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Global Commands

Jun 23, 2016
Global Commands
  • Reporting Mechanisms

    "/chatreport" - Reports players who have broken rules related to chat (Ex: Spamming, Advertising, Flame).
    Usage: "/chatreport <offender> <message>

    "/report" - Reports a rule-breaker.

    Usage: "/report <player and/or message>"

    Miscellaneous Commands

    "/cosmetics" - Opens up the cosmetics menu, in this you are able to customize your particle effects, pets, armor, and more.
    Aliases: "/cosm"
    Usage: "/cosmetics"

    "/who" - Lists the players in your server.

    Aliases: "/list"
    Usage: "/who"
    "/alerts" - Toggles your friend alerts on/off
    Usage: "/alerts"
    "/pets" - Opens up the pet menu from which you can choose your pet from
    Aliases: "/pet"
    Usage: "/pets"
    Level: All Donors
    "/emoji" - Prints an emoji in chat
    Usage: "/emoji <number> <Optional: message>
    Level: All donors
    "/colormessage" - Allows you to use color codes to print a colored message in chat
    Aliases: "/cm"
    Usage: "/colormessage <chat w/ color codes>"
    Level: Elite+

    Useful Commands

    "/friends" - Opens up the friends menu where you can view and manage your friends.
    Aliases: "/friendslist", "/friendlist", and "/flist"
    Usage: "/friends"

    /rules" - Views the Brawl rules.
    Usage: "/rules"
    "/tpclear" - Clears your texture pack, changes it to the default texture pack you have selected.
    Aliases: "/rpclear"
    Usage: "/tpclear"

    "/lag" - Checks how fast the server is running

    Usage: "/lag"
    "/links" - Displays useful links for Brawl.
    Usage: "/links"

    "/register" - Registers you to the Brawl Forums.

    Voting Commands

    "/rewards" - Opens a menu to access voting links, top voters, and voting rewards.
    Aliases: "/reward", "/voterewards", "/votereward", "/vote", "votelinks", "votenow" and "/voteshop"
    Usage: "/rewards"

    Booster Commands
    Boosters allow you to apply Network multiplies for specific servers. By activating a booster that can be bought from the Brawl Store, you multiply the amount of what you boosted on a specific server by 2. Each gamemode has a specific currency/material you can boost. If someone else has already activated a booster, you will have the option to put yours in the queue. There are specific time lengths for boosters ranging from 1-6 hours, boosters are cheaper per hour if you buy more hours.
    "/booster" - Opens up the booster menu
    Aliases: "/boosters"
    Usage: "/booster"