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Jun 15, 2017
  • The forums have several purposes to when it comes to community activity. On the forums you can apply for staff, read important information from staff members, get build and creative ranks, get in touch with the ever growing community, create and find resource packs, along with other numerous things. This section of the Wiki will focus on using the forums and it's features.

    Joining The Forums
    To register on the forums, type /register on any Brawl server. You will be prompted with a link that will look like this:

    When you click this link, you will be taken to this page:
    Fill out the information on this page, and click "Sign up" make sure you read the terms and rules as well.
    After you sign up, you are now a member of the Brawl forums and can start interacting with the community.
    It is recommended that once you signup, you make an introduction here.

    Category, Section, Subsection Information
    In the tab labeled as "Forums", you can access all of Brawl's discussion categories - this includes general, servers and off-topic, with each one having multiple sections, such as "Minecraftparty" or "Hardcore Games" in the list for the servers. Each one of the sections has multiple subsections that focus on a certain thing, e.g. ideas, guides and discussions for a certain Brawl server. There is a section labeled as "Other", which, as the name suggests, doesn't relate to Brawl's server topics. It has multiple subsections focusing on things such as other games, media and off-topic threads.