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Nov 15, 2019
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    New Map

    The WarZ Map || Server 1-2

    The WarZ map. Created by a team of talented builders from around the community, this map has been fine-tuned and detailed for the enjoyment of WarZ enthusiasts everywhere. Spanning from the broad grasslands that cover much of the map to the icy outpost in the northwest, the opportunities are endless!

    The map above displays circles around several of the main cities. A map is available in-game, though it is not as detailed as the one above.
    Key Places - Where to go?

    The Nether:

    Though not as "nethery" as you think, the danger levels still hold in this map. Here, you may find a volcano with an Enderchest inside, large masses of zombies and chests of treasure. This place is also a prime spot for the players who have looted much of their time, resulting in powerful weapons. Come here to test your luck getting rich with their loot, or die trying. An image of this place can be found here.

    The Snow:

    It is true that not many come here, but it does not mean that the treasures here are to be looked down upon. Welcome to the Snow, where loot is just as prominent of a thing as sunlight. Just like the Nether, many looted players come here as well. An Enderchest lies in the head of the Wither statue. Zombies are quite popular here too. Be careful though, for a person may just spring up on you when you least expect it.


    Once more, a hotspot for the powerful in this game. Hop around the decimated buildings, watching out for other players looking to pick a fight. However, players are a lot less common in this area than in the nether. Chests are plentiful, so loot up before someone finds you! This is a very large area which is both a blessing and a curse. Numerous buildings to look through which ,in turn, may become hiding places. Watch your back, no matter the case and always be sure to regularly check your compass for nearby enemies.

    The Boat:

    Is there ever going to be a use for boats? Well, maybe there is. Here lies a boat, floating in the middle of the ocean. Due to its watery isolation, it is seldom visited. And of course, that means it is (usually) quite safe. The loot here is not the best you may find, but it is a good place to rest and refill before returning to a more hectic area. Nevertheless, it doesn't mean that someone may not already be here.

    The Military Camp:
    Its name is exactly what it is. A military camp, located on the coast. No, it is not a large place. Yes, it is a spawn point for good loot. This is a place where you may go to bulk up after you had respawned. Nevertheless, this spells caution. When you arrive, another player might have beaten you to this area and acquired several guns and armor. Will you fight, or will he give you a fright?

    Old Map

    The WarZ Map || Servers 3-4

    The WarZ map once more, consisting of various main towns, and a variety of other, smaller, towns that you can visit and pick up loot from when you are adventuring. The WarZ world is a very big place, so this should help you get to know your way around.

    The above image shows the view of the old WarZ map.
    Key Places - Where to go?

    The Prison:

    The prison is south, at the very bottom of the map. At times, you can actually spawn next to the Prison gates, then you can loot the chests within. However, be cautious when visiting the prison, as due to it being very close to one of the player spawns, you'll usually find masses of players with the same idea as you, and you will likely find yourself fighting for survival against other players in there.

    Airfield (West):

    The WarZ map contains two primary airfields, the airfield to the west of the map is, normally, the more peaceful place, of the two. But what is peace in WarZ? If you manage to survive up to this point, you're doing well. Be sure to loot up here, re-stock ammo, food, and see if you can grab yourself some more firepower, because you better get ready for what's next.

    Airfield (East):

    This is the second of the two WarZ airfields, and is located directly east of the other. At the centre of the east airfield, surrounded by many buildings, is the centre of the airfield, in which you can find an Enderchest, so you donators out there can grab some stuff! Beware! The east airfield is one of the most popular spots in the WarZ world, so be wary at all times!


    This remote island is located at the Northeast part of the map, and offers Tier 3 loot. It has a lot of chests, so you can get quite a bit of loot. Not many people know about it, and it is also fairly close to the Nether, so, it's a great place to stop at.

    Underwater City:

    The underwater city is located beneath the lake, right in the center of the WarZ map. You will only be able to reach this place using a scuba helmet (acquired in lower zones), but what lies beneath, is quite the mystery.

    Industrial Park:

    The industrial park was said to of remained operational up until the day the Zombies took full control of the world. Hence why here you will find Cranes, Trucks and cars scattered across the area, as their drivers abandoned them, in the flee for survival. Here is your chance to stock up before you reach the Nether and snow.

    Snow Castle:

    Man kinds last hope in the WarZ world, this stronghold is a refuge to any survivors that survived the invasion. Here you will find weapons and armor unlike any other, but be careful, other survivors aren't always looking to make friends...

    The Nether:

    Don't be expecting tunnels of netherbrick and ghasts flying through the air! In the WarZ nether, all you can expect is hoards of Zombies around every corner, and the very best of players are always on your tail around these parts, not many survivors here will be friendly, they will be hungry for your loot and your blood. But the rewards the nether offers in loot, cannot be looked down on. A picture of the nether can be found here.

    The Ship:

    Located at the Far East side of the map, this area is rumored to be the safest place on the old map. Here, you can find Tier 3 loot, and while it isn't the best loot you can find, there is a lot of chests and it is a very remote area, so don't expect too many enemies. The ship can be seen from the farmhouse, and is easy to get to with a boat.

    Secret Cove:

    Located behind mountains of vines and sand, this cove hosts a once-popular club and bar, with a beach and small pond. Very few people come here nowadays, because since the zombies took over it's been unsafe everywhere. There's no great loot here, but plenty of places to find what loot you can scavenge.

    Where am I?

    On the map, you will see a red cross. The red cross is you, it moves when you move. You may also see a green cross every now and again, these are people who are on your friend list. Use /friend [player-name] to add someone to your friend list. Remember, the person you added has to accept your friend request in order to appear on the map.

    Once a server have 16 or more players online, there is a 25% chance an Airdrop will occur. Possible Airdrops occur every 10 minutes, and if an airdrop successfully lands, a beacon will appear marking the location, and the coordinates will be publicly announced in chat. The loot can be accessed 10 minutes after the drop. The drop includes a chest containing loot. The loot includes:

    - 50% chance (per piece) of being Iron Armor or Diamond Armor
    - Food
    - Guns
    - Ammo

    You can navigate to the Airdrop using your compass, or directly traveling to the coordinates.