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Feb 23, 2017

  • The friend list is a very useful tool to see if any of your friends, clanmates or team members are online one of the Brawl servers. It is recommended that whoever you enjoy playing with should be on your friends list so you can play with each other again. There are infinite pages in the friends list, so you can friend as many people as you like, they just have to accept the request.

    Players can add friends by using the GUI or by using the command /friend [playername]

    Once added as a friend, their name will be represented as a wool or playerhead depending on their status within the GUI. Players can Left Click on Online Players to join their server, Right Click on Players to unfriend them and Shift Right Click to blocks/unblocks them.

    Player States

    Players will be in the friend list GUI represented as a Colored Wool or Player Head.


    Player Head: This indicates that the player is online.
    Friends Offline (Gray Wool): This indicates the players that are offline.
    Friend Request (Cyan Wool): This indicates that a player has given you a friend request.

    Friend Requested (Purple Wool): This indicates that you have sent a player a friend request
    Player Blocked (Red Wool): This is red wool, this will show that you have this player blocked. When you hover over the wool, it will say their name and then clicks that perform something. Left click: friend the player and Right click: unblock the player.