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Apr 1, 2017
  • Hot TNT
    This game is the Minecraft version of the game Hot Potato. When the game starts, certain people (selected at random) will be given TNT. Their objective is to pass the TNT to someone else before the timer at the top of your screen runs out. If the person with the TNT is unable to do this, they will be eliminated. The last player standing wins!
    Game Tips

    • In this game, it's hard to hit a player if they are not very close to you, so the easiest thing to do is to intercept someone running and quickly land a hit on them.
    • If you don't have the TNT, you can switch to F5 mode to get a better view of the people around you.
    • Always try to be away from the people with TNT, but get closer to people once the timer is almost gone, that way if you are it, you have a better chance of hitting someone by crossing their path or running at them.
    • People with the TNT run faster than those that don't have the TNT, so jump running isn't beneficial to Hot TNT'ers.