normally be in order to "pick them up". Without clicking again, exit your inventory. The server will think you attempted to drop your gun and will subsequently issue an inventory packet, forcefully updating your inventory.
    Why don't I have armor when I spawn?
    • This is an issue with lag time while communicating with the server – you do have armor, but your client hasn't realized it yet. If you really want your armor to appear, use the same method shown in the previous question, except with your armor slots.