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Apr 1, 2017
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Hi and welcome to party! Feel free to check each minigame's wiki to get an in-depth guide on what to do for each game. To play party, you can either connect to brawl.com and use the compass in your inventory to find a party server, or connect directly to party.brawl.com.
    Don't worry! For each minigame, a tip will appear both in your text box and also above your experience bar near the bottom of the screen. This tip just gives a general idea of what to do, though, so I suggest coming back here to read up on some awesome strategies!
    Coins are determined by the amount of people playing. People without a rank will earn as many coins as the players, divided up to match the placement won.
    • First place will earn the same amount of coins as there are players (ex: 20 people playing = 20 coin prize)
    • Second place will earn half of first place (ex: 20 people playing = 10 coin prize)
    • Third place will earn half as much as second place (ex: 20 people playing = 5 coin prize)
    People with a rank will earn double for each position won (that means more coins per game won!)
    • First place (ex: 20 people playing = 40 coin prize)
    • Second place (ex: 20 people playing = 20 coin prize)
    • Third place (ex: 20 people playing = 10 coin prize)
    Coins can be used to purchase Party store items to help you either look cooler or give you an edge in-game! Click here for a list of all of Party's power ups and other features.
    On most minigames, spectators and eliminated layers should have a gold ingot and bed in their inventory. Right click with the ingot to go to the shop. If there isn't an ingot or bed in your inventory (like in wool mix-up) just type /shop to be taken to Party's Castle shop! To learn more about the shop, please click here.
    The VIP+ practice games were a feature ranked players could use to practice any game they wanted. Sadly, this option is no longer available as of right now.
    VIP is one of Brawl's ranks and can be used to access cool perks like funky nametags and cosmetics! To learn more, you can visit Party's ranks wiki or Brawl's store.
    Boosters are Brawl's newest addition to the store and give server-wide perks for a specific amount of time. Party has a double coin booster that allows everyone playing to earn double the coins for winning a minigame. NOTE: Players with ranks do not earn 4x the amount of coins. They remain at 2x. To learn more about boosters and possibly buy one, please visit Brawl's store.
    Inside Princess Preach's castle, you will find a nether portal. Simply jump inside to get back into the next minigame! Happy partying!
    A great way to help Party out is to head over to Party's subforum section to get involved in ideas and suggestion threads. Post bug reports here and if you're feeling creative and made a party map, you can submit it here!