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Apr 8, 2018
  • MC-WAR


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is War 2.0?
    War 2.0 is team based shooter based off of Call of Duty and some aspects are based off other team shooters. Level up by kills and objectives and unlock new gear which you can purchase with an in-game currency called credits. Possessing 9 different gamemodes, many maps, sweet killstreaks, and much more, this server is as dynamic as it gets.

    Why don't I have my levels from Legacy War?
    War 2.0 is a completely different server from Legacy War. You still have your levels on War, but you can level up completely fresh in War 2.0. None of the guns, perks, etc. carry over to War 2.0.

    What mods am I allowed to use?
    The mods that we allow and restrict are always changing. To stay up with the mods that are allowed or restricted, visit here. Generally, if the mod gives you an unfair advantage, it will be restricted.

    How do I level up?
    When you join your first game you will have your primary gun and you secondary gun. Kill people with these. By default, you will get +25 experience - The more kills you get, the more experience you will earn. You can also gain XP from playing the objective, such as infecting people in infect and capturing the flag in CTF. The higher level you are, the more experience you will require in order to become the next level.

    How do I change my guns?
    In the lobby, you can right click the ender eye and that will bring up your loadouts and shop. During the game and in the lobby, you can perform the command /loadouts which will take you to the same page. From that page you can access your personal loadouts and global loadouts.

    What are clans? What can they do?
    Clans in Legacy War are a little different than they are in War 2.0. The differences are as follows
    • Clan limit of 15 members
    • Clans no longer put your clan-mates on the same team, rather it is completely random.
    • To follow up on the last point, Clans will be meant for a Clan Match Server where we will hold tournaments and official matches.
    • Clans do however collect things called clan tokens.
    • Clan Tokens are gained every match played. Your clan receives 25 clan tokens each member if on the winning team, and 5 if on the losing team.
    • Clan tokens are used to purchase clan colors, more slots to higher the clan limit, a higher daily limit of clan tokens, and a clan emblem.
    What do ranked players get on War 2.0?
    • VIP+ can switch teams
    • Gives you bonus XP/credits, based on the rank
    • More loadouts based on the rank
    • VIP+ can fly in the lobby
    • VIP+ get +2 map votes, ELITE gets +3 votes.
    • ELITE+ can make a clan with 6 characters (originally 4)
    • ELITE+ has 3 second respawn time (originally 5)
    • ELITE+ have a grenade as infected

    How do I win a game?
    Winning a game is based off what gamemode is being played. For every game though, completing the objectives fastest will win you the game. Winning obviously gives you more credits and XP.
    • Capture The Flag - Your team needs to capture the enemy flag 3 times before the game ends, or else the team with the most captures win at the end of the time limit.
    • Team Death Match - Your team needs to kill 200 enemies fastest. The team with the most kills after the time runs out wins.
    • Infect - Survive to win, if the zombies kill everyone before the time runs out they win.
    • Kill Confirmed - Your team needs to pick up 100 enemy tags to win. The team with the most tags after the time runs out wins.
    • Demolition - The bombers need to destroy both bomb sites before the time runs out, or else the defenders win.
    • Domination - Your team needs to achieve 750 points to win. The team with the most points after the times runs out wins.
    • FFA Gamemodes - Kill the most people fastest - on One in the chamber if you die three times, you're out!

    How many maps are there?

    There are currently 24 maps on War 2.0, but we will be constantly adding more.

    Where can I get the resource pack?
    • When joining a servers, our server specific texture-pack will automatically download, ensure you have Server Textures turned on in Video Settings. If you want to download the resource pack to play with on singleplayer and other servers, type /texture and click the link. The file will automatically download so you won't have to click any download buttons.
    • If you want to try one of our many community made texture-packs, you can view them here.

    How often will there be updates?
    We are constantly updating/tweaking but there's no schedule for updates. We will always balance certain things upon your reports and experiences.