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Infection Tag

Apr 10, 2021
Infection Tag
  • Infection Tag
    Oh no! A zombie has escaped and is infecting innocent people! You must survive for as long as you can, using only a knockback II stick as protection against the undead. The last healthy player left wins.
    Game Tips

    • Don't stand around on the ground! Find a place to hide, and try to get behind, in, or on top of something.
    • If you see a "zombie", and you aren't good at pvp, run away and try to lose them.
    • If a zombie is trying to parkour to you, hit them away or use the wind gun and make them start again!
    • Are you the undead looking for your next victim? Use your compass to find the nearest player.
    • While you're healthy, band together on a structure to help fend off the hungry zombies.
    • If you have an invisibility potion, use it wisely.

    • Invisibility Potion - Make yourself invisible for 30 seconds!
      • Required Rank: Yoshi
      • Price: 100 Coins