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Jun 29, 2017
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    Playable War Map List
    2Fort is a Capture the Flag map and the subsequent remake of the Team Fortress Classic map of the same name; these maps are both based on the Team Fortress map 2fort5. 2Fort was the first official CTF map for Team Fortress 2, and was one of the six initial maps included with the game's release.

    Two similar forts face each other, separated by a stream of water. A covered bridge spans the stream and battlements exist on each fort, providing excellent positions to assault oncoming players.

    There are three entrances into each fort. The primary entrances are the two openings on the ground level. These small entrances allow the enemy to trap you easily. The entrances converge under an open grate, this grate is right next to the enemy team's spawn. These ramps allow defenders to attack intruders from above. The third entrance is through the sewers which runs underneath each base, and leads to one another.

    Made by: Hypixel and Sethbling
    A medium sized map, filled with obstacles and decent high ground, made mostly from rubble from a previous battle.
    Made by: Sturmspitz
    A medium sized map, with a hill in the middle with tanks on top.
    Made by: evilboneman5
    Medium sized, with small pathways through sandy urban terrain.
    Made by: Gamemaster800
    Big map, centered in a spread out village, with a train on the side of the map. Better bring your sniper for this one!
    Made by: pnspi2
    Based in a stone mall, this map provides cover through pathways between and under structures.
    Made by: ClanF5
    A large apartment complex, with roads providing breathing room between apartments.
    Made by: Sturmspitz
    A beachside complex of buildings, provides a medium sized map with many different rooms and pathways.
    Made by: N11ck, Sturmspitz and Patrickdemooji9
    A small map that has stone structures as cover.
    Made by: 98craftboy
    Set on a flat base, lots of blocks of ‘cargo’ provide cover and passages throughout this medium sized map.
    Made by: N11ck
    A medium sized map, set a on a huge aircraft carrier.
    Made by: N11ck
    A small castle set on a hill, overlooks a small courtyard along with a couple extra buildings which provide cover.
    Made by: Unknownenemy
    Set in a military base, this map’s cover is provided by tanks, and other military equipment.
    Made by: Evilboneman5
    Set in a small courtyard, this map doesn’t hold much cover.
    Made by: HOOKEMHORNS
    Set on an island, palm trees, hills, and other rocks provide high ground and cover.
    Made by: Sturmspitz
    This medium sized map is made up of a couple of buildings with roads as separation, along with trucks for extra cover.
    Made by: N/A
    Inspired by the military even back in 1944, this map has two sides: the attacked fleet, and the defending side which is perched on a cliff.
    Made by: Team X
    A medium sized map filled with buildings and tunnels.
    Made by: NeonIce785
    In a sandstone terrain, this medium sized map provides cover with small buildings. This map is separated by a small stream at the center of the map.
    Made by: N/A
    A small map that that is made up of small structures, along with a cave at the bottom of the map.
    Made by: N/A
    Dome (World At War)
    An open, small map, with little cover, provides a very high danger zone.
    Made by: Minecraft_G4m3r, N98N
    In a snowy climate, this medium sized map is made up of hills, and a big stone structure off to the side.
    Made by: Patrickdemooij9
    Downpour is a medium-sized multiplayer map featured in CoD 4: Modern Warfare. It is set in Komi Republic, Russia.
    Made by: Sean_Blue
    Downturn is a multiplayer map featured in MW3. It is a large map set on Wall Street in New York City, and is based off the 2nd campaign mission in the game, Black Tuesday.
    Made by: N11ck
    "Hidden drone facility in the heart of the Myanmar jungles. Great long engagements down the center, fun close quarters fights inside the facility."
    Drone is a multiplayer map featured in Black Ops II, and is set on a tropical jungles of Myanmar with a hidden factory that produces drones.
    Made by: N11ck
    A small map, with buildings and passage ways as cover. More open than Dustbowl1
    Made by: Hypixel
    A small map, with buildings and passage ways as cover. More open than Dustbowl1
    Made by: Hypixel

