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May 26, 2021
  • What Is KOTH?

    Every Saturday, at 3:00 PM EST (Eastern Standard Time) The KOTH, or King of the Hill, event becomes active. Here, teams compete to see who has the best roster of PvPers, and to earn rewards like additional team points, as well as keys for a special KOTH Crate that grants powerful rewards.

    How do I fight in the KOTH event?

    To start, you should either gather a team or join an existing one. Oftentimes, there are multiple teams competing for the win, and usually, they will bring as many members as they can within the team cap for that map. This means that you could be getting attacked by any different member at any point, and in some cases, you could be overwhelmed by more than one team.

    How does the KOTH capture work?

    Every thirty seconds that you or a team member spend standing on the platform, you earn five points. In total, you need 300 points to win the KOTH. If you or a teammate die inside the KOTH world though, you will lose 25 points! So, make sure to not die repeatedly to no end, and to back out of any sticky situations early instead of trying to tough it out. You won’t lose points by being knocked off of the KOTH platform.

    Tips for winning KOTH:

    • Make sure the set of armor you’re wearing is fully repaired or brand new before entering the KOTH world. If necessary, and if your resources allow it, consider bringing a second set
    • Bring extra bowls and the soup crafting item of your choice (melons, mushrooms, cactus, etc.) to craft extra soup. You will die very quickly if you run out of soup too fast.
    • If most of your attention is going to be directed to holding the platform, think about bringing either a knockback sword or a punch bow. The enemy can’t capture if they can’t stay on the platform!
    • If your funds allow it, you can use /shop inside the KOTH world to buy new armor, and to buy more items for recrafting soup!
    NOTE: Enchanted Golden Apples and Chorus Fruit are disabled inside the KOTH world.

    What sort of rewards can I earn from winning a KOTH event?

    On top of the KOTH crate key as previously mentioned, you will earn 75 points for your team to be spent on adding another member slot to your team, and on team milestones.

    The KOTH crate key can be used to open the KOTH crate at spawn. The key is a one-time use and disappears when you use it.