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Sep 15, 2017
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    There are currently 6 gamemodes in MC-War. You can see the upcoming gamemode if you look at the "Next Map" alerts in chat.

    Team Death Match (TDM)

    TDM is the simplest and most widely known gamemode on MC-War. There are 2 teams, each with a spawnpoint on the map. This spawnpoint does not move throughout the game. The goal for both teams (red and blue) is to get more kills than the enemy. Each team usually has the same amount of players. A game will end when the time runs out, or if a team surpasses the kill limit.

    Weapons: All
    Teams: Red and Blue
    A few tips for new players:

    • Be sure to use a weapon that is well suited to the map.
    • Find a good choke point where lots of enemies come through.
    • Don't always stay in one place for too long.
    • Try to get the enemy from behind.
    Capture The Flag (CTF)

    The main objective of CTF is to steal the enemy flag, bringing it back to your own. This flag is normally close to the enemy spawnpoint. The flag itself is recognisable as a gold block in the ground with a fence post on top and a floating red or blue wool block. The color indicates which team it belongs to. Your mission is to steal this floating wool block and to capture it by bringing it to your own flag. The game will end when time runs out, or if a team gets 6 flag captures.

    Weapons: All
    Teams: Red and Blue
    A few hints for newer players:

    • Be aware of enemies near the flag.
    • If it's not safe to snatch it, then it's probably not worth the attempt.
    Infect (INF)

    The aim of the game in this gamemode is simply to avoid being infected! When the game starts, all players aside from 1 are set to be survivors. The other player becomes the root infected. The aim of the game for this player is to infect all remaining survivors. To help them do this, the root infected gains decreased explosive damage and a skeleton skull on his or her head. The infected can hit survivors to instantly kill them, infecting them and switching them to their side. Once infected, it is then the job of these players to infect survivors as well. In addition, equipment such as grenades and C4 can be used as both a survivor and an infected player. However, tacticals (molotovs and flashbangs) do not work for an infected player. A game will end when time runs out, or if everyone is infected. Nukes are not available in infect.

    Weapons: Survivor - All ; Infected - Fists (punch a a player to infect them) + Equipment (if any such as c4 and grenades)
    Teams: Survivors (Blue armor) and Infected (Green armor and zombie heads)

    Hints for newer players:

    • Find a camping spot with entrances that can be easily defended.
    • Be extremely careful about grenades and C4's, try to dodge them at all costs.
    • The element of surprise is vital in Infect. If you play as an infected, run to the human camping spots as fast as you can and kill them as they arrive.
    • Flanking with the element of surprise is a useful tactic; the best way to kill survivors is to get behind them.
    • Marathon is useful in this gamemode for the infected, while scavenger is useful for the survivors. Marathon may be utilized by the zombies to charge the enemy without slowing down, giving the survivor less of a window of opportunity to reload or shoot. Scavenger is useful for survivors because it gives small amounts of ammunition per kill, providing the remaining players almost everlasting firepower.

    Free For All (FFA)

    In the FFA (Free-for-all) gamemode, there are no teams. This means that every player has to fend for themself. You don’t have a static spawnpoint, meaning you can spawn anywhere on the current map. A free-for-all game will end when time runs out, or if a certain player reaches 20 kills.

    Weapons: All
    Teams: None (All players have Pink armor)
    Tips for new players:

    • Conserving ammunition isn't a big deal, assault rifles or other automatic weapons are best for this gamemode.
    • Camping makes it far more difficult to get kills quickly. In order to win you often have to put yourself directly in the line of fire.
    Gungame (GUN)

    Every player starts with only a sword and the starter weapon (a USP45) in their inventory. When you kill someone, your weapon will level up and cycle to a new weapon. A game will end when the timer runs out, or if a player successfully rotates through all weapons in the gun list, which consists of 31 weapons.

    Weapons: Tactical Knife, All Non-Donor Weapons, LAW, Ray Gun
    Teams: None (All players have Pink armor)
    Desert Eagle

    Model 1887

    Submachine Guns:

    Assault Rifles/Assault Carbines:
    Skull Crusher

    Sniper Rifles:
    Barrett 50cal

    Special Weapons:
    Ray Gun
    Tips for new players:

    • Slight of Hand is a useful perk to use in this game mode as your weapons will reload twice as fast.
    • Another very useful perk to use is the Stopping Power, because your weapons will do 10 extra damage.
    One In The Chamber ( OITC / ONEIN )

    In this gamemode every attack will instantly kill other players. This includes bullets, equipment, and your knife. You only receive one bullet, and you can only gain another bullet by killing a player. You have 3 lives. When you lose all these lives you are eliminated from the game. A game will end when time runs out, or if there is only one player left standing.

    Weapons: Tactical Knife, Handgun, Equipment
    Teams: None (All players have Pink armor)

    Tips for new players:

    • Once you have the highest amount of kills, try hiding until the round ends to win.
    • The best guns to use are the Executioner, because it is a shotgun revolver that shoots multiple bullets at once; and the Desert Eagle, due to its high hip accuracy.
    • Molotovs will instantly kill enemies, as they deal damage. Due to the fact that they ignite so quickly, the molotov is a useful weapon for this gamemode.
    • Marathon is a useful perk to use as it allows for you to run forever, which makes moving around the map and escaping other players easier.
    • Scavenger is also a very useful perk to us, as it will credit you two bullets per kill, which makes it easier to manage your ammo.

    Another gamemode also exists, although this is CURRENTLY DISABLED: