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Aug 14, 2017
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    Birds-eye View of the Battle Royale Map
    General Information

    Battle Royale's map is a custom-built map which covers suburbs, slums, forests, and even a city! The map itself is very big, so traversing it quickly is very important. This can be done by either wearing boots/sneakers or by driving a vehicle. Items can be found on the map and are located on the ground (not in chests)!

    The type, quantity, and quality of items are dependent on what part of the map you're in. Hospitals will have fewer weapons, but more health kits and cloth. The suburbs will have more melee weapons or lower-tiered guns. Cities and police stations will have fewer melee weapons and health kits, but more higher-tiered guns. Use this to your advantage when deciding where you'd like to head at the start of the match.

    For more information on vehicles, please see the Vehicles section here.
    For more information on Weapons, please see the Weapons section here.

    Spawn Points

    At the beginning of the game, while parachuting down towards the ground, it's important to note that players typically spawn in groups of 3 to 5. Certain locations on the map will have more spawn points than others (meaning less chance of players seeing each other when touching down). Cities will have multiple locations to spread out the players, whereas spawn locations in the suburbs or forest will be few, leading to more players in one area. Be sure to get your bearing and make a break for it as soon as your feet hit the ground!