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Nov 2, 2015
  • Gamemodes

    Minestrike currently has two active gamemodes: Demolition and Hostage Rescue.

    A player planting the bomb at a bombsite
    There are two teams: Red Team (Terrorists) and Blue Team (Counter-Terrorists). One random player on the Red Team will receive a bomb. His and the rest of his team's goal is to plant the bomb at one of the two bomb sites located on the map. The bomb can be placed by crouching at the bomb site. The Blue Team's goal is to defuse the bomb before it explodes. The bomb can be defused by remaining crouched at the bomb site.

    Tips for Counter Terrorists -

    • If you kill the Red Team's bomb carrier, the bomb will be dropped on the ground. However, a red player can still pick it up and use it.
    • It takes 10 seconds to defuse the bomb, so do not wait until the last second to try!
    • If you manage to kill the bomb carrier make sure to secure the bomb in order to prevent terrorists from recovering it.

    Tips for Terrorists -
    • Planting the bomb will give each member of the team 800$.
    • Make sure to guard the bomb site once you have planted the bomb.

    Hostage Rescue

    A player leading a hostage to spawn

    There are two teams: Red Team (Terrorists) and Blue Team (Counter-Terrorists). The Blue Team's goal is to rescue the hostage(s) located near the Red Team's spawn. To escort a hostage, you must crouch next to them to untie them. Then, you must attempt to take him back to your spawn without dying. The Red Team's goal is to prevent the Blue Team from rescuing the hostage(s).

    Tips for Counter-Terrorists -

    • Make sure not to accidentally shoot or hit one of the hostages. If you injure a hostage, $800 will be removed from your balance.
    • While escorting the hostage to safety, make sure to watch your back.

    Tips for Terrorists -

    • Always keep an eye on the hostages, and remember - shooting a hostage will lead to $800 being removed from your balance as well.