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Aug 20, 2015
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How do I earn coins?
    • Every time you kill another player you will receive 20 coins.
    • When you win the game you will receive an extra amount of 40 coins besides the 20 coins of your last kill.
    Killstreaks do not give you coins.

    2. How do I shoot my guns?
    • If you have the right ammunition for the gun you are using.
    • You can shoot it by pressing the right mouse button and aim with it through pressing the left mouse button.
    Aiming down sights increases accuracy but decreases moving speed.

    3. How to I reload?
    You can reload by pressing the key "Q" on your keyboard.

    Note: This system can only be usable if you have a QUERTY keyboard. If you have an AZERTY keyboard, the key is "E'

    4. How do I win?
    • Be the last person alive.
    5. Where do I check my stats?
    • Stats can be seen if you're in a running game on the scoreboard on the right of your screen, these include total kills, killstreak (in that game), total coins, total wins.
    • Another way to check your stats is by entering the command </sg stats> (<sgg stats> doesn't work).
    • Go to "brawl.com/stats/sgg" and search your name to see your total stats.
    W.I.P. (Work In Progress) from here.

    6. How do I buy kits?
    Right click the paper in you hot bar.
    It will open a menu listing the kits you have and the kits you can purchase.
    The kits in the bottom right or yellow area are kits you can purchase if you have the right amount of credits.

    7. How do I donate?
    Head to "shop.brawl.com" and click on FpsHg.
    After that, you can donate for whatever you wan't to purchase. Currently Not Implemented!

    8. Where do I vote?
    We have currently five voting websites which allow to vote for Brawl:​
    Or by writing the command /vote and clicking on the green dyes.
    Voting will help us to be known across the whole world, therefore we will be grateful if you vote for us!​

    9. How do I vote for a map?
    Right click the iron ingot in your hot bar.
    This will open a menu listing all the maps you can vote for.
    Right/Left click a paper to bring out your vote for that specific map.