    "Be a rockstar, take the stage and control the sight lines in this rock amphitheater."
    This map is set in London, United Kingdom at a Music Festival.
    Made by: Patrickdemooij9
    Erosion is a small map which is located near Mount Vesuvius. The majority of the map is split apart by different levels of height allowing for tactical combat as well as sharp corners for surprise attacks.
    Made by: Basenhet
    "Los Angeles bullet train station. Good long to medium engagements up and down the bullet train tracks."
    Express is a multiplayer map featured in Black Ops 2.
    Made by: MaxBen34 and Basenhet
    This decent sized map takes place in an abandoned Soviet compound near the ghost town of Pripyat, Ukraine.
    Made by: N11CK
    Favela, a multi-tiered map set in the slums of Rio de Janeiro, is based on the Campaign missions "The Hornet's Nest " and "Takedown". This map features fast paced and close quarters battles.
    Made by: N11ck
    Firing Range
    Firing Range is a small-medium sized multiplayer map featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops, and is set in a military practice facility in Cuba
    Made by: Apblox
    Freight is a small multiplayer map in Call of Duty: Ghosts. It takes place in a factory transport depot.
    Made by: sturmspitz
    Getaway features several floors of the house along with a deck, lawn, and grassy path for fighting. The middle, indoor portion of the map focuses on close-range combat, whereas sticking to the outside of the map is more likely to produce short to mid-range encounters.
    Made by: N/A
    It is set in a skatepark in Venice, California. The map uses almost an entirely curved environment, unlike most Call of Duty maps.
    Made by: N11ck
    This small map is set in a construction site for a new business building, in New York City. Hardhat is perfect for close quarters combat, due to its small size, however there are multiple locations where medium range battles take place. There are also one or two long range sight-lines, perfect for snipers.
    Made by: ClanF5
    Highrise is set atop a nearly constructed skyscraper with two office buildings on opposite sides of the map. The center of the map is occupied by an elevated helipad, which many players will try to use to their advantage.
    Made by: N11ck
    The map is set on a large hijacked superyacht. The sharp corners and confined spaces promote close-quarters combat. There is also a large container bay at the bottom of the map.
    Made by: N11ck
    This map takes place on a large hydroelectric dam facility set in Pakistan, which contains multiple chokepoints.
    Made by: Sturmspitz
    A remake of the first version of Killhouse
    Made by: N/A
    This average sized map takes place in the Russian occupied Czech capital, Prague.
    Made by: Whytheknife
    Meltdown is a multiplayer map that appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. It is a nuclear power plant, located in Pakistan. It features five main sections, the first two being the reactor chimneys, third and fourth being the two-story reactor controls, and the cooling fluid disposal area. The map encourages medium-range engagments overall.
    Made by: N11ck
    The map is based on a typical 1950's U.S. suburb used to demonstrate the effects of a nuclear weapon on a residential area;
    Made by: N/A
    Octane is a multiplayer map in Call of Duty: Ghosts. It takes place in a sand-ravaged intersection in Las Vegas.
    Made by: Patrickdemooij9, Sturmspitz, Candycane8, N11ck
    This medium sized map is suggested to be an arctic research outpost in Siberia as the in-game description describes it as such. It was most likely under attack by the Americans, or it could have been converted to a military base as Russian vehicles and fighter jets are present there.
    Made by: N11ck
    Overgrown is a wide, open map with plenty of vegetation and cover spots.
    Made by: Evilboneman5
    Overwatch is a multiplayer map for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.
    Made by: sturmspitz
    Pipeline is a gloomy setting centered around an abandoned rail yard in Ukraine, with a large extent of overgrown grassland. There are two large warehouses in the center of the map which often sees the main concentration of fighting.
    Made by: Evilboneman5
    Plaza is a multiplayer map in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. The map takes place in a large shopping mall, featuring numerous stores and bars across Colossus.
    Made by: N11ck
    Quarry is located at a large rock quarry somewhere in Brazil, indicated by the Brazilian flag shown on one of the buildings.
    Made by: N11ck
    Raid is set at a large mansion in Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, U.S.A.
    Made by: N11ck
    Fight in a mix of modern and favela-like buildings, severely damaged by the riots of the inhabitants against the forces of the west.
    Made by: YepImRobbie, Scoat2, gamemaster800
    A small rural village, run-down over the decades and divided by a river. Take over the central bridges before your enemies do!
    Made by: gamemaster800

