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Dec 9, 2019
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    Though they may not seem as important, normal items you might find everywhere are needed in certain aspects of WarZ. There are a large variety of items, ranging from medical supplies to some shears. All of these items can be found in chests all over the map, though some may be harder to find than others.

    Medical supplies

    These items may heal you or another player. They are incredibly common and easy to find, and will raise your humanity if used on another player.

    Bones: Bones heal players suffering from broken bones, which is inflicted by fall damage and causes slowness. Bones can be found in chests, and are dropped occasionally by zombies upon death. To use it, simply hold the bone in your hand and right click. To heal another player's broken legs, simply right click the player with your bone in hand and voila their legs are fixed!

    Bandages: Bandages fix the bleeding effect, inflicted by any type of damage. Bleeding causes 1 damage (.5 hearts) to be inflicted upon the player every 6 seconds. Bandages can be dropped by zombies and are found in chests. To use them just right click while holding the bandage.

    To heal another player with a bandage, hold the bandage and right click while looking at the targeted player player.

    Blood bags: Blood bags can only be used to heal other players. They heal 11 health (5.5 hearts) and 10 food (5 bars). They can only be found in chests, and are not dropped by zombies. They are used by right clicking while looking at a player. Every time you heal a player with a blood bag, it raises your humanity by 250. Due to their great healing factor, a good strategy is to heal a teammate with a large stack of blood bags while they rush a dangerous area.

    Infection Cure: Infection cures are found in chests and are not dropped by zombies. Infection cures are the most rare medical supply, due to the fact that becoming infected is the most rare status effect. Infection gives the hunger effect for 90 seconds unless cured by right clicking while holding the cure.

    Healing Items

    Healing items are all items that will heal you. These items are different from food, for they will give back much more health. As a result of what they are able to do, they are extremely hard to find.

    Golden Apples: Golden apples instantly restore all hunger bars and give the user five seconds of Instant Health II. This makes whoever consumes the apple invulnerable to all attacks except instant kills. If all 10 hearts are taken down in one shot, then the potion effect would not work.

    Mountain Dew: Mountain Dew instantly restores all health and hunger, as well as restoring the thirst bar to full. It also removes any negative status effects such as bleeding, broken legs, or infection.


    Tools are all items that do a large assortment of things in WarZ. Each item serves a different purpose than the other. They can all be found in chests.

    Hatchets: Hatches can harvest wood from trees found in zone 1 areas, but be in a safe location while harvesting the wood. Because the hatchet gives "Miner's Fatigue" while mining the wood. Because the hatchets are gold axes, they have very low durability, so when trying to stock up on logs, grab a bunch of axes. Can also be used as a melee weapon.

    Flint and Steel:
    • Can be used to light wood on fire.
    • May be used to cook cow meat.

    Scuba Helmet:
    • Substitutes as a normal helmet you may put on your head.
    • Allows you infinite breath underwater.
    • Useful for escaping from enemies through water and for going to the Underwater City.
    Flares [REMOVED]:
    • When placed down, it will attract zombies.
    • Can be used to open iron doors.
    • Used to cut barbed wire.
    • Have a durability of 50.
    Barbed Wire:
    • Slows and damages players.
    • Slows zombies.
    • Can be removed with shears.
    • Found in sets of four.
    Empty Can:

    • Given after eating or drinking any item, excluding Golden Apples and Water Bottles.
    • When thrown at a player, it gives said player a slight knockback.
    • If it hits a player when thrown, it has a possibility of breaking a persons' legs or causing them to bleed.
    • Only placeable in towns (zones 2-6).
    • Found in sets of 4.
    • Ladders can be broken by hand or by shooting the ladders.
    • Ladders have the same game mechanics as they do in normal Minecraft in WarZ.
    Grappling hooks:

      • Grapples work 80% of the time they are used
      • Grappling hooks have a 5 second cooldown
      • Grappling hooks are used to "fly" over areas where it is placed
    Battle Items

    Items located here are all items that come in handy during a battle. They may all be found in chests, and will all serve its purpose doing various things to your enemy.

    Smoke Grenades:
    • Throw one by facing the direction you would like it to go and right click while holding it.
    • "Smoke" will be created a few seconds after hitting the ground.
    • Found in sets of two.

    • Gives a 4 second speed boost.
    • Allows you to run away, or rush up to another player.
    • Simply right click with sugar in hand to use it.
    • Throw a grenade by facing the direction you would like it to go, and right click while holding it.
    • Explodes a few seconds after landing, dealing damage to players that are within the explosion range.
    • Has a chance to break barbed wire when thrown near it.
    • Found in sets of two.
    • Throw a molotov by facing the direction you would like it to go, and right click while holding it.
    • Once it lands, it will explode and leave a ring of fire particles that set you on fire when you stay within their range.
    • Found in sets of two.
    • Throw a flashbang by facing the direction you would like it to go, and right click while holding it.
    • Goes off after a few seconds of landing, giving about 8 seconds of blindness to the enemy.
    • Found in sets of two.
    • Spawn in zones 3-6 with the rarity of compasses.
    • If held in hand, it will allow you to slowly glide to the ground at the same falling speed as a chicken. (Uses up 1 parachute)
    • Still susceptible to broken legs.

    • Use a wall by placing the brick block in an open area.
    • When placed, spawns a 3x3 temporary wall made of wool and glass which can block players and bullets.
    • Can be placed diagonally or along the x/z axis, depending on the orientation of the player placing the wall.
    • Has 50 health points, which can be lowered when shot with guns. Players can also break the blocks of the wall normally to destroy it all at once.
    • Found in sets of two.
    Special event items

    The only way to receive one of these items is by winning one of WarZ's special Events.

    Protection IV Golden Helmet:
    • Only usable for 1 month, but does not drop when you are killed and you respawn with it for the duration of this month.