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Apr 26, 2015
  • General Information


    Minecraft Murder is a Server based on the famous gamemode Murder from Garry's Mod and coded by ImNooburt/Penor.
    You can connect to the McMurder Servers via the direct IP minecraftmurder.com, through the game menu in hub or by typing /play murder on any Brawl Servers.

    When you join the server, you will be in the lobby. If a game is currently in progress, you will need to wait until its done and a new round starts. There is a break of 30 seconds between every game.

    Game Start

    When the round begins, you will get teleported to the map. There are several spawns on the map, so not all players are at one place. You will also have a bossbar with the most important information.


    The name is your new nickname, that means its the name above your head, your name in chat and you will also have the skin of this player. Bystander, Armed Bystander or Murderer is your role for this round. Go here to find out more about the roles.
    The health of the bossbar will constantly go down, when its empty the round is over.


    On the scoreboards you can see more informations.
    Time: The time in seconds until the game is over if neither the murderers nor the bystanders win
    Players left: How many players are alive including murderers and armed bystanders
    Murderers: The number of murderers alive
    Murdered: The amount of murdered players in this round

    When either all Murderers or Bystanders are dead, the round is over.