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Jul 2, 2017
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    The Hardcore Games are an all-out fight to the death in a somewhat vanilla Minecraft world. Everything in the world is able to be modified and broken. Players have many different kits to choose from and each gives a wide variety of advantages including (but not limited to!): combat, trapping, and mobility. Each map is a 1000*1000 block area with a surrounding force field. This forcefield is an impenetrable barrier that nothing can pass through. Players must make the most of their chosen kit, as well as items they find whilst out in the wild, in order to win the Hardcore Games!

    The Hardcore Games revolves around the ability to craft soup, which has the ability to instantly heal you. Upon consumption, soup will heal 3.5 hearts of the user's health. This makes it very useful in fights, or even just in a survival situation. Soup can be crafted in 3 different ways. The first requires a brown mushroom, a red mushroom, and a bowl. The second requires cocoa beans (1) and a bowl, and the last requires two cacti and a bowl. All of these different types of soup function the same, making soup fairly accessible wherever players go.


    Before the game starts, players are placed in the spawning arena. Players have a few options relating to what they would like to do whilst they wait for the game to start. In the center of the massive spawning arena, players can hop in and fight with other players, starting with a hotbar full of soup. Here, you can practice your PvP skills before the game begins! Directly behind the spawn, players can run into the portal which teleports them to the map of the game about to be played (this is randomly generated each game). You can also do /spawn to be teleported to a random location on the map. From here, possible routes or strategies can be planned for the upcoming match. To return to the arena, do /arena.

    Once the game begins, all players will be teleported to the map and scattered around the center spawning point. Players will then have 2 minutes of invincibility to collect and craft whatever they want/need before the grace period ends and combat becomes possible. All players spawn with their kit items (if they have any) and one compass. When right clicked, the compass will point in the direction of the closest player. It is then up to the players to begin putting their strategy into motion. This can be anything, whether that be fighting players immediately, building a trap to catch and kill people, towering into the sky and knocking people off, mining for iron and gold in order to collect better gear, or something completely out of the ordinary.

    If you are eliminated within 5 minutes of the game starting and you have purchased a rank (either VIP, MVP, or ELITE) then you have the opportunity of a second life after your death.

    When this happens, you will respawn in the game with nothing aside from a compass. Your kit will still work unless it is a kit that requires an item to use.

    At about 15 minutes into the game, "the feast" is announced. The coordinates of this feast are displayed in the chat. Players can also use the /feast command to have their compass point in the direction of these coordinates. The feast is usually a turning point in most games, although traps and towers still stand a chance. "The feast" is a flat platform in the shape of a circle, that covers a large area. Until "the feast" is announced, nothing can be found on this platform. However, once the feast begins, 3 rings of chests will spawn; the outermost containing items such as iron armor, food, and blocks. The second ring contains more valuable items such as ender pearls, enchanted bows, buckets of lava and water, soup, and TNT. The innermost ring contains the most valuable items, diamond armor, enchanting bottles, and potions. Right at the center of the feast, an enchantment table is found with 8 bookshelves powering up the enchantments available. For this enchantment table only, lapis lazuli is not required to enchant items. Players fight to the death over the precious gear found there, often with towers looming over the top, hoping to snag some items themselves. Players who reign victorious over the feast often have full diamond armor and are equipped to take out the remaining people who stand in the way of their victory.