    The map takes place in the premises of a commercial paintball outfit, specializing inspeedball according to trophies and plaques found in the game.
    Made by: sturmspitz
    Rust is a small multiplayer map in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, based on the campaign mission "Endgame".
    Made by: KevbotBamf, Nickison
    Scrapyard is an aircraft boneyard with many airplane parts scattered around. It is a moderately linear map.
    Made by: N11ck
    Seatown is a small coastal town in what appears to be Algeria or Morocco, due to its mix of French and Arabic writing.
    Made by: N11ck
    The map features many alleyways that serve as choke-points, as well as large open streets where combat is more ranged and spread out. A large central apartment building serves as the focus of most of the combat, both within its lower section at the rooms and long hallway above.
    Made by: ClanF5
    Slums is a multiplayer map featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. The map is set in the slums of Panama during the 1980s.
    Made by: N/A
    Sovereign is a multiplayer map in Call of Duty: Ghosts. It takes place in a tank factory.
    Made by: Sturmspitz
    Standoff is a multiplayer map in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. The map is based on a small border town between China and Kyrgyzstan.
    Made by: Transformer2055
    Strikezone is a small multiplayer map featured in Call of Duty: Ghosts. It takes place in the lower deck and facade of a baseball stadium.
    Made by: NiicKNumber1
    Stormfront is a multiplayer map in Call of Duty: Ghosts.
    Made by: Patrickdemooij9 and Sturmspitz
    Studio occurs throughout the backlot of a Hollywood movie set where players fight through various settings such as an alien invasion to a western suburb, to a prehistoric dinosaur land to a skeleton pirate scene.
    Made by: patrickdemooij9
    Sub Base is a snowy, multi-leveled map, with many large open spaces as well as enclosed buildings and exposed rooftops.
    Made by: N/A
    Summit is a narrow map with severe drops on all sides. It was the first ever Black Ops multiplayer map to be revealed, being shown in an early multiplayer trailer released by Treyarch which also featured Launch.
    Made by: N11ck
    "Fans of Stadium from the original Call of Duty: Black Ops First Strike DLC will find themselves at home on Takeoff. Marooned in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, this remote launch site is all about close-quarters combat, combining tight corners with open spaces for intense encounters."
    Made by: Sturmspitz
    This map, which is an airport terminal, is full of luggage, bars, and small shops; the outside area of the map, where planes and cargo are stationed, has many tiny areas that are accessible as well. You are allowed to go into a plane, which has realistic seats inside it, with the exception of the cockpit seats.
    Made by: N/A
    The Hood
    Based inside an abandoned city, this classic war map offers many hiding spots for infect.
    Made by: N/A
    Underground is set in a London underground train station. It consists of two main areas, the station itself and some walkways around the tracks. The tracks are covered with demolished trains, which can be climbed on and walked through. The main spawn points are at either end of the map, one at the main road and the other at the station's 'Way Out'.
    Made by: N/A
    Underpass takes place in the rain, underneath the destroyed remains of a highway overpass. It's a great map for various types of weapons. It has narrow corners that make for unrivaled camping spots and wide curves that can hold devastating firefights.
    Made by: Fledge
    Make your way through a clutter of streets, narrow alleys and small passages. Attack your enemies from all sides and heights.
    Made by: MrDasky
    "High above the clouds atop a mega skyscraper in India, players must battle across a VTOL landing pad and through the transportation terminal, bringing new dimensions of verticality to every battle."
    Made by: N11ck
    Village is a large sized map in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, taking place in an African village. The map has a creek running through the middle, with a bridge spanning over it, that is fed by a waterfall inside a cave at the corner of the map.
    Made by: N11ck
    It features a town in the middle of a war zone, with multiple different areas to engage the enemy.
    Made by: patrickdemooij9
    A fight between 2 castles. Great long ranges for sniper rifles or use the covers in the battlefield to get close and use your assault rifle.
    Made by: N/A
    2 saloons fight for their access to the mines. In the middle of the map there are bridges that will bring you to the other end or go down the valley and fight it out there.
    Made by: N/A
    WMD is a large multiplayer map featured in Call of Duty: Black Ops.
    Made by: N/A

    Unplayable Map List
    The following maps are not currently used in the war map rotation
    Beaver Creek
    A large map with two buildings set apart by a stream and a rock structure in the middle.
    Made by: N/A
    A small map which is set on a stone structure.
    Made by: Mr_Quiggles42
    ">" width="240px">
    A small map, with buildings and passage ways as cover.
    Made by: Hypixel
    Halo Outpost
    Dodge amongst the vehicles as you try to shoot at the enemy. Halo Outpost is a sniping map based off of the Halo games.
    Made by: N/A
    Killhouse is a very small map. It is a symmetrical map with a looking post in the middle. The buildings are wooden and the walls are concrete.
    Made by: N/A
    Killhouse 3
    A remake of the first version of Killhouse
    Made by: maths_minecraft
    Launch is set in the Baikonour Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, and features a Russian Soyuz 2 rocket preparing to take off in the background.
    Made by: sturmspitz
    Shipment is a small map ideal for quick and short games, like Free-for-All, in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. It is one of the smallest maps in all of the Call of Duty series.
    Made by: N/A
    Showdown is set in the desert, centered around a courtyard surrounded by a two-level structure. There are four entrances from the courtyard to its outer ring, which is divided by large gates.
    Made by: N/A
    Stalingrad (literally "Stalin City") was a major industrial city in Russia. During World War II on the Eastern Front, the city was the site of theBattle of Stalingrad. Stalingrad is prominently featured in Call of Duty, Call of Duty: Finest Hour, Call of Duty 2, Call of Duty: World at War and Call of Duty 2 (Windows Mobile) as a multiplayer map.
    Made by: Wojtusek
    Made by: Rocky3c
    Toy Story
    Toystory is a map based on the top-grossing trilogy film produced by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures by the same name. It takes place in Andy's bedroom.
    Made by: N/A
    Underpass takes place in the rain, underneath the destroyed remains of a highway overpass. It's a great map for various types of weapons. It has narrow corners that make for unrivaled camping spots and wide curves that can hold devastating firefights.
    Made by: N/A
    Void is an abandoned space station. Take the middle for cover or risk it on the sides in the long hallways.
    Made by: N/A