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Jul 3, 2017
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    There are many different strategy choices to use to your advantage during the Hardcore Games. They are almost all related to your kit choice, so choose wisely! You're not going to be able to change your kit again once the game starts! Having a good strategy can be the difference between life and death, so keep reading down below to get a better understanding of what you’re up against as well as possibly using one of these to seal your victory.


    This strategy revolves around attacking other players at the start of the game. You'll want a strong offensive kit for this. In general, hunters will run to a swamp or another area of interest, this can include a soup biome or a structure containing loot, to get their gear before the invincibility time is over. There are two subcategories involved in hunting:

    Early hunting:
    As the name implies, you get your stuff early and start killing others early. By doing this, you can grab their gear from them (wasting their time and giving you more and more of an advantage) and get right into the fighting that takes place in the Hardcore Games. However, you must be careful because if you hunt for too long you may run into players that have been making better gear than what you have now, giving them an extreme advantage over you.

    Late hunting:
    This strategy revolves around getting hold of some strong gear (full iron armor, for instance) and then going after players that have been hunting since the start. This strategy is quite risky since you might not have much soup, and if you then get attacked by a strong player who doesn't fear your advantage you may have an issue. Early hunters and Late hunters are opposites in that one has a strong early lead and the other has a strong lead later.


    This is a classic strategy that has been around since Hardcore Games was first conceived. People that use the Tower strategy usually get lots of blocks at the start so they can make a tower tall enough to avoid all combat until the very end. There are also kits that revolve around towering as a means to actually kill other players. There are many tower strategies available due to so many kits being available. Feel free to find your own style and method!

    Note: When attempting to go up against a towering player, do not approach from below! Try to shoot the player off their platform instead. If you must get up to the same height as them, try to remain crouched to avoid detection.
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