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May 6, 2018
  • MC-WAR


    3 killstreak – Lvl 5
    Give 3 extra magazines of the primary and secondary guns and also replenishes lethals and tacticals.

    Counter UAV
    4 killstreak – Lvl 7
    Destroys all current enemy UAVs.

    4 killstreak – Lvl 0
    Enemy nametags are visible for 20 seconds.

    Care Package
    5 killstreak – Lvl 0
    Call in a care package to receive a random killstreak.

    RC-XD Car
    6 killstreak – Lvl 9
    Deploy a drivable toy car that explodes on dismount.

    Predator Missile
    7 killstreak – Lvl 0
    Control a missile that will explode on impact.

    Sentry Gun
    7 killstreak – lvl 13
    Fixed turret that automatically attacks enemies.

    Attack Helicopter
    9 killstreak – Lvl 17
    Call in an attack helicopter to shoot enemies.

    Harrier Strike

    10 killstreak – Lvl 21
    Call in two Harrier Strikes, third shoots at enemies.

    Emergency Airdrop
    12 killstreak – lvl 24
    Call in four Care Packages and receive random killstreaks.

    Combat Dogs
    14 killstreak – Lvl 27
    Summons 5 dogs that track and attack enemy players.

    Stealth Bomber
    14 killstreak – Lvl 30
    Call in a bomber plane to carpet bomb the selected area.

    17 killstreak – Lvl 39
    Deploy a plane where you man the turret and the missile launcher.

    Chopper Gunner
    17 killstreak – Lvl 43
    Deploy a helicopter where you man the turret.

    20 killstreak – Lvl 44
    Gives blindness and nausea to all enemies.

    Tactical Nuke
    30 killstreak – Lvl 50
    Kills the entire enemy team.