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Mar 10, 2017
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    The Brawl Teamspeak is an amazing place with many channels. Teamspeak can be used to have fun and talk with other Brawlers! However, navigating through all of these channels can prove to be a challenge!

    Staff Rooms

    The Staff Rooms are designated for Staff, so they can have a fun time talking and discussing all the things that need to be done. Simply double click a Staff member's name to open a private message with them.

    Note: If a staff member has a "Busy" icon by them, you cannot message them.


    In this section of Teamspeak, support is available from Brawl Staff Members. If Staff see a player in the "Support Needed" channel, the Staff member will be move the player into the "Private Support" channel. If just a simple question need to be answered, Staff members may chose to stay in the "Support Needed" channel. Keep in mind, Private Support channel is also used as the jail channel for misbehaving users.


    Chat Rooms

    Chat rooms are channels where everyone can talk! There are channels for a limited amount of people, for two, three, four, six, and eight person rooms. Also, you can go to "Music / Recording" to play music or listen to other peoples music, or camp in the "Homework" section if you need some peace and quiet. The Livestream channel is used when a twitch streamer is currently streaming Brawl, but Players are not allowed to freely join that channel. Instead, they can join the "Livestream Viewers" channel.



    Servers are rooms in which friends can come and play on the same servers! These channels cover every Brawl game, and there are Room 2 sub-channels for if the main room is too crowded. You could join these channels if you are talking with friends and playing the gamemode which the channel is named after.



    This section of Brawl teamspeak is where Brawlers who are playing other games can come and talk. These channels cover everything from Battlefield to Team Fortress 2!

    ADMIN+ Perm Channels

    This is a section reserved for Admins and their buddies. These are permanent channels and is mostly a place where admins and players can be at peace. You can still message admins (if it's important!) from here if you need help.


    VIP+ Temp-Channels

    Brawl has a section for Lifetime VIP+'s to create their own channels! These create Temporary channels. These channels will delete themselves if everyone leaves and the channel is empty. Lifetime MVPs have diamonds next to their name, and lifetime VIPs have gold ingots next to their name. Lifetime ELITEs have emeralds next to their name. You can purchase these ranks here.

    1. Double click on the Vip+ channel spacer (IMPORTANT)
    2. Right click this channel and click "Create Sub-Channel"
    3. Setup the Name, Password, and whatever else
    4. Click "Ok", you will be moved to your channel where you can invite others to join you

    Temporary Channels

    Temporary channels are exactly what they sound like. They are temporary channels created by players to talk privately. These channels will delete themselves automatically if no player is in the channel. To create a temporary channel, scroll up and right click, and click "Create Channel". Temporary channels can be locked with passwords, so only people who know the password can join.

    NOTE: You are permitted to play music in private channels.

    NOTE: If people know the password of the channel, there is a chance of them giving it to other players without the permission of channel admin(s).