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Apr 28, 2015
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I join?
    • You can join Survival Games by connecting to mcbrawl.com, then right clicking the compass. Select the raw porkchop, then choose a server to join, or you can choose the portal which will take you to a random SG server.

    How do I play?
    • When connected to a server, you will notice a score board on the right side of your screen with map names and the amount of votes they have received thus far. You will also have 2 items in your inventory - in the first HUD slot is going to be placed an item that will allow for you to vote for a map. You can vote for the map by clicking on it. The other item, placed on the slot 9, will allow for you to leave the game. Games will start once there are enough players, and you will be teleported to the map that received the most votes. Then, there will be a short period of time, during which you will be able to equip or purchase a kit, along with a Pre-Game Shop where you can buy consumable items for the following round. Both kits and consumables cost coins, which are obtained by killing other players or by winning games.

    How do I obtain a better kit?
    • You can purchase kits in the kit shop, which is available during the waiting period for the game. Each kit (besides the default) costs a certain amount coins, and you obtain coins by killing other tributes or by winning games.

    What mods am I allowed to use?
    • The mods that we allow and restrict are always changing. To stay up with the mods that are allowed or restricted, visit here. Generally, if the mod gives you an unfair advantage, it will be restricted.